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Why Could the Americans Need Revolution in the Russian Federation?

Why Could the Americans Need Revolution in the Russian Federation?
Каlashnikov Maxim 16.01.2009

Some bird-brain and feeble-minded comrades start accusing me in running from one camp to another camp, I was accused almost in schizophrenia. A pier, why M.K. writes that Yankee can organize in Russia pro-American "color revolution", if a present mode is obedient to their will without it, that the Russian Federation is then and there - a raw appendage? Well, it is necessary to organize educational program for scanty-minded.

I shall remind that till 2003 full pro-American puppet - Shevardnadze - was in power in Georgia. However they decided in the USA that he was not effective - and they replaced him with more effective puppet. At that using revolution. For the old puppet was not going to retire easily.

You do not want to allow similar situation also in Russia? So, the clique of Pu and Me so strongly pulled everything to itself, so inefficiently manage even raw enterprises, sometimes doesn't watch its step to such extend that it's required to be replaced with more effective - from the point of view of Washington - team. Whether it is not enough that: if, God forbid, Pu and Me would ditch RF, Chinese will snip off the Far East and Eastern Siberia - the thing which is not profitable to Yankee. While new authority brought about to a throne by efforts of transatlantic guys will invite the USA to establish a chain of bases across Amur and in Primorski Krai. At the same time it will transfer "Gazprom" for debts directly into the hands of the American corporations. Pu and Me will not agree on it. They will not be subordinated to requirements of Washington to retire from their posts. It means they should be changed with the help of color revolution. Conditions for it in the Russian Federation grow like a house on fire. If the Russian Federation is pregnant with revolution, it's an idea made in heaven that the winners of the USSR in cold war should head the process and to control it. If electorate in the Russian Federation got tired of Pu and Me, it is logical to replace them by new puppets. So that really Russian governors will not come to power.


Certainly, the USA could not to change present three-color clique - if they will consider its existence still favourable. However there are serious bases to believe that it becomes less and less favourable to them. Other factors will also interfere.

The USA successfully sculptured cardboard, sham "Empire of Evil - 2" from the Russian Federation. They did not prevent actions of Moscow in Georgia and even pushed it to them, seriously not protecting Tbilisi (as the USA defend true allies - see example of the Arabian-Israeli war of 1973).
Existence of such convenient, toy "Empire of Evil" with a white - blue - red cloth on a flagstaff is favourable to them. Firstly, it justifies military charges of the Pentagon. Secondly, it pushes Europe into the American embraces. Thirdly, it eliminates many obstacles for expansion of NATO. Such "Empire of Evil - 2" for Washington is completely safe in practice. It - with low level of technologies, raw, totally thievish (and consequently cannot offer attractive model of development even to neighbours). It's bureaucratic and impassable for innovations, it loses military-industrial potential (lagging behind even from the Soviet level of 1987), its weapon turns to idle stuff - even "the newest samples". Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation already wants to buy import.


But it may be so that Washington will need to distract attention of electorate and world inhabitant from heavy problems of the States. Crisis there develops very quickly. It means, it is required to organize impressing show "New Celebration of Democracy and Victory over Empire of Evil". It means - to organize revolution in the Russian Federation. Naturally, with skilful financial injections from abroad - and promotion of necessary political figures. With use of intellectually and organizationally bat-eyed Russian opposition. Well, at least with the use of the same skin head monkeys. It is possible - as a last resort - to organize new 1991. If they in the USA will consider that it is time to place Eurasia under control of the Balkans. They have forces to take nuclear arsenal of the RF under control and at the same time to take under protectorate Siberia and the Far East. All the same it is necessary to block possible expansion of China on the north...


It is necessary to take into account that the USA don't have direct control over present three-color clique. The Americans do not pay salary to it as they do it in case with Saakashivili. The Russian Federation does not receive the American financial help: the USA themselves need crediting from abroad. So, they supervise three-color mongrels in the Kremlin not directly but reflectively.
That is, the American hierarches don't meet directly in the Oval Office (in the main synagogue of New York, in the main Masonic temple of Washington - underline necessary) and do not send written instructions to Moscow. Do this and that and to such term. No, they in the USA simply use passionate aspiration of the Russian kleptocracy to get into the global elite. That's why control over such "three-color aristocracy" is possible through transmission to it of necessary theories and points of view, through publication of different type of forecasts and opinions of the western experts, through hints of the first persons of the West. The same way they played trick with Hussein in 1990, having hinted at ostensibly non-interference of the USA in case of capture of Kuwait by Iraq - example is axiomatic.
The same thing determines also that to replace authority in Moscow the USA probably could only with the help of controlled revolution.

