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“The Fifth Column Has Been Holding Power in Russia, but Juridically the Soviet Union Still Exists

“The Fifth Column Has Been Holding Power in Russia, but Juridically the Soviet Union Still Exists
А. Kozlobaev 22.08.2007

On the 30th of June, 1987 Supreme Soviet of the USSR under the report of the "crying" prime-minister N.I.Ryzhkov made a decision about transfer of enterprises on self-support, self-financing and self-management that became the beginning of liquidation of a planned economy of the USSR which didn't have crises for 70 years of the Soviet authority. On the 1st of July, 1988 at the 19-th party conference the CPSU adopted a resolution "About Some Urgent Measures on Practical Realization of Reform of Political System of the Country". Further everything backslided.


On the 1st of December, 1988 Supreme Soviet of the USSR enacted laws "About Changes and Additions of the Constitution" and "About Elections of People's Deputies". Congress of People's Deputies of the USSR (2250 people) which elected the Supreme Soviet - constantly operating legislative, administrative and control state body of the USSR - became Supreme bodies of the authority.


In March-April and May, 1989 elections of People's Deputies of the USSR in which 172 million 800 thousand voters (89,9 % from the enlisted) took part. Inter-regional deputy group - legal «fifth column» nourished ideologically and financially from the outside and its co-chairmen showed up: A.Sakharov, Y.Afanasev, B.Eltsin, G.Popov proclaimed a triad: "denationalization", "desovietization", "defederalization". One should at once put on handcuffs on them.


On the 28th of February, 1990 Supreme Soviet of the USSR accepted "Bases of Legislation of the Union of the USSR and Union Republics about the Ground" and on the 6th of March, 1990 the law "About the Property in the USSR" with A.Sobchak as the author. The territory and the property orde up from-under the Soviet Union. These norms blew up bases of political, economic, social and legal life of uniform Soviet people. On the 3rd of April, 1990 the law "About the Order of the Decision of the Questions Connected with Withdrawal of Union Republic from the USSR" enacted.


The decision on withdrawal of union republic from the USSR is considered to be accepted "by means of referendum if not less than two thirds of citizens of the USSR constantly living on the territory of republic by the moment of statement of a question on its withdrawal from the USSR voted for it" (cl. 6). To the citizens of the USSR living on the territory of the republic in question was given "the right of a choice of citizenship, residence and work and the emergent republic compensates all the costs connected with resettlement of citizens from the borders of the republic" (cl. 15).


Let's remind today to our people of the SWINDLE OF THE CENTURY! Referendum on the question of withdrawal from the USSR wasn't carried out in at least one union republic by the nationalists eager to take power. Everywhere such referendum was changed by acceptance of «declarations on independence and state sovereignty» and it is far not one and the same since the state sovereignty of each union republic was fixed and guaranteed by the Constitution of the USSR. And such union republics as RSFSR, Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic, Belorussian Soviet Socialist Republic entered on the rights of independent republics into United Nations Organization!


On the 12th of June, 1990 declaration on independence (what and whom from?) was accepted by the I-st congress of People's Deputies of RSFSR. Then by Moldova (23.06.1990), the Ukraine (16.07.1990), Uzbekistan (20.07.1990), Belarus (27.07.1990), Turkmenia (22.08.1990), Armenia (23.08.1990), Tajikistan (24.08.1990), Kazakhstan (25.10.1990), Georgia (14.11.1990), Kirghizia (15.12.1990).


At that the bodies which are responsible for state security of the country, the Central Committee of the CPSU, the Politbureau, KGB of the USSR, the Ministry of Defense didn't even lift a finger!


On the 6th of September, 1991 some anticonstitutional "State Council" declared about "cutting" from the USSR and "recognition of independence of the Lithuanian, Latvian and Estonian republics". At that the law from the 3rd of April, 1990 «About the Order of the Decision of the Questions Connected with Withdrawal of Union Republic from the USSR» "was deliberately forgotten".


High rank despots by impudence seized power, at a stroke liquidated uniform political, strategic, economic and legal space and 280 million people were violently deprived citizenship of the USSR. Clauses 15 "General Declaration of Human Rights", сl. 33 of Constitutions of the USSR, cl. 20 of the law "About Citizenship of the USSR" (from the 23rd of May, 1990), cl. 5 "Declarations of Rights and Freedom of a Man" (from the 5th of September, 1991) were crossed out.


On the 8th of December, 1991 in Belovezhskaya Pushcha three Judass of all times and people: Yeltsin, Kravchuk, Shushkevich signed "Agreement on Creation of the Commonwealth of Independent States" in which stated that "the USSR as the subject of international law and geopolitic reality stops its existence ...". There and then Yeltsin reported to the president of the USA about the betray to the Native land - the USSR - made.


However, the agreement from the 8th of December, 1991 is in rough contradiction with the will of all Soviet people, by the results of all-Union referendum from the 17th of March, 1991 when 76.4% of Soviet citizen voted for preservation of the USSR. The act of three Judas in Belovezhskaya Pushcha was not approved in Russia.


The People's Deputy of the USSR Taimuraz Georgievich Avaliani found the stenogram of Session of the Supreme Soviet of RSFSR with roll-call vote. It turned out that there was no Session of the Supreme Soviet of RSFSR on the 12th of December, 1991, there was no quorum but false decisions were invented. How it was done?

There were 147 members of the Supreme Soviet of RSFSR at necessary number in 2/3 from enlisted present, i.e. there should be 167 members of the Supreme Soviet of RSFSR from 250. There were "pigeons" in a hall - 99 dummies who didn't have any juridical relation to Supreme Soviet of RSFSR. Among them were public prosecutor Stepankov who pressed buttons "pro" CIS and "pro" denunciation of a treaty of 1922; secretary of Central Committee of the CPSU Manaenkov, cosmonaut Sevastyanov, secretary of Dagestan District Committee of the CPSU Reshulsky and other from the fifth column.

