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Putin's Report On "His Work"

Putin's Report On "His Work"
Boris Sokolov 13.04.2009

Putin reported to the Duma and people of Russia on the work done by his government and him personally for last year. He sang praises to president Medvedev and Minister of Defence Serdjukov for a victory in the conflict with Georgia. Thus he held back that during events in South Ossetia he was in Beijing at Olympic Games opening, commander-in-chief Medvedev had rest and they had been searching for "field marshal Taburetkin", that is Serdjukov, within 8 hours. Control over armies was lost as under instructions of "Minister of Defence" Main Operations Directorate (MOD) and Main Operation Strategic Department (MOSD) of Ministry of Defence were kicked out from their offices and moved to a new place. At that communication on the old place was switched off, while on the new - hadn't been switched on yet.

The fact that communication with armies was established thpugh personal mobile phones of officers of the Joint Staff was a shame for the president, the government of Russia and Minister of Defence Serdjukov, control over operation at first "stage" was carried out also by mobile phones. Contrary to our "great" commanders Medvedev, Putin and Serdjukov operation was successful. But what inhuman efforts of simple soldiers and officers were spent?

The fact that almost half of combat material went out of operation at once after leaving places of constant disposition, a part on the way to the battle field, other already in Tshinvale speaks about the real attitude of the present authorities to the army. Other, not less scandalous thing - attitude of the Russian authorities to participants of operations. Several hundreds soldiers of regular soldiers (who should not be on this war at all) were not paid under a pretext that they could not be sent there, which means that they were not there. Putin sang praises to the Russian management and himself personally taking the credit for the government struggle against financial and economic crisis. However statements of such "experts" in crises as Medvedev, Putin, Kudrin, Chubays, Gryzlov and so forth came into mind at once, in which already in the end of last year they affirmed that crisis wouldn't touch Russia, it would avoid it, etc. It turned out that it didn't went aside, what a surprise for these "wise apples".

I consider that real result of Putin's activity as the president and the chairman of the government are:

1. Collapse of industry, agriculture, science, education and health services.

2. Practically utter annihilation of the Russian army, destruction of its fighting capacity by constant reforms, unreasoned reductions, reequipment, etc.

3. Losing of all sovereign grounds of Russia to please the USA and NATO including:

a) Lobbying by Putin of agreements with alliance according to which armies of this block (first of the USA) can stay in our territory together with arms and combat material and to enjoy the right of exterritoriality;

b) Nonresistance and even approval of creation of bases of the USA and NATO in territory of the former Soviet republics. "De jure" the Soviet Union exists, while "de facto" Russia is assignee of the USSR;

c) Performance of the safety of all agreements with the USA and NATO harmfully and at the same time - their constant infringements by opposite side.

This list can be continued endlessly.

4. Treachery of national interests of Russia by its management and personally by Putin:

a) Transfer personally by Putin without referendum and even coordination with pocket Duma of disputable territories to China;

b) Preparation of South Kuril islands to Japan for sale;

c) Personal Putin's treachery of pro-Russian Adzharia and its management under the pretext of "adjustment" of relations with Georgia. Result: the weapon which was used in fighting in South Ossetia travelled through the capital of Adzharia port Batumi. Basic part of milliard military help of the USA and other countries of NATO arrives through this port;

d) Antinational policy of the president and the chairman of the government Putin expressed in huge rupture between incomes of oligarchs, other rich men, thieves-officials and population of the great bulk. Pensions and salaries of the majority of people are enough only for fee of housing and communal services and half-starved existence. Authority makes nothing in this direction. The state renders help during crisis to the oligarchical capital and its banks.

e) Keeping out of the majority of Chernobyl cleanup veterans, military pensioners, participants of wars and military conflicts of the deserved privileges.

Direct criminal infringement of civil rights and freedom of veterans of wars and military service expressed in gratitious arrests on Pushkin Square of 25 members of the International Union of Soviet Officers named after Hero of Soviet Union admiral Hovrin N.I., trials over them are being proceed till now. On December, 14th, 2008 special division of OMON "Zubr" under the order of Putin and Medvedev showed true attitude to army and its veterans. After all among arrested on Pushkin Square people were: participant of the Great Patriotic War and former juvenile prisoner of fascist concentration camps lieutenant general Fomin A.G.; participant of the Afghani war during the period from November, 1988 till February, 1989 who had successful negotiations with well-known field commander Ahmad Shah Masud about safe withdrawal of Soviet troops from Afghanistan captain of I rank Eremenko B.F.; a boy who helped to Bryansk guerrillas captain of III rank Grabarev A.E.

e) Renewal of cooperation with NATO after South Ossetia conflict, despite of constant infringements by this militaristic block of all previous agreements including "non expansion" to the East.

Analyzing all aforesaid it is possible to come to following conclusions:

1. To name policy of Putin who betrayed in due time the Soviet military and Party oath as treacherous in relation to Russia and its people.

2. To name present system and policy of the country leaders illegitimate and dangerous for the future of the Russian power.

3. Only restoration of socialist system, building up of socialism and communism can rescue Russia, provide its anticrisis development and survival in present conditions.

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