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Short Political Vocabulary of the RF

Short Political Vocabulary of the RF
Grigory Makarov 29.10.2007

CORRUPTION - is the conflict of interests implanted in the base of the state (that is the difference of corruption from fine larceny). Only elimination of the conflict of interests of the corporations supervising authority in the state with national interests and not simply high sizes of salaries of the officials (it's only a special case) or fear before punishment (it works only if punishments get scales of terror) can help to get rid of corruption efficiently. Especially high level of corruption is being established in weak states which foundation doesn't lean on the political will of the middle class.


DUTCH ILLNESS - is first of all the illness of statehood consisting in prevalence of corporate interests above national ones. Disproportions in economy - is its symptoms but not the reasons. As a rule, this illness afflicts countries where struggle against petty bourgeoisie as a class gets scales of a state policy.


MORTGAGE - president Putin loves it very much and he frequently pronounces it with taste but, apparently, he does not understand at all that mortgage at 10 percent inflation and 0,001 % of trust of the population to non-state pension system - is substitution of the term eyewash, euphemism for the in-Russian use. The same situation is with word-combinations "middle class", "market economy", "private property". All this has far more relation to the sad Russian reality than "conscientiousness of the officials" or "social responsibility of business" (president Putin uses last word-combination quite seriously, not having blinked an eye and not having frowned). Every American schoolboy would tell you that mortgage at 10 percent inflation, not developed stock market and absence of non-state pension system - is absurdity. But our officials have other universities. As well as sources of getting profits.


POPULATION - is a subject of vigilant care of nice Russian officials. Not to confuse with citizens of Russia.


INVISIBLE HAND of the MARKET - is a feedback mechanism returning imaginations of the officials from economy in conformity with severe reality. In days of Gaydar's premiership in Russia it was quite often possible to hear: the main thing - is prompt privatization, full dismantle of directive economy and start of democratic institutes; the rest will be made by invisible hand of the market. It made it. On an output we have progressing Dutch illness, bubbles in the share markets and the real estate, two-place inflation, other-wordly corruption, frank degeneration of democratic institutes and deep decline of culture. And who told you that something different could be received with presidents Yeltsin and Putin in Russia? The state already by the pure fact of its existence fatefully influences all the sides of economic life. That is why in healthy and strong state invisible hand of the market works to the benefit of the economy raising its efficiency, meanwhile in a weak and ill one only reveals its ulcers overthrowing all decorations, card- and sand-castles. At that our ministers are classmen of IMF and the best on developing markets. 


INDEPENDENCE of MASS-MEDIA - megabuck advertising of monopolies on "independent" TV. See also "Information Bubble".


BUBBLE - is characteristic attribute of the Russian reality during an epoch of stagnation. See also "stock market", "information bubble", "Putin's reforms".


INFORMATION BUBBLE - Typical Russian media content. Examples: Monopolist Ivan Ivanovich and official Ivan Nikiforovich are cutting a strip at opening of children's stadium. A party Imyarek signs a report on cooperation with social movement I Hear for the First Time. More examples: Social movement XYZ opens a cultural center in republic NN. The president on-camera discusses with vice-premier an idea of the next National project. In the report from a place of the next act of terrorism high-rank official in a brisk voice gives an account of the reduce of the number of the acts of terrorism from the time of the last war. And so on and so forth. You ask, what bad you see in opening of the cultural center in the republic NN, even if it's made by social movement XYZ? Nothing, except for the fact that the Minister of Education who has been noticed in presidium of constituent congress of movement XYZ, after a while on the sly abolishes in all Russia as superfluous entrance examinations on history, the Minister of Culture at session of the government without hesitation, aloud names culture "branch", Minister of Defence at the same session in a constrained half whisper is indignant by the low cultural level of the content of military libraries and the president of the country seeing and hearing this all just phlegmatically nods and takes it for granted.


PUBLIC CHAMBER - is a substitute called though somehow to cover a gaping hole on a place of a civil society in Russia. According to a plan of the Kremlin political scientists it should become a final point in a race of draining downwards on "a vertical of authority" of the responsibility for a failure of putin's reforms occurring before our eyes. "On a happy!" - as Gogol liked to say lived in Rome pouring out of a window of hotel the content of a night pot.


SUPPORT ON HIGH TECHNOLOGIES - is a favourite introduction of the president Putin. In translation from official on Russian means "amateurism cubed".


SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY of BUSINESS - is a slogan of the president Putin. With the same success it is possible to speak about "conscientiousness of the officials". See "hypocrisy".

Pfui - one more capacious slogan of the president Putin. It characterizes foreign policy achievements of Russia during the period of his presidential term.  


NATIONAL PROJECT - is again a slogan of the president Putin who resolutely set it as a goal to enrich the Russian language. Something like Panzerfaust charged by a turnip. "I wish to make excrement" - the episode from a popular Soviet serial "Aide-de-camp of Its Excellency" reviving nice pictures of civil war, Makhno and Antonov is being recollected. If to be serious - is a specific kind of activity of the high-ranking Russian official during the pre-election period.


CENTRISTS - In putin's Russia - is a motley assemblage of political outcasts incorporated mainly by desire not to look as outcasts in own eyes. They supervise the Federation Council and the Duma providing these institutes of the Russian parliamentarism with ratings of trust of 3 % and 2 % accordingly.


Russia's Ministry of Economic development and Trade - is the ministry of smart self-reports and digestible statistics. To stamp from year to year fig leaves called to cover feebleness of picked up set of "parameters" and senselessness of policy of a cabinet and ruling president - is its unique destination. Unfortunately for economy of Russia fruits of "creativity" of this department have recently overgrown the scales of usual fofarraw. To support "steady growth" in a random selected basket of macroeconomic statistics, officials had to kick over the traces and to sacrifice frankly all other "parameters" that didn't enter a smart basket. Here you are the reason of appearance of bubbles on stock and real estate markets, a galloping inflation, absolute power of monopolies and full paralysis of a civil society.


"EDINAYA RUSSIA" - is not a "party in power" but its mirror obligingly reflecting every pimple on a nose of authority, anticipating and savouring its each nonsense and being afraid most of all of seeming to authority cleverer, than this very authority.


FASCISM - is an aggressive hypocrisy and militant platitude structured in a form of the state ideology. Not to confuse with "nashism".


ELECTORATE - in ideal is the same that "population". A terrible dream of the Russian political elite as well as of ivan-ivaniches and ivan-nikiforoviches standing up for it - to find out once that nevertheless they are not "population" but citizens of Russia.
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