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America Thinks of Arming Ukraine. What for?

America Thinks of Arming Ukraine. What for?
Baranov Anatoly 16.04.2014

The American republican senator John McCain who arrived with visit to Tallinn on Monday considers that the USA have to arm Ukraine that it could will be protected from Russia. "We have to give Ukraine the weapon that it could protect itself. Now we see that Russia threatens the neighbor. It’s a regret that the USA doesn't give weapon to Ukraine," — McCain told on air of the Estonian television. According to senator, "Russia is simply a country without Ukraine, while with Ukraine it’s empire".

McCain, of course, is old senile, but sometimes what McCain has on the tip of his tongue is on the mind of administration in Washington. There’s such scarecrow in each country and even not one. We also have those who wash feet in the Indian Ocean, promise to cut off nutsacks to political opponents, to get them in the toilet and so on.

However thoughts of "the Washington regional committee" verbalized by senator-veteran (by the way through the pro-Kremlin mass media that makes one think) somehow strongly disperse from the words of same "regional committee" –say, let's live in peace and friendship and not to whip up tension in Ukraine. If arms deliveries, let them be in words now, don’t mean "to whip up tension"?

Besides there’s a lot of weapon of own production in Ukraine. According to results of researches of Stockholm International Peace Research Institute, volumes of the Ukrainian export of weapon and military equipment in 2011 made about 484 million dollars. Respectively, Ukraine appeared on the 12th place among world exporters of weapon and military equipment.

According to the decree of the President V. Yanukovych, they created in 2011 in Ukraine concern “Ukroboronprom” which structure united 7 state enterprises engaged in production of arms and military equipment. Among them are "Ukrspetsexport", "Ukrinmash", "Ukroboronservice", "Spetstekhnoservice", specialized firm "Progress", "Promoboronexport".

According to the data sounded by the management of the state company "Ukrspetsexport", its income together with subsidiaries from export-import transactions in 2011 made about 1 billion dollars. For the next five years portfolio of orders of "Ukrspetsexport" is estimated for the sum more than 5 billion dollars. According to the director general of the company, last year Ukraine exported weapon to 62 states of the world.

It is interesting to estimate the Ukrainian military export being guided by data of Research Service of the Congress of the USA which published on August, 24 new annual analytical report on deliveries of conventional arms to developing countries (Conventional Arms Transfers to Developing Nations, 2004–2011). This document is for the American legislators official unclassified analytical database created on the basis of information of the government of the United States about transfer of defense products to the third world by leading exporters.

It follows from the report that Ukraine is still among ten largest world exporters of defense products. In particular, Ukraine was in 2004-2007 on the tenth place on the volume of agreements on delivery of arms to the developing countries (1,6 billion dollars) and in the last four-year cycle (2008-2011) it shared the seventh and eighth places with Israel (4 billion dollars). For last four years it has ahead the following states: the USA (112,987 billion dollars), Russia (31,1 billion dollars), France (17,3 billion dollars), China (8,1 billion dollars), Italy (5,8 billion dollars) and Germany (5,2 billion dollars).

If to consider all last eight-year period, Ukraine is on the 9th place (5,6 billion dollars). The USA (145,216 billion dollars), Russia (72,5 billion dollars), France (25,7 billion dollars), Great Britain (23,2 billion dollars), China (16,3 billion dollars), Germany (10,2 billion dollars), Israel (8,7 billion dollars), Italy (8,2 billion dollars) are ahead of it.

In 2011 Ukraine shares the sixth and seventh places with Italy (1,1 billion dollars) on the volume of signed agreements on delivery of defense products to the developing countries. The USA (56,3 billion dollars), Russia (4,1 billion dollars), France (2,7 billion dollars), China (2,1 billion dollars) and the Republic of Korea (1,5 billion dollars) were ahead.

So, whom and how is McCain going to arm? The country which is one of the world's largest producers and exporters of arms?

While it’s possible to agree with McCain's conclusion that "Russia is simply a country without Ukraine, while with Ukraine it’s empire". Though what’s poison to the Americans, is meat for the Russians. At that it is hardly a question of military threat, even having united military and industrial complex of the Russian Federation and Ukraine, it’s impossible to be ahead of the USA and furthermore all block of NATO on this indicator. While it’s quite real to press them in the market. Now the West and the East fight for these markets.

The Customs union of Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan and probably the southeast of Ukraine all the same won't be able to compete with the European Union either as the producer, or as the market. However it’s possible to do it as operator of the defense products market.

So, what does McCain offer? He suggests to crush the Ukrainian producer of defense products due to free of charge or almost free of charge import of the American and in general NATO equipment to Ukraine. The same way the Russian aviation industry in due time was crushed by gratuitous deliveries of second hand planes Boeing and Airbus, and deliveries of the Russian military planes to Eastern Europe by free receipt of second hand American fighters. By the way, such dumping deliveries weren’t made to Germany which received on arms many MiG-29 from East German, on the contrary, Bundeswehr provided certified repair and service of those planes in the Russian Federation. Including through company DASA joint with RAC MiG. After all nobody planned to keep military industrial complex of East Germany...

Cooperation of Russia with Ukraine without the Ukrainian industry, first of all military, loses any practical sense, as well as the Russian Federation isn’t interested today in either western, or the central Ukraine. Even as sales market. It is capitalism, it is new repartition of the world, it’s not humanitarian mission, if someone doesn’t understand it...

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