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Ukraine Swears That It Didn’t Sell “Satan”…

Ukraine Swears That It Didn’t Sell “Satan”…

Ukraine hasn’t responded yet to the Russian request about rumours about possible sale of technologies of ballistic missiles by Kiev. It is a question of heavy missiles RS-20 (on NATO classification SS-18 "Satan"), the most powerful intercontinental ballistic missiles in the world. On Smolenskaya Square they paid attention to messages in a number of mass media about negotiations of the Ukrainian enterprise "Yuzhmash" with representatives of some countries on sale of production technology of intercontinental ballistic missiles of heavy class R-36M2 "Voevoda" ("Satan").

"We don't receive answer to our inquiries concerning rumours that they plan to sell technology of ballistic missiles. We asked the Americans what they think about it, but they are silent," — the Foreign Minister of the Russian Federation Sergey Lavrov declared on Wednesday to journalists.

In this regard the MFA of Russia already expressed hope that Ukraine would observe its obligations and won't start undermining mode of nonproliferation.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine disproves information on negotiations with representatives of the foreign states about transfer of technologies of ballistic missiles. Such statement was made at a briefing by the head of the department of information policy of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Evgeny Perebeynos.

"Information about negotiations of management of enterprise Yuzhmash (Dnepropetrovsk) with representatives of the foreign states about sale of production technologies of intercontinental ballistic missiles allegedly held isn't true", - the diplomat declared.

"Being the member of all international modes of export control, Ukraine steadily adheres to the established obligations on nonproliferation of weapons of mass destruction and means of its delivery", - Perebeynos emphasized.


From editorial board: "Some mass media" including FORUM.msk noted that event on the 7th.

If the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine can authentically know that similar negotiations weren’t conducted? By and large such questions are in general beyond competence of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, military men, in particular, military investigation and military industrial complex are engaged in it. While the Minister of Internal Affairs of Ukraine Deshchitsa is diplomat from the third echelon of foreign policy, the press secretary, later – the first secretary of Embassy of Ukraine in Poland, from 1999 to 2001 - coordinator of the program PAUSI (the Polish-Ukrainian-American Initiative on Cooperation). If he has information that military haven’t held any negotiations? He doesn’t have access to it. He could get such info only from military men... While the last hardly had time to get acquainted with the new Minister of Defence appointed literally yesterday.

Probably therefore the reply to the request of the Ministry of the Russian Foreign arrived not in written form, in this case little degree of awareness of the Ukrainian diplomats would be obvious, but in the form of oral statement from the press secretary and you won't adjust it to the case.

There is one more problem, there is in the structure of new Ukrainian government no body which is responsible for military industrial complex and even separately for industry. So, one shouldn’t wait understanding of the situation from the new secretary of the National Security and Defense Council Parubiy who occupied high post directly from the tent on Maidan. It is clear that the country of the Third World doesn’t need military industrial complex, though it still exists and for the present it, apparently, lives own life. It doesn't live, but doesn't die as well. Moreover it acts as a basis of "Dnepropetrovsk clan" which after victory over "Donetsk clan" is on a roll. So, in conditions of the Ukrainian mess it’s quite possible that there was informal decision, without official coordination, revolution would write off everything.

There’s no one who could call to answer? Prosecutor's office which is being scared by fighters of "The Right Sector"? Security Council which has just overslept revolution and now catches tourists making the Russian spies out of them?

The problem is that today dangerous technologies in Ukraine are practically in free access, the main thing is to know where they are. The government evidently doesn't know it. While there are quirky people except the government... It was during the time of Tymoshenko's cabinet when they talked that Ukraine needed just few months to create own nuclear weapon. We don’t talk about delivery systems as several rockets Kh-555 got lost in due time in the territory of Ukraine, so, till today it isn’t precisely known how many of them... Who knows what else lie around in "homeland granaries"?


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