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Sergey Ivanov 06.09.2007

I, as well as many other people, for a number of years had the possibility to test the program "Putin". It is a demonstration beta-version of a program complex "Authority". No instructions are enclosed to it.


My observasions and wishes, in brief, are the following:


Installation of a demo-version, according to surnames of its developers, was carried out with the use of:

login - abramovich

password - berezovskiy


The demo-version "Putin" of a program complex "Authority" contains a number of restrictions on validity - 2000-2008 as well as on functionalities.


In my opinion, the basic purpose of demo-version is - demonstration (without execution of the majority of commands) of the list of some functions, possible and necessary in release version.


Demo-version has obvious restrictions on volume of used operative and long-time memory - after each new annual message of the President occurs automatic delete of all last years information. Possibly that it's easily can be eliminated in release version.

Graphic interface in TV format is being demonstrated in totally release variant. Two-sided interface in demo-version, obviously, is not foreseen, may be it could be realized in release version.


The program shows opportunities of creation of a top-down command structure on the example of formation (obviously, in the entertaining purposes) self-adjusted pyramid of bribes and recoils. The opportunity of formation of a top-down command structure as a set of mechanisms of formation and maintenance of integrity of management of the country, formation of a system state policy and its execution should be stipulated in the release version.


Repressive opportunities of the program are presented by the reduced variant of courts and Offices of Public Prosecutor on the example of solving test problems in suppression of actions conditionally carried to the category extremist. A solution of the test antioligarchical problem is shown on the example of casually chosen conditional oligarch MBH. The problem is simplified up to two-parametrical: arrest of an oligarch - share of actives.


Function of personal enrichment of representatives of authority in demo-version has no restrictions. In release version should be restrictions at will of the customer. The opportunity of program development of the evolution of the country (at a level of the main menu in the form of national projects) with conditional allocation of symbolical resources.


The program has essential restrictions on distribution of resources. At the appearance of some sources, beyond the limit, set by developers of demo-version, their automatic throwing off to a trash under the name Stabfund occurs.


The program has terrible glitches at presenting of non-standard situations demanding critical decision (for example - Nord-Ost, "Kursk", Beslan). At attempt of the user to look for the decision, the program hangs giving out the message "Address developers".


Updatings of the program did not improve its functional qualities increasing the price (unprecedented case for beta-version). The most essential lack - closed character of the program, inaccessibility of its initial codes that does not allow to estimate its purposes and compare them with the results achieved.

I invite citizens to give their comments on tested demo-version.
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