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Goodbye Stability

Goodbye Stability
Fedoseev Ilya 06.05.2008

In November of the last year I wrote that putin's epoch of Great Stability (from the capital letters G and S) already ended without anybody to notice. Then, really, it was possible to judge about it only due to some attributes. It's different now: everyone who has eyes should notice that our land of nod wakes up at last. What will it see after awakening? It is not known meanwhile but awakening is on hand.

Let's start, perhaps, from Don Putin - it would be tactlessness to begin with something else. His decision to keep authority having left from a post of the president seems to me much more important, than all other decisions made by him during eight years of being the president. Thus Putin essentially approached falling of a mode.

There is such old joke from latrine wireless: "What is the difference between the Jews and Englishmen? Englishmen go away without saying goodbye, while the Jews say goodbye and do not go away". Putin though being not the Jew acted in that very way: said goodbye and didn't go away. One witty man formulated a problem as follows: "Whether in a cabinet of prime-minister Putin will hang the portrait of president Medvedev?"

The question is actually more serious, than it can seem. Our homebrew officials is tamed so that it would quietly sit at feet of the owner. Though what to do, if there are two owners? At that the owners, certainly, can show full mutual love - it changes absolutely nothing.

To take, for example, misters from administration of the president. They are very serious guys, imperial guardsmen. Hardly they will agree with the fact that this role now will go "to the boys from another region" - to government officials. In fact Administration of the President - is not the only similar organization, there are a lot of others. Yeltsin and Putin have been constructing all state system of Russia during seventeen years "under the president" and now it's not so simple to alter these institutes. Most likely, in the near future the officials offended by Medvedev begin to search for protection under Putin and on the contrary (it's not possible to exist without insults in policy, it's so organized).

Hence, formation in the state machinery of at least two conflicting groupings is not far off - that would certainly lead to its weakening. And it, in its turn, will help revolutionary forces. Sun-tszi wrote: "Invincibility is in you, opportunity to win is in the opponent. Therefore the true soldier first of all makes himself invincible and then waits, when the opponent will allow to win him". Split in the official top will appreciably approach us to such opportunity.

Certainly, rotting of a state machinery in Russia is lasting not one day and even not one year. Quality of human material making it steadily worsening: apparatus tears away all a little bit bright, conceiving, initiative people. Unhued mediocrities move ahead, ready blindly and without reasoning to carry out the will of the heads (only one chain Yeltsin - Putin - Меdvedev is extremely demonstrative). If negative selection will be added also by the struggle of groupings inside officials, the state will be doomed.

There a grave digger will appear. It looks like the growth of strike movement in Russia at the end of April passed to qualitatively new phase. We are, certainly, talking about the strike of the Moscow railwaymen.

Certainly, the strikers acted with purely economic demands - but what of it? Working-class movement never began under political slogans - first of all proletarians always demanded increase of the salary and improvement of working conditions. It's important that now the Russian workers at last realized to the full degree: they can (and should!) not be humiliated and elicit but to demand and take. Comprehension of an opportunity to nail owners down - it costs a lot, if you understand. Now it's the task for the communists who will undertake political education of workers.

Besides, it's essentially important that it were railwaymen who struck. This category of workers if has not felt it yet, then is close to the feeling huge authority: having paralyzed movement of trains across Russia, it can screw arm to the state. What should employers do then? Machinist can't be replaced by guest worker.

One shouldn't forget about a magic word "Moscow". While the strikes are somewhere away, the authority presumes luxury not to pay special attention to them. What will be, if they shake the capital? Here you are the answer. Several years ago in one of the articles I compared Moscow with a needle of Koschei the deathless. Now there is no lack of interested persons to break this needle.

It concerns not only workers - intelligentsia is also important. And right now, no matter how paradoxical it is, authority in every way pushes it to a camp of its enemies (political colour of these enemies in this case does not play any special role, opposition to the Kremlin is important).

Let's recollect at least recent performances of high-ranking employee from presidential administration Modest Kolerov - it's not significant by itself but indicative. We shall remind, Коlerov asserted that in today's Russia the intellectual either went on one way with authority - hand in hand, or doomed himself on marginality, getting into a camp of "terrorist" intelligency. It's - that stone on which the Russian authority stumbles from century to century, multiplying numbers of its enemies. The intellectual (however, not only he) is put before a choice: either to become rascal, or - revolutionary. There is no a middle - to write about "good people", like Еfim Rakhlin from Voinovich's "Cap" is no longer possible. Magnificent tragicomedy "Say a Word about Poor Hussar" which heroes only so that to keep self-esteem are compelled to declare themselves rebels is being recollected. Certainly, presently intelligentsia is already different - but, fortunately, no all among it agree to be rascals and toadies. It means that shortly the camp of opponents of the Kremlin will be filled up with new people - at that with educated, well-read and the main thing - thinking people. It will be, sirs - comrades, very valuable acquisition, thanks to mister Kolerov and his owners.

So, what do we have then? On the one hand - state bureaucracy owning the country which not only degrades year by (compare even both bright and inventive bastard Berezovsky - and sad pen-pusher Churov) but it's about to break up into conflicting groupings. On the other hand - working-class movement already realizing its force and workers of brainwork whom the force of circumstances will push aside workers in the near future.

Right now the center is being created, it's called to coordinate interests of these forces and to coordinate their actions - National Assembly. Certainly, it doesn't mean that this institute will appear at height of the historical target and will not degenerate in empty chattering. But this first of all depends on us - on left submitted in Assembly as "red hundred". The matter is that neither liberals, nor nationalists have rather distinct and consistent ideology - these organizations are spokesmen not so much ideas but moods. While the moods existing in a society, certainly, are capable to play a role and sometimes considerable - but to destroy one social order and to replace it with another - it won't be enough.

On the contrary, left (first of all - Marxists) own necessary scientific toolkit allowing to build political strategy and tactics. Hence, they are called to win ideological hegemony in Assembly and to determine directions of its actions.

At the conference on April, 6 it was already spoken about necessity of revival of the Left front. Since then actions in the mentioned direction were undertaken but for the present it's not known, as far as successful they would appear.

If it will be possible really to recreate Left front and at higher level - revolution appears to be not far off. At least, objective conditions for it are now much more favorable, than three years ago.
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