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Continuing Dispute with Narochnitskaya

Continuing Dispute with Narochnitskaya
Cherny Dmitry 26.12.2008

Waiting for the end of a teleseason on the program "National Interest" I, as you probably saw (December, 20, Saturday, 11.20p.m., RTR), at last asked disloyal question to establishment on behalf of state employee Narochnitskaya. Certainly, it was not the question, it was more likely provocation which quite succeeded - drowsiness, belonging to introvert type of power and uttermost noncriticality of the ones echoing to authority became evident (authority itself has even worse lay of thing in the field of ideology). Therefore my gesture "bye-bye" in reply to a long tirade about limit on revolution and duty of the Russian women (to give birth notwithstanding anything) - was much more eloquent retort, rather than the question about Dissenters March and actuality of Bolshevism. Some pearls of noncritical "candelabrum" are just an ideal starter for criticism.

It's clear how to use sepulchral theme by those who still celebrate commemoration on "Russia which we lost". By the way, that "we" caused a set of questions long time ago - how in general such could be formulated by those who in their lifetime lost the USSR, that's social security, free-of-charge medicine, firm job placement, native land at last? Nevertheless theorists of the parallel worlds continue their tricks - using nostalgia not at all to pre-revolutionary Russia which no one from living today saw and understand (how to understand all "charms" of tsarism being born at socialism?). So, we give the floor to Narochnitskaya - more precisely we recollect what she told: pier, patriarch's death united all, a turn at parting with his body was built not under the order but only because of the will of free conscience sent - the rich and the poor were standing side by side...

Olibanum of Humility or Sal Ammoniac of Protest?

Not for nothing I stopped on these very words of madam Narochnitskaya. She repeated that pearl at the end of teleshow. Well, what can be more frank at service to oligarchical fatherland not Paris but here? Here you are - class reconciliation so desired for ruling elite - Lenin with Тrotsky squealing escape as from the plague where the rich and the poor stand in a queue to one coffin. That is candelabrum does not worry about the problems of social stratification and poverty in Russia, she recognizes presence of very poor and even the fact that their number can grow - but all are equal on requiem, both the one who plunders withdrawing lawfully surplus value from labour activity and the one being plundered. Great, I should say! Over all these reconciliation and consent - pacifying crimson peal, though doleful.

Well, it's doleful not for nothing - in fact people which being up in smoke of religious opium, forgets about its class interests and practically agrees to die out, a million annually. That is for whom the bell tolls. During the crisis time, during the period when everyone hangs by on his work - such is the gift from professional senders of cult and from the art worker. Here you are, repent, escape your memory at coffins! It's great occasion on the quiet and under such authorities to scold damned Bolsheviks with their atheism who, damn them all, built factories and stormed space forgetting about their souls. But it's ok - now all forgotten for 70 years by God (though churches were functioning but were not popular - whether it's Bolsheviks' fault?) Russia will repent at coffins of the priests and dissenters and will begin happy life... I am trying to follow Narochnitskaya's strokes.

Here you are ill luck: while exhausted by industrialization and other devilish high technologies and scientific research institutes Russia was recovering from seventy-year godlessness, while temples were under construction and damned factories were being sold out on scrap metal and scientific research institutes were closing - crisis broke out, rather natural at capitalism. However our patriots - statesmen didn't get lost (here I am speaking no longer about Natochnitskaya but address all the authority she supports): they declare that they are not the reason of the crisis, all the fault is on the damned West. It was also it which sent us Bolsheviks - Marxists and capitalism imposed, we don't know now what to do with this crisis - prompt us, Good Heavens!

So stands all Russia (as it seems to Narochnitskaya) in a turn to dead men, repents and gets united. The rich embraces the poor - they have nothing to divide, they have one native land and one faith. Here it is - the way of rescue from economic crisis. In fact I am not too far from declared quite seriously by foreign state employee, such "Kollontai vise versa" of our days.

Let's stop scoffing. It is time to engage ourselves in decoding of those rebuses that all yea-sayers of authority are compelled to riddle, glorifying valid as reasonable - so far as the mode of power oligarchies keeps on rather eclectic ideological suspension bracket. The most interesting in this suspension bracket is that at economic liberalism authority now tries to cover itself with the most obscurantist orthodox patriotism. What else can it use? The first postSoviet candelabrum tsar Boris didn't leave to cover the shame.

«Despite of Everything»

Actually, two most cynical statements sounded from lips of the grand daughter St. George Ribbon bearer, who suddenly lost pre-revolutionary fatherland after undesired and in general, possibly, violently received Soviet free-of-charge secondary and higher education.

The first - fraternization of the rich and the poor. Note, how duly this statement is made in crisis period! That is servants of God dismissed from factories have nothing special to worry about - they can go with their mighty belief to the chief - bourgeois and talk to him directly. Does it remind you something? Yes, year 1905, bloody Sunday. Let's talk about it more in detail a bit later.

