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Russia Presents the Europe the Whole Planet Venus

Russia Presents the Europe the Whole Planet Venus
Buslaev Artem 20.11.2007

Materials of a session of AEROSAT Council RAS which took place in the end of May are placed on a site of Institute of Space Researches of the Russian Academy of Sciences. Among discussed questions are - the Russian-European project of researches of Venus European Venus Explorer (EVE). Among other following details are informed about this project:


"Start: booster "Souz-2-1B" with upper-stage rocket "Frigate" from launching area Kuru.

Cost of the start will be shared fifty-fifty between Russia and ESA

The Russian lander

- Total weight at entry into atmosphere 170kg

- Weight of scientific equipment 25 kg

- Time of entry into atmosphere ~ 65 min

- Time of life on a surfaces 15-30 min

The Russian contribution to program EVE

- Lander - the European laboratories participate in the equipage with devices of the lander

- Devices and participation in the equipage with devices of the European balloon probe and satellite

- Development and manufacture of a system of entry and braking for balloon probe (on commercial basis)".


Don't you find anything strange here? It is known that our country has the unique experience of researches of Venus - 18 stations (16 stations "Venus" plus two units of "Vega"). Therefore it would be logical, if these Soviet results will be used as a source of kind of income for you know what enterprise which produced devices for launching to Venus and continue producing of already mentioned upper-stage rockets "Frigate". But instead of that, Russia is being made not the object of profit but the object of expenses.


But these are not all oddities. Further in the text we meet a mention of the Russian project "Venus-D" which was included in the Federal space program of the Russian Federation for the period till 2015. We shall remind, that the chapter of Roskosmos Anatoly Perminov himself in the interview after acceptance of the program told that it's the most modest variant and in the subsequent publications it was offered to include the program in more perspective projects as "inertial variant". However, they refuse even from such modest projects. Instead of the launch of independent Russian station "Venus-D" it is supposed to unite it with European project. "Uniting of the efforts of Russian and the Europe in the mutual project EVE allows to raise the level of researches at reduction of the expenditures of the sides", - is stated in the publication.


Does it remind you something? Yes, you are quite right, in the same way propaganda maintenance of flooding of orbital station "Mir" under direction of the chapter of Risaviakosmos of that time J.Koptev was carried out. First all the contracts on construction of International Space Station (ISS) were made in such a manner that Russia did not receive any profit for a huge experience of construction it had and exploitation of orbital stations and, on the contrary, it was compelled to invest construction of ISS together with the USA and others. Then the stream of custom-made publications began - say, Russia couldn't simultaneously support two orbital stations, therefore station "Mir" should be heated. Now in the same way they are trying to stop just started to appear chances of revival of domestic interplanetary astronautics. Roscosmos should protect more consistently advanced rate on achievement of the leading role of the Russian astronautics. International cooperation is necessary not for expenses but to receive profit. While to spend - not on "joint" but on independent projects which will provide incomes of the corresponding enterprises and well-being of the population of cities located nearby. So that this protection appears to be effective - to back on population of those cities where these enterprises are situated.


In the same materials of AEROSAT Council of RAS is spoken that till June, 29th of this year they wait for offers under projects in the program of the Russian-European cooperation (then 3 offers will be chosen for further development). Then 5 years (till 2012) follow for their study after which 5 more years - actually for a start which is planned for 2017-2018. 2017 - is, certainly, a good date but as you saw from the article "What Will Be in 2008" we can't wait so long. That's why it's suggested to reduce 2-years term of project selection and to take only one project beforehand as the bases - "the Soviet Cosmic Telescope" which will allow both - to carry out loading of the enterprises at maximum and to satisfy patriotic-American feelings of people.


P.S. And so that you, comrades, understand the importance of a question and realize to what extend everything deserted, I shall result to you one more citation from presentation of the "Russian-European" project: "What is the reason to fly to Venus after so many years of researches?... Next mission on research of Venus will strengthen the leading role of the Europe in this area".


 Well, certainly. The Europe, it turns out, has the leading role in development of Venus. And the USA - the leading role in a victory in the World War II...


To continue a theme:


Missions "Venus-D" and EVE can be united

October, 4th, 2007


The Russian mission "Venus-D" included in the Federal space program of the Russian Federation of 2006-2015 can be combined with the European program of research of Venus European Venus Explorer. This project has been presented to the European space agency and has successfully passed the first stage of selection.


The Russian side has also presented for the project a system of entry and launch to an atmosphere for the launching module and aerostat. As mission will be joint, an exchange of places for accommodation of scientific equipment will take place in all its segments. Japanese low-flying aerostats could be included in the structure of mission. This device unlike similar European probe will work in under-cloud zone at the height of about 35 km where atmosphere has high temperature and pressure also reaches high level, RIA "News" informs with reference to international forum "Cosmos: Science and Problems of XXI Centure".
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