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A Verdict of Guilty to Edward Ulman Was Predetermined

A Verdict of Guilty to Edward Ulman Was Predetermined

According to mass-media, the deputy of the State Duma Dmitry Rogozin declared that Edward Ulman, Vladimir Voevodin and Alexander Kalagansky who didn't come to court for two times and after that issued arrest warrant could be kidnapped or killed. Interfax informs abouyt it.

"The matter is that defendants of Ulman's group were found and taken out to the territory of the Chechen Republic. The version that three defendants on Ulman's case disappeared is favourable to everybody - both to the victims as acknowledgement of a verdict of guilty and to court which has the right to pass a sentence in absence also to senior Ulman's command," - Rogozin announced to the information agencies.

Dmitry Rogozin sent telegrams to the heads of law enforcement bodies and special services in which he asked them "to carry out an inquiry on the fact of disappearance of defendants and also to inspect inhabited and uninhabited premises of relatives and victims where Ulman and other can be kept".

As it is known, last week the North-Caucasian military district court issued Ulman, Vojvodin and Kalagansky, who didn't come to the court for two times, federal arrest warrant.

Court order noticed that there appeared reasons to change the level of restrictions for the defendants who didn't come to the hearings from recognizance not to leave to imprisonment. For Alexey Perelevsky who is also a target of investigation but was present in the court the preventive punishment remains the same.

The lawyer of the defendants Roman Krzhechkovsky declared intention to appeal against the decision of court as it, in opinion of the lawyer, was accepted with infringement of the legislation

Earlier press informed in details about Ulman's case. Four accused are the targets of investigation - captain Ulman, captain Kalagansky, warrant officer Voevodin and major Perelevsky. They are accused in murder of six peaceful citizens of the Chechen Republic.

According to the version of charge, in January, 2001 Ulman's group went to the settlement Daj Shatojsk aiming to capture sharif Khattab. Having seen on the road car UAZ which didn't stop on demand, Ulman give an order on defeat of a motor vehicle.

The party of charge blamed Ulman's group, in particular, that fire had as the target not the wheels of the car but directly on defeat of people who were there.

Owing to bombardment one of the passengers of the car - principal Said Alashanov was killed. Five more passengers of the car were taken out from the car.

Then, according to the charge-sheet, Ulman got in touch with the senior of operative group major Alexey Perelevsky. To the question what to do with Chechens, the major answered that they should be killed. After that lieutenant Alexander Kalagansky and warrant officer Vladimir Voevodin brought down fire on arrested persons, the charge approves.

Under UAZ with corpses of victims, under the version of consequence, was put an explosive to simulate undermining the car, however explosion didn't cause significant damages to the car and people from special forces had to burn the car.

Making comments on the situation with disappearance of Edward Ulman and his comrades political scientist Ruslan Saidov who is in Bishkek now, announced by phone:

"I called up to the Chechen Republic, made inquiries. I can confidently approve that there is no Ulman in the republic. What is the reason to kidnap him if the verdict of guilty was predetermined. According to my data, such obligation was taken before a management of the Chechen Republic in the Kremlin at the highest level".

"I think, - Saidov continued, - that Ulman being warned by someone about inevitability of a verdict of guilty decided not to push luck further and disappeared. Now he, most likely, already outside Russia in one of the countries of the former USSR".

"To tell you the truth, I, if I were him, would disappear already for a long time. However, I never killed and would not began to kill civilians even if I would receive such an order," - Ruslan Saidov said.
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