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Hey – presto NATO! Ukraine - Mumsy!

Hey – presto NATO! Ukraine - Mumsy!
Кarnovsky Yury 25.03.2008

Last foreign policy steps of the president of Ukraine Victor Jushchenko are obviously directed on speeding up reception of Ukraine in North Atlantic Alliance in every possible way. It seems that both he and his environment hopes in case of success of this action to kill not even one hare but the whole band of eared with one shoot.

Firstly, perhaps to get rid of the Russian Black Sea fleet in Sevastopol ahead of schedule, secondly, "to bridle" separative tendencies of the Crimean Tatars, thirdly, to put population of the Russian-speaking regions of Ukraine before the fact that it can't any longer live with Russia and, at last, fourthly, to oppose Russia a united front of the NATO countries, including, certainly, Ukraine, opposing the Russian «power blackmail». Certainly, the Ukrainian politicians expect that at such strong support price for gas for Ukraine will be defined in Ukraine...

Whom the Gods would destroy, they, as we know, first make mad. The fact of death of the Ukrainian peacemaker in Kosovo most likely refers to this category. To force Slavs to struggle with Slavs, besides on their land - is a dream cherished for a long time by some most "advanced" in geopolitic hegemony western politicians. Divide et impera, whether it's not so?

The Ukrainian establishment intoxicated by fantastic prospects of ecstasy of merge with the West does not see obvious things...

So, Washington expects due to Kiev and also Tbilisi to fill human losses in local conflicts. Under the pretence of struggle against the international terrorists the USA provide safety of drug-trafficking from Afghanistan to Europe, endanger power dialogue of Europeans with Russia and create instability of political climate in Europe (in the European direction).

The USA pressing the European partners in the question of reception of Ukraine and Georgia in NATO proceed from own plans on use of their territory for military operation against Iran with possible application of the nuclear weapon. In these purposes military bases are constructed and modernized in Gergia in Gory, Vasiani and Kutaisi. These plans also can be connected with reconstruction of Kachinsky military air station in Sevastopol (in the European direction).

Aspiration of the USA to accelerated expansion of NATO, including due to Ukraine and Georgia, to the detriment of interests of the European allies can be connected with project of creation of League of the Democratic States on the basis of North Atlantic Alliance consisting of 120 states lobbied by conservative wing of a republican party of the USA. It is an element of strategy on elimination of the United Nations as undesirable and non-controlled by the USA structures.

"Orange" government of Ukraine, being afraid that if the question of its acceptance to NATO will be postponed till the time when "northern" and "southern" routes of deliveries of energy carriers from Russia to Europe supply will start functioning, then supply of European countries with the Russian gas without transit services of Ukraine will exclude use of Kiev by European consumers as hostages of their conflicts with Moscow.

Therefore present management of Ukraine, realizing volatility from Moscow, already now tries to use opportunities of the future partners from the block for retraction of Washington and its European allies in permanent conflicts with Russia, expecting to receive own economic and political benefits.

In case of introduction of Ukraine into NATO full paralysis of national military and industrial complex, significant charges on de-limitation and fixing of borders with Russia and Belarus as well as strengthening of territorial - ethnic instability awaits it.

These and other factors makes full membership of the country in the alliance in foreseeable future impossible.

Besides it is absolutely not clear, whence they took it in Kiev that it will be favourable for Washington to have rich uniform prospering Ukraine as its ally? In fact sad Serbian experience speaks just about the opposite! On the contrary, for all-round weakening of Russia and all Slavic world, it is rather favourable to have constant slowly decaying conflicts on the Ukrainian territory which subsequently can pass to a "hot" phase. It is Crimea where the Russian-speaking population will collide with Tatars, it is northeast of Ukraine where the Russian-speaking citizens making overwhelming majority of the population and not imagining Russia as enemy, will be started to be provoked to conflicts with nationalist circles of the Western Ukraine.

There are no doubts that similar conflicts, according to the plan of their organizers, are quite capable to provoke similar phenomena and in some national republics of Russia including Transcaucasia. Thus it doesn't follow that because of the fact that someone holds a slice of delicious NATO's bacon before a nose of the present Ukrainian management the given management will receive this bacon sometime in general...

Here you - Georgia appears on the stage... What could it do if not to hope for NATO help in the question of suppression of rebellious Abkhazia and South Ossetia?

However some experts in the West consider that real authoritative mode is established in this country. In particular, experts of International Crisis Group (Brussels) believe that ignoring of problems with legality, corruption by the Georgian authorities, non-settlement of territorial problems, discrimination of national minorities, serious internal political conflicts in the country can cause growing economic inequality and seriously strike on the image of NATO.

Saakashvili hides from representatives of Europe facts of falsification of the results of a referendum about introduction of the country into alliance. Georgian right advocates and military experts consider that authorities have intentionally overestimated the results of voting trying to show the American "owners" unity of public opinion on the given question. By the way, similar script, probably, is in the plans of the Ukrainian management.

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