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Presidents at Dawn

Presidents at Dawn
Oleg Sultanov 08.04.2008

Last weekends Bush and Putin attracted attention of billions earthmen; journalists, political scientists, military, political scientists and simply usual citizens of Europe and the USA tried to define everyone at own level what will be leaft to the world - light or darkness - by those two officials leaving this year the supreme state posts.

Probably, the main vital paradox of these temporal rulers of our and ordinary Americans destinies consisted in the fact that each of them within eight years combined practical opposition at the state level with sincere attempts of personal friendship. At that, I think, it's necessary to recognize that attracting shape of the future full interstate mutual understanding is illusory even today, it remains in the long term.

On April, 6 in Sochi Bocharov Spring Vladimir Putin confessed that despite of rather serious willingness of the head of the USA to solve a problem of Ballistic Missile Defense a question of antimissile defense in Europe remained to be open. The Russian president also marked proceeding divergence in base approaches to strategic offensive arms; a pier, "it is necessary to search for things in common here also". Eight years, Mister leaving presidents, were not enough to find those things? It seems that you are bad "detectives" ...

V.Putin in the application for press (from April, 6) promulgated his satisfaction with "that our partners attentively listen to us...". Vladimir Vladimirovich, you and all your team of diplomats are not opera singers, whose voices bring satisfaction to listeners! While the American "Vasyok" listens and eats, the Kremlin political roulades, probably, only improve his appetite.

The president of Russia thanked the president of the USA with whom Putin, from his own words, "was always working pleasant and interest". So, working process itself is interesting, Vladimir Vladimirovich? And what about the result? Bush thanked for a tasty supper and started making speeches that the USA have still "to do a lot to convince the Russian side that antimissile system is not directed against Russia ... ".

That are the cares the White house has - to convince the Kremlin that black is white! We are being surrounded by a rocket - nuclear belt, necks of fighters of NATO have fixed a turn of soldier's and officers' heads only to the East but the USA are firmly going to convince the Russian Federation that all this is to its advantage. I should say "strategic partners"!

I read attentively on a site of the president of Russia "Declaration on Strategic Frameworks of the Russian-American Relations" accepted on March, 6 in Sochi. I think that the cost of a sheet of paper on which the text of, in my opinion, so shameful "Declarations ..." is placed exceeds political and practical weight of the positions stated in the document. Namely, the grandiose - awkward acknowledgment of respect to each other and to observance of all international legal norms is densely mixed in assurances of tomorrow's friendship and some great-power aspirations.

Just look at the pearl having familiarized with which the leader of any country will grasp a head: "Moving ahead we are going ... to deepen our cooperation, at the same time undertaking further, even more far-reaching steps for demonstration of our joint leadership in finding out of answers to new calls to global peace and safety according to principles of international law and taking into account the role of the United Nations ... ".

So, it turns out that two states intend TO SHOW to all planet the joint leadership in the matter of reaction to any actions of other countries, actions which, in opinion of the Russian Federation and the USA, can threaten global peace and safety? Well, if Russia is eager to be world gendarmes?

I assume that our people will treat such desire of the Kremlin in which "reformers" sitting there cannot cope even with internal problems of the native Russian society coldly. Whether there is any sense in demonstration of world leadership in this case?!

I believe that our supreme statesmen to early started construction of triumphal gates for themselves and the American colleagues. All these written declarations about frame friendship and oral mutual assurances of "strategic partnership", alas, are just idle talk and desire, excuse me for expression, to do a snow job on inhabitants. The most inadmissible is that way of thinking of high-ranking "pardners" and method of argument of arrival of tomorrow's "friendship forever" between NATO and inhabitants of east lands where the North Atlantic alliance is eager to get are entirely subordinated only to geopolitic interests of the USA.

Therefore Vladimir Putin's as well as his alternate Dmitry Medvedev's ardent readiness to see on behalf of the American president sincere friend to our country is nothing by illusion which ominous game can considerably shorten history of Russia...

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