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Here Came PiJieJi Animal

Here Came PiJieJi Animal
Кalashnikov Маxim 20.09.2008

The mode of three-coloured monsters cast the Russian Federation into system crisis. Problems with liquidity of the banks - just flowers!

New cold war of the Russians with the West began - at that because of quite objective reasons. We predicted and wished it long time ago.

However the mode of white - blue-red macaques had already put the Russian Federation in the most complicated position - threw the Russian Federation into the heavy crisis. Not simply economic but system one. This crisis will capture the Russian Federation and Ukraine, Belarus and all postSoviet space. Macaques did everything to lose ХВ-2 for economic reasons.

Prepare: we are being covered with true tsunami. Most likely, incompetent and irresolute prime-minister Putin will not cope with mountain of problems which, as a matter of fact, he generated by criminal inaction in the rank of president of the RF during 2000-2008. In the given situation the fault can't be laid on Yeltsin - he did it himself. But I don't care the destiny of the third-rate chekist. What will be with Fatherland and with us? What should we do?


Already at the end of December, 2007 we with friends organized some kind of small brain storm where we came to a conclusion: economy of the Russian Federation hung by a thread. The main reason of possible failure: absence of the sovereign bank system in the Russian Federation. That is, it is so weak and bastard that it cannot give big credits to domestic corporations and enterprises. In bank sense the Russian Federation - a colony: in fact its banks, corporations and enterprises are compelled to get big and "long" loans in the West. As soon as crisis of liquidity began in the countries of the Coming Sun, it automatically led to a collapse of the Russian (Ukrainian, Kazakhstan, etc.) economy. In fact now it is impossible to get big credit, it is impossible to borrow something to pay off under earlier taken loans.

Our forecast, alas, was justified: in September - 2008 crisis of bank liquidity took place in the RF, manufacture began to choke without loans. And it - only the beginning of crisis. The country started moving to new devaluation straightforward. You can add administrative default (there are no normal managers) to it, default with qualified personnel of workers and engineers, demographic default, power, food, etc. Most likely, the most bitter and terrible will become years 2012-2014.

Having got involved in new cold war with the West the Kremlin white - blue - red macaques (in this case - of no longer Yeltsin's but Petersburg sample) rushed to fight without national bank system, with bitten industry, with split and sick society, at monstrous even in comparison with the Soviet time food dependence on abroad. They did it having no distinct and precise plan of development of the country ("Putin's plan" is a set of ultraliberal inconcrete delirium), without plan of new industrialization of the country and its technological breakthrough, without formed NIS - national innovative system. With monstrous corruption in the state apparatus and large corporations. With rotten and sickening Russia "pop - culture". Well and, certainly, with disorganized army (that was brightly shown by war with Georgia) and degrading military and industrial complex. To enter ХВ-2 in such conditions - is all the same that go on war without rifles, patrons, without stocks of ammunition and provisions. How will such cold war - 2 end? You are right: defeat and much heavier, than in 1991.

One more of our forecasts is being justified: worthless and corrupted clique of Petersburg Sobchak-followers and former chekists, having accepted the Russian Federation after accident of 1998 successfully led federation to a new crash. Meanwhile we are staying safe because the West itself - is in crisis and also sinks. But it will try to make so that the Russians go to bottom faster than it and thus will try to push away from our head to try to emerge. The fact that other postSoviet countries will enter crisis at the same time (and because of the same reasons) will not help a lot cut off Russia.

Meanness, incompetence, laziness and larceny of ruling nowadays are obvious. Whether you, white - blue - red shits, did not understand in 2000-2008 that yours fucking predecessors, having ruined the USSR, made primitive - raw economy of the Russian Federation dependent part of the western economic system? That thus you automatically doom the Russian Federation to the hardest crisis in case of problems in economy of the USA and Europe? That the destiny of the RF hangs on a conjuncture of prices for energy carriers? You, all time chatting about prospects of continuous growth of the Russian economy for a half century forward, it turns out didn't know simple thing known to each Soviet schoolboy: that the market economy is subjected to cyclic crises and recessions? My God, what turds are at the head of the state! They even didn't try on a paper to create the model of development alternative to completely gone bankrupt ultraliberal western model. All the time of his board Putin led the country same way of colonial - monetarist Gaydar - Chubays's rate. Well, here you are the results.

To overcome coming crisis all these slugs, gryzlovs, putins and medvedevs are not capable.


Our "stabilizers" could at least use billions arriving to the state for formation of a system of the state superbanks - institutes of development of the Russian economy. By today they could concentrate up to one billion dollars, having completely released the Russian Federation from the western financial servitude. Well, on the contrary - Petersburg macaques obediently carried out the order from Washington: to pump out "superfluous money" and invest them into securities of the USA, to finance America. Everything that the Russians received from oil boom went on support of the United States, on financing of their budget and corporations.