What gave birth to this immoral crowd?


114 members of Supreme Soviet of RSFSR or 45,6 % voted for ratification of the CIS, i.e. lawful decision was not made! The number of people voted for abolition of the USSR was even less - only 99 members of Supreme Soviet of RSFSR or 39,6 %, again the lawful decision was not made! Thus the USSR remained and no CIS appeared! Yeltsin and his gang knew the mood of members of Supreme Soviet, they understood that their venture in Belovezhskaya Pushcha wouldn't be accepted. Therefore they decided to substitute almost hundred members of Supreme Soviet of RSFSR.


In a hall there was no chairman R.Hasbulatov, members of SS of RSFSR: S.Goryacheva, Y.Pyzhov, B.Aksuchitsa, Y.Voronina, etc


People should know heroes. The following people voted against the CIS and against denouncement of the treaty of 1922 about formation of the USSR: chairman of the Council V.Isakov, chairman of subcommittee on legislation Baburin, editor in chief of the newspaper "Magadansky Komsomolets" P.Lisov.


Active builders of the CIS and the destroyers of the USSR who pressed the buttons "pro" twice: S.Stepashin, E.Lahova (both from the Council), V.Lukin, A.Aslahov, S.Shakhray (all of them from the Council of Nationalities), etc


To stop existence of the Soviet Union is impossible, for then the existence of UN also stops which founder the USSR is. Belovezhskoe agreement from the 8th of December, 1991 about termination of existence of USSR was not represented to the Secretary of the United Nations by virtue of its legal pettiness and illegality. So the lawful place of the USSR in the United Nations waits for the Soviet representative!


Inviolability and integrity of the state territory is one of the main principles of international law. The principle of indestructibility of frontiers makes one of the major bases of safety of European people and is formulated in the Final certificate of a meeting on safety and cooperation in the Europe of the 1st of August, 1975: "The State-participants consider that their borders can change according to international law by peace way and under arrangement ...The States-participants consider a;; borders of each other as inviolable as the borders of all states in the Europe... they will, correspondingly, abstain from all demands or actions directed on capture and usurpation of a part or all territory of the state-participant".


The Soviet Union was the participant and signed the Final Certificate of a Meeting on safety and cooperation in the Europe, it means, it should continue its existence within the limits of own territory and frontiers. Deputies of the USSR and union republics criminally "cut" the country which was the factor of stability of the whole planet, carried out "divorce" of terribly uniform people, not having powers from them neither for separation of the territory of the country, nor for pilfer of general system of national economy, nor for making lawful of racial and religious inequality. With their own hands they crucified heroic people-winner! There will be no excuse to them for ever!


"Barehanded, - prominent American businessman Li Jokoku wrote, - you made what the most powerful armies which only exist on a planet failed to do using all their planes, tanks and ships. But, Ivan, the most difficult is waiting for you ahead".


The followers of the fifth column have blocked all pores of Russia, have hidden in cities and countries, created parties with false signboards with the only purpose - not to allow the communists to unite with labour people. People have questions to Zyuganov, Kuptsov, Ligachev, Lukyanov, Hasbulatov, Chubays, Shahraj, Rutskoj, Putin, Popov, Kravchuk, Shushkevich. At the same time the society has ripened up to understanding that it is necessary to stop orgy of lawlessness and violence of "the fifth column". It is time to reveal it, accuse in crimes and punish, so that descendants for ever remember that zigzag of history which has ruined the Soviet people and their Native Land  - the Soviet Union.


For the first time for the last 16 years such opportunity appeared using recommendation in national candidate for president of Russia O.S.Shenin who goes on elections with the program of restoration of socialism, Soviet authority and Soviet Union. People of good will should support him for it is a peace way of suspending from power of "the fifth column" which brought us blood and tens millions deaths. The powerful national coalition around O.S.Shenin will lead us to victory!


(All-Union Movement "For Soviet Union")

From editorial staff: We treat opportunity of election of O.S.Shenin in the president with great scepsis. More than that, we doubt that 2 million signatures for his promotion will really be collected and legalized properly. Though for full clownery with elections of "successor", probably, former member of GK ChP will be admitted to elections, so that to show evidently that in Russia zero and a prick/tenth percent will vote for the revival of the USSR (if sociology will give more optimistic variant, then signatures will be rejected with full juridical ground).


Nevertheless, in "days of eclipse", in the current anniversary of putsch of 1991 we with great interest publish materials of the supporters of former employee of GK ChP Shenin - in any case it's interesting and instructive. It's useful to know who actually participated in disorder of our great Native land on numerous "camps" - here we can find "ardent communist" Reshulsky and the defender of the rights of citizens Lukin, and "incorruptible" Stepashin. It becomes partially clear why they are "unsinkable" at all changes of a mode - in any way they are "Foundling Fathers", to a nicety to print their portraits on new currency - on the background of famous asp with Iscariot hang.

It's necessary to remember - the USSR was abolished illegally, with full neglect of the will of citizens.


Well, it's hardly possible that liquidation of Roman Empire by barbarians passed with observance of all legal procedures of the Roman right. Scarcely, even if any court recognizes legal negligibility of liquidation of the Roman Empire, it will be restored under the decision of court by someone. The same is with the Soviet Union. Its revival will hardly be connected with legal procedure but if people will find forces and determination to restore the great country by way of revolution, it is necessary to remember, that there are no legal obstacles to it.
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