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America Will Declare “Cold War” to Putin’s Pursues

America Will Declare “Cold War” to Putin’s Pursues

The republican senator John McCain in interview to CNN called US authorities to fundamental revaluation of relations with Russia. "No more reloading. We won't ask Putin to carry out more flexible policy any more, it is necessary to treat him as he is," — senator emphasized. Thus McCain specified that revision of relations won't obligatory lead to new "cold war".

Besides, senator urged the USA to strike out at the Russian export of oil in response to actions in the Crimea. "Russia — is gas station masking under the country. It is kleptocracy, it is corruption. It is a nation which actually depends only on oil and gas," — senator is sure.

McCain again declared necessity to offer Ukraine the program of military help and also to develop systems of antimissile defense in Poland and the Czech Republic.

- Certainly, McCain doesn't represent opinion of the American administration, - the editor-in-chief of FORUM.msk Anatoly Baranov explains. – He is republican in general, that is political opponent of democratic administration of Obama. But it is necessary to understand that the American elite is much more consolidated, than the Russian or, say, the Ukrainian one. That is for external position the oppositionist McCain can be closer to position of administration, that, say, the oppositionist Kasyanov to position of the Kremlin. In fact, statements of "hawk" McCain serve to test situation, finding out what of his hypertrophied ideas can appear tomorrow official policy of Washington. McCain is pure representative of elite, his father commanded forces in Vietnam when his son, then the lieutenant of the Air Force, was taken prisoner and became hero. Thousands of Americans were taken prisoner, but McCain became hero of TV show and entered policy as the war hero in which he, in fact, almost didn't participate, he was imprisoned almost after the first combat flight. It’s essential remark as McCain is far not casual being in the American foreign policy.

The former ambassador of the USA in Moscow Michael MсFaul considers that relations of the USA and Russia enter new stage reminding times of "cold war". "Ideological fight between authoritarianism and democracy revives. Protection of the European countries from the Russian aggression has again paramount value," — McFaul wrote in Facebook. According to the diplomat, support of the vulnerable states, including first of all Ukraine has to become a priority of the USA and their European allies". Besides, MсFaul pointed to possible politicization of business between the Russian and western companies.

- As we see, respectful functionary of Democratic Party in softer form says the same with McCain things, - Anatoly Baranov notes. – Politicization of business, support of vulnerable states and new reminder about "cold war". Though would seem what threat to the European countries can come from the part of Russia? By the way, McFaul, being not so clever, as it became clear, declared that "many Russians haven't been connected with the government, will also feel effect of isolation on them". The matter is that in times of "cold war" the Soviet people felt only escalating needs and their satisfaction. During that historical period the Soviet people lived better, than ever before and after. What Russians MсFaul predicts decrease in level and quality of life? It is necessary to understand that he is talking about elite layers, whose super-european consumption level threatens to turn into usual, Soviet one, let it even be with nomenclature surplus. I think, the hint is understood, the USA consciously formed leading layer of the Russians as comprador and corrupted, it is the most serious tool of pressure on the Russian external and internal policy. Even if Putin will suddenly personally "get rid" and decide to pass from "Bavarian" beer to "Zhigulevskoe", in principle, he will be strangled by own servants – abramoviches, naryshkins, vekselbergs and other. It’s been tested now, what "the best people" of Russia could sacrifice for the sake of interests of Russia. I suspect that they would sacrifice "dear Russians", but not, probably, opportunity to have rest on Cote d’Azur...

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