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End of Epoch of PR

End of Epoch of PR
Valery Alexandrov 06.01.2009

Overflowing of crisis in a long-term economic depression can change format of political system (but not its essence). Many PR managers soon should master a trade of yard keepers.



During Putin's boarding replacement of real matters on PR - actions and PR - zombing became predominating stream (main stream) in the Russian Federation. That is, by the way, in many respects also predetermined heaviness of the crisis. In old society of the Russian Federation PR managers and political scientists of every colour occupied one of exclusive places playing a role comparable only to a role of security officials. But with approach and development of crisis everything will be different.


Process will pass two basic phases:


Phase 1. Attempt of the Kremlin to leave everything as it is. Authority will continue to pretend that nothing happened. It is necessary to expect sharp splash of PR activity from the side of near Kremlin political scientists and PR managers of so-called "system opposition". The given splash will be short. For the objective reasons aggravated by absolute non-competence of ruling circles economy of the Russian Federation will run into the deepest depression. There will be less and less financial means, while necessity for them will become stronger and stronger. Sooner or later (more probably it will be sooner, than later - the Kremlin has the feeling!) authority will start searching for the way out.


Phase 2. Direct Consequence of the First Phase.


As a result of sharp compression of financial opportunities of the Russian Federation authority will have to throw worthless stuff. Or speaking system language - superfluous managing parts. The very first candidates to be thrown - provincial PR managers and political scientists.

They are not only ballast from the point of view of common sense to which the Kremlin sometimes resorts but also from the point of view of the Russian kleptocracy. The same capital political scientists are capable to execute the work on manipulation of population, the Ministry of Internal Affairs with democracy - makers is always a helper. During crisis beggers can't be choosers! So - "ballast overboard!" The Russian PR managers do not produce "any intellectual product", only rehashing of the West. Therefore nobody will notice their absence. They were endured before, since there was a principle known as "necessary communications" and "protection". Besides Kremlin people - also kiddies of former appointees, only cleverer. It is necessary to note that the Russian political scientists and PR managers, except for read out units, are being distinguished by the great degree of provinciality and petty tyrany multiplied by unreasonable arrogance. For example, the American political scientists and PR managers intellectually surpass the Russian "colleagues" at least on some levels. Approximately the same way a person surpasses a cockroach. It has objective reasons. As a rule, 99,999% of all Russian PR managers belong to posterity of party nomenclature of the USSR, basically of a medium level: party organizer, party and local party unit sons and daughters. Certainly, they can only copy achievements of others, as a maximum.

Question: what can the Russian PR managers do from the things the American ones can not? You are right! Nothing! Nothing in general! They can only make copies of receptions and leave-takings. With all following consequences...


It's possible to make the following comparison. Imagine two vessels: one of them - rowing gallery with sails, the second - half-sailing - half-steam vessel with the rowing screw. There is dead calm on a sea. Suddenly star-striped vessel switch on steam engine and quickly goes forward. White-blue-red gallery tries to catch it up with the help of rows of oarsmen but it is basically impossible. The winner is predetermined.


The same way nomenclature posterity is not capable to compete in free elements. So crisis will wash away unproductive elements of the mode as water in a toilet bowl washes off products of metabolism of a man. Capital political scientists also will be reduced in number but as a whole will remain. While nobody will have compassion towards provincial "image makers".


If the Kremlin will decide to leave more PR managers and political scientists than it's necessary, it will undermine itself. Financial resources - are limited. While it is necessary to leave part of means to security officials. Otherwise it is possible to lose control. Additional quantity of incompetent but possessing obviously overestimated claims PR managers will not bring any benefit, it will only interfere. One shouldn't be afraid that they (former PR managers) can "go to revolution" or "to work on opposition"! One can say: do not make me laugh. Having remained without financial additional charging they will instantly depart to the bottoms of society. While without will and ideals (the work of PR manager demands exclusive cynicism) they won't have the slightest chance to be the slightest threat to a mode. The more is the possibility that brighter political scientists will remain in the Kremlin.


Though basically the same destiny expects also propagandists of "system opposition", all these followers of "Fair Russia", "Communist Party of the Russian Federation", etc. Even the part of not system opposition will go to pot.



All PR managers and propagandists who wrote their speeches and clauses for money will soon follow the way having only one terminal destination point - rubbish heap.


In this sense disintegration of so-called "Northern Brotherhood" is very symbolical. It is obvious that neither Khomyakov, nor his former colleagues/comrades/partners will ever represent the slightest degree of influential political force. The foresight likes to send signs to those who are in condition to understand them and draw correct conclusions.


Epoch of effective PR and propaganda for money went away.


As well as a brood which is washed off by water in a tray for washing of gold-bearing sand, hired PR managers will go away. There comes epoch of fair publicists and ideologists who work for idea and not for money and are able to finance themselves.


The one will win for whom money - only means and not the purpose.



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