So, during Putin's board cumulative debts of the Russian Federation grew many times. Foreign debts of banks of Belovezhskaya Russia for the period from 2006 up to the end of the first quarter of 2008 grew more than five times: from 31 up to 171 billion dollars. At the same time, state companies of the RF inflated external debt from 21,5 billion dollars in 2000 up to 295 billion to the end of the first quarter of 2008. That is, almost in 14 times. Add here approximately 130 billion of the "old" external debt which remained from Yeltsin - and you receive huge figure - about 600 billion dollars. Exactly the same sum was made at the end of the first quarter of 2008 by official financial reserves of the RF. Even if to consider that financial granaries of Moscow make in reality not less than one billion dollars, all the same it turns out that at bad turn of events the majority of the Russian money - goo-goo! - will be withdrawn by the West to pay off the debts. White - blue - red "democrats" of a Petersburg sample managed almost to quadruple external debt of the Russian Federation since 1998.

Now let's imagine such a picture: economic crisis starts in the West, selling of the Chinese goods is reduced. Cumulative world demand for oil instantly falls. The prices for it as before 1998 dive downwards. The Russian Federation turns into bankrupt, its budget becomes scarce, foreign investors feverishly deduce from it their means. Rouble devaluates wildly, inflation rages. Farther - bank crisis, crisis of non-return of external debts, destruction of financial reserves of the country, monstrous slump in production and unemployment.

All these at the fact that there was already precedent of surge in the world prices: in 1981-1986 they decreased thrice.

«... Unfortunately, even now management of the state actives and obligations leaves much to be desired. External debt is paid off by the state, however, there appeared problems of other sort. Billions dollars are being lost annuallybecause of inflationary and course depreciation of huge financial actives. It seems that nobody thought about their security from credit risks of the "first class" borrowers like hypothecary giants Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. Escalating of corporative debts, including the largest Russian state companies... led to partial transformation of external risks of raw sectors into financial risks of the state, having aggravated the problem of low diversification of economy... »

It was written by known liberal reformer Andrey Vavilov in his article "Pat and Thoughts" ("Profile", September, 1, 2008). If to speak clear language, these financial managers of the government of the Russian Federation (Kudrin and Co) idiotically invested money of the country to the American securities of doubtful cost, frequently - into the papers of corporations - bankrupts. Moreover, they indirectly invested money in raw corporations, making without it raw, one-sided economy of the RF even more raw!

The crime of Putin's cliques is that the chance to achieve financial independence of the Russian Federation turned out to be completely missed. Its crime is that financial and economic block of the government of the Russian Federation all those years was headed by frank enemies of people, wreckers, pro-Western elements and frank market sectarians - morons. Actually, Putin entrusted finance of the country to practically same monsters that had already led the Russian Federation to financial collapse of 1998. Yes, there was no Kokh, Dubinin, Kirienko there - but there was Ignatyev, Shuvalov, ineradicable Chubays (one of the fathers of the system of T-Bills), market moron Kudrin and Uljukaev.

Here, you are, PiJieJi animal came. Let's welcome!


I think that opposition should cease slinging mud each other and efficiently use the days November, 4-7, 2008. It is necessary to go on streets with a set of precise requirements to authority. What could they be like?

  • 1. Resignation of the financial block of the government headed by Kudrin.
  • 2. Resignation of the chapter of Central Bank of Russia Ignatyev.
  • 3. Submission of Central Bank of Russia to the government of the country.
  • 4. Creation of RFC - Reconstruction Financial Corporation.
  • 5. Formation of new special service (we have already described it in the article "Chekists of the Fifth Empire") and beginning of confiscation of criminal capitals of bigwigs of Yeltsin's and Putin's modes for the sake of filling of the capital of RFC and financial reserves of the country.
  • 6. Calling of the National Council for creation of the distinct plan of development of the Russian Federation and imposition of the first five-year plan of development with a set of true national projects.
  • 7. Formation of the Government of national rescue.
  • 8. Urgent start of national projects on formation of sovereign bank system and NIS of the Russian Federation.
  • 9. Creation of SICNE - Supreme Innovative Council of National Economy.
  • 10. Creation of NPS - National Personnel system.
  • 11. Urgent solving of the problem of debts of the Russian Federation. Moscow should offer the western creditors a new payroll schema of debts of the state and corporations. So, in payment Westerners should accept from us bonds of exchequer of the USA, bonds of the American corporations. By a principle: "We owe to you, the USA - the Russians. So, we concede you the American debts".
  • 12. Use of the profit of Central Bank of Russia, proficiency of the budget of the Russian Federation and capital of RFC only on industrial - infrastructural projects of development.
  • 13. For the sake of struggle against inflation at escalating charges of the state - introduction of institute of "industrial money" such as Mefo bills of the Hitlerite financier Schacht and such as Soviet "non-cash - industrial money". This money cannot be transformed into cash, cannot be converted into foreign currency and are not transferred abroad.

While it's not late, it is necessary to put pressure on authority. For, being left to its one devices, it will lead us to a new national catastrophe.

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