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Is the Galley in Low Water?

Is the Galley in Low Water?
Оleg Sultanov 31.12.2008

As a rule at the end of December authors of FORUM.msk reflect on pages of a portal on results of last year. The same way now, having recollected V.Putin's words how he as the slave self-denyingly "sweated gust out on the galley", we shall try to define a harbour which was entered, obviously, due to the pumped muscles, exclusive professional knowledge and abilities of Petersburg boaters a ship under the Russian banner ...

I do not want to tire readers with statistics from official publications "testifying" that there's only one place where living is better, than in Russia - it's paradise. Anyway, when I in the beginning of December of the current year watched and listened to the program "Conversation with Vladimir Putin", excitement connected to economic crisis disappeared at once, because prime-minister firmly assured all Russians that "Results prior year base are as a whole good".

In fact, what do we have to worry about, if the growth of gross national product, according to Vladimir Vladimirovich, will make on results of the year almost 7%, growth of industrial production - 4,8%, real growth of salary - 12,6%? Inflation, though, should go off 13% but it's nothing; Putin said in view of crisis " ... we have all chances to pass this difficult period with minimal costs both for economy and, that is the most important, for our citizens". President Dmitry Medvedev, having adjusted himself resolutely, looking directly from the telescreen into the eyes of the Russians calmly noted that the state continued to consider social support of citizens the most important, he emphasized: "the situation is not the simplest. But there are no grounds for hysterics..." ...

Who will give way to hysterics after such words of the first person of the state who assured the country that its management didn't have even in its harbor to refuse social obligations to all Russians? Only loonies, probably.

However, there were such, so to say, doubting Thomas. For example, under some data, Upper chamber of Federal Assembly suspended payments of indemnifications under those contributions which in the beginning of 90th years of XX century for "some" reasons burned down in Sberbank. We, population, kept more than 300 billion roubles in those contributions. I shall remind, the dollar cost then something like 66 copecks. While now, when the Council of Federation slowed down payments under our contributions, demagogues who were dissatisfied with duly decision of senators appeared. They do not understand that earlier Sberbank was the state structure and now turned out into joint-stock company. So, one should demand now from shareholders! Is this now the state department?! Just think, what 300 billion roubles! Especially, I am sure that after 1991 many investors already died.

Here our wisest state showed fatherlike care of successors of such contributions; the owner of the contribution died - do not cry, heir, you would receive whole 6000 roubles! No more; even if contribution made 600 thousand.

Some other hysterically disposed citizens do not trust even to Vladimir Putin, let the God prolong his days! Such alarmists after pointless digging in archives assert that our economy on a level of gross national product even today has not reached parameter of 1987. They are echoed by different sort of pessimists declaring that labour productivity in the Russian Federation has decreased on 30% - in connection with reduction of a fixed capital on 40%.

Other social whiners falsely whimper that all our real achievements after 2000 base on the industrial potential created in the USSR but not on escalating of fixed capital. A pier, on the contrary, this potential was almost eaten up by present authority.

Similar defeatist moods in conditions of developing financial and economic crisis are inadmissible, they will lead simple workers to erroneous conclusions that economic model of the most effective in the world democracy developed during expired years failed. But we, thinking readers and journalists, know that it's not so. It is enough to switch on TV to understand that fixed capitals grow, the army, oil and gas intelligence, education, medicine, all investment systems, national economy as a whole have been becoming financially stronger. Only enemies talk about huge scales of social stratification, about export from Russia (1991 - 2008) of the capital of approximately $ 1 bln.

Personally I am outraged with estimation of the ministry of economic development in which it is specified that real incomes of the Russians, on results of this year, will be three times less parameter of 2007. Probably, the deputy minister of economic development of the Russian Federation Andrey Klepach also doesn't understand something declaring a week ago that in the next, 2009 the rate of unemployment in Russia will come near to 8% and more than 5, 5 million Russians will search for work.

Minister of Finance of the Russian Federation Alexey Kudrin whose professional knowledge were enough only on expectation of deficiency of the state budget in 2,5 bln. roubles in 2009 also distinguished himself. Thus mister Kudrin is sure that interests of state employees will not suffer: "... we will reorient charges a little but we'll not reduce them. It will not effect either wages, or pensions". How could it be is, obviously, known only to financier Kudrin who, not denying approaching devaluation and following it inflation, nevertheless speaks that state employees will not suffer. How it could happen so, if everything will become more expensive in the country, is possible only to guess ...

At the same time president D.Medvedev didn't leave any chances to guessing about destiny of the Russian corruption; few days ago he signed a package of laws on counteraction of corruption and charged the head of FSB of the Russian Federation Alexander Bortnikov to organize work on application of those laws. General, naturally, flaunted. It is necessary only to wait, when corrupted people from all Russia will move with fluttering flags to capitulate to Lubyanka. If Medvedev signed anticorruption laws, it means he sincerely trusts that officials, according to these laws, will inform "bodies" on all attempts to give a bribe to them.

... High prices for hydrocarbons are not only joyful for people of Russia increase in social charges but also seduction of all members of the Russian government which get used to the commonness of refilling of the budget and unappropriated off-budget superincomes. As a result of long-term absorption of practically free bee "eats" some state managers have certain illusion. These officials for some reason start (obviously, because of over satiety) talking about some kind of "superdiligence" inherent only to them which allows to move forward the galley of every tonnage. But if there is no traveling pilot in the team, muscular force is powerless even before a small bank ...

Happy New Year, "marvy boaters"!


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