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"Party - Brigade" Team

"Party - Brigade" Team
Oleg Sultanov 17.10.2007

Having assigned it with the president on political servicing of the desires of the Kremlin, "Edinaya Russia" has not foreseen that the economic situation of the Russian Federation in the end of the present and in the first quarter of the next year can become unfavourable. In this case all positions of edinorossies and Vladimir Putin before elections will become rather vulnerable.


Just a half year ago deputy minister of economic development and trade Vitaly Savelyev ascertained, that many from 50 federal target programs were ruined. As he said, the Ministry of Public Health and Social Development, the Ministry of Transport, the Ministry of Industry and Energy, the Ministry of Defence and the Ministry of Regional Development were especially notable for distortion of the reporting and in its not furnishing. In fact budgetary financing of FTP in present year comes nearer to $ 28 billion; it's just the time to ask some dismissed and operating ministers on what matters such astronomic sums has been wasted as realization of FTP is on the way to full collapse?


However, it is possible to assume, probably, what the gratitude of the president to members of the cabinet of M. Fradkov extinguishes all questions? It's clear that new ministers are not responsible for it, it's not possible that, for example, Tatyana Golikova who accepted the Ministry of Public Health an Social Development from Michael Zurabov, is responsible for mournful (for people) business of the predecessor?


In principle, to be more precise, following logic, such responsibility should be bear by the parliamentary majority in the State Duma in face of Edinaya Russia. It's it, according to the speaker Boris Gryzlov who would hardly refuse his statements, "initiated, developed, passed legislative solutions and should bear all responsibility for them".


However, it is not absolutely clear, how and where "Edinaya Russia" bears this responsibility; I think, from elections to elections. No in vain V. Putin at recent VIII congress of the Communist Party..., sorry, of "Edinaya Russia" precisely showed the direction of movement of the party "taken political responsibility for a policy carried out". The president openly told that in connection with this responsibility of edinoossies they "can have only one goal: to win forthcoming elections!"


It's clear, that putin's party needs this victory not for the wiping of snivels of political contenders but so that, according to Vladimir Vladimirovich, «to guarantee stable development of the country. Such statement sounded at VIII congress. Here you are. It turns out, dear readers, that in our state a new guarantor appeared. Though such action (loading of the charge of responsibility for stability in the state on public organization- party by the president), in my opinion, is not absolutely right.


In fact, whom is the administrative machine, for example, subordinated to? To the chief executive and not to «Edinaya Russia». The public and other journalists won't "put in" in fact the claim to the party that confident growth of this administrative machine proceeds? This growth in any case promotes creation of favorable conditions for active development of bureaucratic methods of management absolutely not characteristic for the democratic state.


Here you are! In such a way, I feel, that I shall agree up to "not characteristic" for our authorities reaction to performances of press, well, for example, to some "call from above" with desperate request not to subject to the unreasonable criticism actions of power vertical. Our brother-journalist has got accustomed to a different sort of calls.


For some reason I suddenly recollected the 7th of October, 2006. I was than laying on the beach of some warm sea far from Moscow. Mobile phone rattled and in a second from its dynamics the vigorous-ennobled voice of the familiar colonel of one of the Russian special services told: "Politkovskaya has been just shot!" I looked at a cup of coffee which was in front of me, stirred sugar absent in it and mentally asked myself about the reasons of a call of the colonel. When I found the answer to the question, I reasonably assumed that I was "warned" by the awful news, they let me know that it's desirable to hand over the return ticket to Moscow and to stay on the coast of a velvet sea for ever. But, probably, it was the wrong answer as when I looked at the waves, I understood that it's simply possible to sink.


By and large, the pistol shot on the native land doesn't differ from tea drinking with polonium abroad, or, for example, from a sudden spasm in the calves that will result the swimming in any waters of the planet "wrongful" journalist directly to the bottom...


However, let's return to the affairs of old and new "guarantors". The current president, leaning on the branched out bureaucracy and the same edinorossies tries, to tell you the truth unsuccessfully, in my opinion, to carry out readjustment of a system of regulation of public relations in Russia. Vladimir Putin totally uses all administrative opportunities of the power vertical erected by him in the interests of our raw and other monopolies, at that his support couldn't be joined in any way to the declared by the Kremlin improvement of mutual understanding between all layers of the Russian society.


The president skillfully (it is necessary to recognize it ...) influences the developed system of law enforcement bodies and special services. But changes occurring in their structure under influence of V. Putin are subordinated to two main tasks. One - is the struggle against terrorism which has become already tradition and its prevention. And the second - maintenance of operative suppression of actions of the opponents from foreign and internal policy which contradict interests of a command of the present president. In this aspect political guts of "Edinaya Russia" in glorification of "Putin's plan", you will agree, hardly coordinates with actual, in my opinion, deformation of both chambers of Federal Assembly which members not only passionlessly look at formation of the authoritative mechanism of the Russian political authority but also practically applaud to the establishment of a police mode in the Russian Federation.