The second - "if women will give birth despite of everything". It's already an exact citation. That is - notwithstanding the crisis, notwithstanding poverty, only to give birth again and over again, knowing eternal share in a worldly vale... It's, by the way, that Russia which was lost by madams Narochnitskayas and all prophets of Russia rising from knees adjoining to them. There is no Russia, both lost and rising from knees. There is capitalist, dying out Russia. Humanitarian yea-sayers of robbers of the Russian bowels made their optics so washy that could not see anything but for clouds from olibanum and priests' beards. How would babies be born from this phantasmagoria? "Despite of everything"?

Here again Marxism damned by Narochnitskaya not once barges in with explanation both of the crisis and all basis (here you are one more aspid word - it should be expelled from the language of orthodox people!). It says that conditions should be the first - then babies. Really, Ilf and Petrov also were writers - Marxists, a good revelation before New Year! In fact even they, far from being the first in the epoch tongues of damned by Narochnitskaya and power oligarchies Bolshevism, wrote "pay for play". Adaptation of this formula at authority of trumpet security officers (how else Kremlin corporation "Gazprom - Rosneft" could be named?) turns into pure fico under the name "national project" to the pleasure to statesmen. Sort of they help to large families (at that they help in a ticky-tacky way searching for monetary places to parents besides payment of the parent capital). Well and what about creation of conditions for not only those who have many children but for those who, sorry, have not started yet?

Marxism (which, probably, Narochnitskaya studied in higher educational institutions), needs to know everything beforehand, God's word is not enough for it! Create conditions by yourself - work, friends, up a sweat, receive your daily bread minus surplus value from blessed bourgeois! Well, friends worked while there was a place - now they are being out from factories.

Again Marxism urges them on - says that it is necessary to take authority in the hands at factories, so that they were not closed henceforth. O dear, it's not Orthodox-like, оh, how anti-state it is! You were right, madam state employee, saying that dissenters are crack-brained, that they want to heat already almost cadaveric cold Russia - these are restless, they are not slaves also to God. We want.

This Is Quite Something but It Will Be Precisely Like This

We want, because we line the way not with prayer and hopes on child-bearing "despite of everything". But with leaflets, protest actions, rallying of weights. As Marx taught.

If coupled with all these noncritical and autistic oil authority does not find anything better than to suppress protest actions of the drivers and "dissenters" with help of OMON, than it shouldn't expect superreliability of this barrier from people. In fact people eat not priestly opium but bread, people - that very majority which long enough, now already almost two decades was observing silently metamorphosises of authority. When they are deprived of this bread - are being raised duties on import of foreign cars, dismissed from work, sent into termless holidays without pay - I can assure you, madam Narochnitskaya, they won't either give birth, or suffer further developing state of things. Yes, it again will arrange warehouses in your church bulks - because basis should go the first and then superstructure. At first - economy and then all yours oil. As long as counterrevolution in Russia has grown together with priest revenge, the faster they will depart from a throne embracing.

What is the difference between authority and moral of power oligarchies from itself already in Yeltsin's incarnation - coronation? The difference is that Yeltsin distributed social property to the future oligarchies - out of harm's way, he understood that it should be made as quick as possible, no matter how. That "no matter how" became the ground for Petersburg coming to power. The first oligarchies were staunch liberals - cosmopolitans - therefore share holdings of YUKOS appeared abroad. On a wave of social indignation of the end of 1990th (having place also in power structures which were not then not getting fat) power oligarchies took away monopolies from starry-eyed liberals and began to rule as though in a new fashion. Actually, accompanying former economic line with patriotic rhetoric - thus having acquired calmness of citizens for some period of time (they didn't need anything else to get superprofit).

By the way, who still expects Thaw from Меdvedev? Don't you notice that the main power oligarch and foe of the Chita liberal has acquired complete state image at Меdvedev? Sechin was not seen by anybody before Medvedev's appearance and Pavuovsky wrote slanders about him. He was behind side scenes - now he goes on some international negotiations. Didn't you hear what he said about the protest of drivers - a pier, they are swindlers, they simply agitate people.

Certainly, after "YUKOS case" he has the right to name his naive compatriots like this. Who are swindlers, if not they? Well, who demands over trifles? Some taxes on foreign cars don't suit them, they do not want to go by domestic "chests" at capitalism. Sechin is right - it's a trifle, they are swindlers, ОМОN should clear the way with them. Below - swindlers. On the top - professionals, even higher - power oligarchies or neo-feudals. All these candelabrums glorify both them and capacity of oil and gas mains. Regressive ideology has adhered to parasitic economy. Well, it's even better.

Two-faced Janus of police - priesting authority - will surely not suit majority dismissed by crisis and revolutionary disposed minority - ideological detonator - inside it. For the time - dismissed people nurture gangsterism, do not grow together in organized way into Brownian motion... At the time FSB already start trying to withdraw messages about protest actions from Live Journal. Well, authority should carry its policy to the point of absurdity - they try to make dismissed person get locked in the house and watch TV, that is to look at the world with eyes of authority. Only Moscow OMON will not be enough.

While regional militiamen being far from center and its trough and understanding that crisis will touch them already address working true trade unions - so not every militiaman is ready to be cop and a chain dog of security officials. Though authority cares for mercenaries. One should remember them and it - the minority.

Though as soon as solidary majority will get effective vector - a wave of increasing social protest will sweep away both power oligarchies and candelabrums. A spring of a coming year will be intensive.


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