It is a pity I have to spoon-feed so obvious things. Alas, М.К. belongs to intellectuals generated by education system of the USSR. It gave us dialectic and system thinking, excellent set of base knowledge, skill to see universal picture, to view possible development of scripts of succession of events. While we have to deal now with intellectual cripples: people generated already in the RF. Education they have - the lowest of the low, thinking - flat and invariant, in their heads - scraps and Russian salad. Logic - none. Simple circuits and stamps dominate. If you called oneself the fascist - you should hate by all means all Soviet and to spend all forces not for struggle against mode but on fighting with red. (Return variant - orthodox "komi"), etc. Breeding of a race of fools was carried out successfully in the Russian Federation and it is difficult for us to work with it. We, Soviet - a supreme race, we are natives not from the primitive raw Russian Federation but from an advanced scientific - technocratic civilization.

Before to start accusing me in schizophrenia and running from one camp to another, think: may be you don't have enough brain? May be you should first of all to learn to think volumetrically, not plainly - primitively? Remember: against us is - the enemy become skilled in combinational game.
I remain the supporter of revolution but not the one controlled from abroad, of a native, Russian one. Why should I change Pu and Me for new pro-Western puppet? I remain the adherent of the true revolution - both deeply national and futuristic-socialist.



From editorial board: It is thought that Maxim Kalashnikov makes a mistake in a style of modern thinkers who as though have forgotten what they have been taught in the Soviet high schools - that revolution is an objective process, "to control" it is as easily and simply, as forest fire or flooding. It is especially convenient to control revolution in Russia sitting in Washington. In due time it was the same way "controlled" from Berlin, London, etc.


By virtue of that any attempts of external forces "to affect" revolutionary process are remarkable help for revolutionaries. If stories about sponsoring of the Russian revolution of 1917 by the German Joint Staff are true, it's necessary to erect a monument to Kaiser Wilhelm and his generals on Revolution Square. Who, by the way, were not capable to use the fruits of the Russian revolution as their own mode failed one year later.


To tell you the truth, if there are no objective reasons for revolution, any export of revolution is empty and even harmful business. Che Guevara and many other revolutionaries paid with life for illusions that revolution can be exported.


In the Soviet high schools people also studied laws of revolutionary process which though reminded forest fire but "burned" strictly by certain rules. And bourgeois revolution of February, 1917 should have taken place before proletarian revolution of October of the same year, to skip through this stage was impossible. Precisely just as Yeltsin failed to establish in Russia presidential dictatorship a la 1993 year which naturally degenerated into principate with consecutive assignment of "successors" without liberal, especially republican revolution of August, 1991. In accuracy for the same reason why captain Bonaparte would never become emperor of France without 1793, without Thermidor, Directories and so on.


By virtue of it, no holesome revolution of which Maxim Kalashnikov sincerely dreams, will take place in one stage with subsequent establishment of general good fortune under any circumstances. Revolution will develop on the same laws, as any other revolution. With liberal start and all subsequent stages which should be passed. Unfortunately, an opportunity of "revolutions from the top-down" is hopelessly missed by the mode, certainly, meaningly. All of them still hope that difficult times will pass and everything will again be "as at grandfather". It's also natural - some kind of 1916. Even Rasputin turned up. Everything very "national", up to a beard.


As well as any revolution, it ripens exclusively on certain ground. Only not to perceive this "ground" literally, with church banner-bearers, cabbage soup in beard and obligatory "spiritual leadership" of some feeble, crazy on "the Russian question". Revolution is always a turn to progress and not to stereotypes of mythical Middle Ages. Futuristic is absolutely exact definition but wing-in-grounds, Tatlin's towers, space flights and controlled thermo-poison will be later. For now, for a full due - dirt, sweat, blood and other charms of the process of transformation of society.

Аnatoly Baranov


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