It is clear, that in such conditions our shaky and little influential homebrew democrats are deprived of legal opportunities both for protection of own interests and for protection of the rights and freedom of the Russian citizens in which carrying out they obstinately want to report to the western community. And "Edianay Russia" more and more loudly broadcasts for the whole world about real successes of so dear to it "Putin's plan" in the field of the state construction, development of the Russian democracy, legality and, the main thing, improvement of a life of people. When I read public speech of B.Gryzlov at VIII session of edinorossies I lit up with the desire to live in that Russia which tremendous victories in all political and household frontiers Boris Vyacheslavovich was talking about.


In practice our state - is political and economic invalid; for example, in finishing year of XX century on the parameters of economic growth among former republics of Soviet Union we were behind of only two countries. And now - 12 are ahead of us, among them are also those which are not occupied by export of power resources. The Russian Federation, as it is known, is active in this export. The president V. Putin with pride approves, that position supposedly is changing, that it was in the past when the raw sector played the basic role in economy of the Russian Federation, that "today the growth in the economy already for two thirds is being supplied by non-raw sector", that today the first role is being played by building, trade and process industries. It is difficult to agree with Vladimir Vladimirovich. Whether the structure of our export till now has no basically raw character? The Russian Federation and now delivers mainly oil, gas, raw metals and concentrates to the foreign markets. Or, may be, the president does not know what the share of deep processing of power raw material does not hold out up to 15%? Only this one fact testifies that Russia - is a raw appendage of industrially developed states.


Impetuous pumping out from the bowels hydrocarbonic raw material led to creation of the heaviest situation in the basic oil-and-gas provinces - in Western Siberia, in the Volga region, in the Urals where development of stocks on operating deposits exceeded 50%. Oil refining branches suffer most. Here deterioration of a fixed capital is on a mark of 80%, there no new oil refining factories under construction. The main oil pipelines of oil mines are being maintained into holes. That is all "effective business" of new proprietors is built on the capacities created during the Soviet time.


I shall remind that from the next year, under the project of technical regulations, in our country manufacture of cars mismatching the European norms will be stopped and, hence, only high-octane fuel will be used. And where it will be taken from? To let out such high-class gasoline, the depth of processing of hydrocarbonic raw material should be not less than 90 %; meanwhile we have - hardly more than 70 %. The American fuel bigwigs receive from a ton of the advanced oil almost half ton of gasoline, our "super-managers" - three times less. Meanwhile on the criteria of max imparity at distribution of wealth Russia hurries after the USA.

I shall dare to mention also that the Russian Federation, the responsibility for which development was arrogantly assigned to itself by "Edianay Russia", occupies one of the most shameful places in the world on a level of corruption, civil freedom and political rights. The president inspires us that authority and money should exist separately but for some reason he believes that large businessmen "are capable to bring contribution" to the work of "Edinaya Russia", specifying that this contribution can be "not only financial but also ideological one. From the point of view of giving necessary impulses into development of economics, necessary advises..." That is the head of the state demonstrated his approval of the financial feeding of edinorossies from the part of the Russian large business.


Whether it is so necessary to be surprised that our Russian oligarchs which number in the lists of "Edianay Russia" makes up some tens people strain as flies for honey to get into the party in power? Their cumulative capital goes off $ 15 billion. Certainly, the chairman of this party B.Gryzlov can easily declare, that edinorosies "can bring the contribution to the space program" having paid from party cash department thirty millions dollars for forthcoming in 2009 flight of the deputy of the State Duma millionaire Vladimir Gruzdev into the space. I wonder how many operations is possible to make on these 30 million dollars to the Russian children for whose survival expensive medical equipment is necessary? At last - about ideological contribution of the oligarchs into the work of "Edinaya Russia". I don't know what the president meant by saying so, but I think that the best contribution into the personnel ideology of this party could make not the oligarchs but public prosecutors.


I shall explain. Some Mister Abdul - Khakim Sultygov is the coordinator of "Edinaya Russia" on the national policy and interaction with religious associations. Some years ago that person in interview to "Commersant - Vlast" fairly said: "I was Shamil Basayev's adviser and see nothing bad in it". ... If in "party - brigade" team of "Edinaya Russia" there are former advisers of terrorists, my fears for the future of this party, I think, are quite reasonable. Especially, if it takes a responsibility for the future of the Russian Federation, for reconstruct of our country, for moral renewal of its cultural values.


It seems to me, that the party "Edinaya Russia" is not capable to provide adequately all consequences of its activity; in fact edinorossies are guided only by one person and his political goals. This strange party for some reason flatters itself with victories over common sense, that automatically entails unpredictable consequences for Russia which can render deep influence on all sides of life of our country. Edinorossies don't study crisis situations in complex, that is why they cannot lean on the whole picture of what is really going on in the state.


It appears that the party, which members consider themselves as statesmen, should not assent constantly to the head of the nation, "helping" him with a storm of applause and pathos puffing in his majestic address. Such party has no own future. The sad destiny of the CPSU is an evidence to it, its heads imagined themselves in XX century the collective lord of a society. As a result the communist party appeared to be a victim of own blinding.
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