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Even Having Fallen into Crisis, Rulling System of the Russian Federation Will Continue Making Harm to Belarus

Even Having Fallen into Crisis, Rulling System of the Russian Federation Will Continue Making Harm to Belarus
Кalashnikov Maxim 02.09.2013


About Batka's blow to potash group and the conflict of models: national state and colonial system

Lukashenko attacked Kerimov's potash group. Well done! I won't start crying "They beat ours!" giving way to "post-Soviet state patriotism". Baumgertners, kerimovs and nesis are not like me. In this conflict I take Batka's side: of the leader of the West Russian (Belarusian) state following national interests. He punishes those who acted against the Russian national interests.

Conflict not simply of persons, but collision of two systems is before us. Antinational and national systems.

Beat them, Lukashenko!


The outline of the events is known. From 2005 potash group of the Russian Federation ("Uralkali", "Sylvinit" under control of Kerimov, Nesis and Galchev) acted in the world market in cartel with the state "Belaruskali". "Belarusian Kalium Company" was created in 2005 not to break the world market and to hold high prices for it. (After the death of the USSR there was cartel "International Kalium Company"). But the Russian oligarchs decided to buy "Belaruskali". Oligarch Kerimov wanted to do it for several years. After all this company is paramount for Belarus. It gives 10% of currency supply of Belarus.

So misters potash oligarchs from the Russian Federation began pulling funds from BKC to own structures, started grabbing streams of potash fertilizers that went from Belarus actually undermining republic economy (using its crisis). Purpose – to compel Lukashenko to sell "Belaruskali", having ruined it and torpedoed republic economy for a start.

Alexander Lukashenko struck back. He is not like sluggish Putin at whose face oligarchs and the highest dignitaries of the RF could make anything they like absolutely with impunity.

It is deeply natural. The conflict thievish colonialism of the Russian Federation and the Belarusian national pragmatism was inevitable.


Before ruin of the USSR "Belaruskali" and "Uralkali" and "Sylvinit" in Perm gave top-quality mineral fertilizers to the country as well as currency supply from their export. After destruction of the Union by "the lowest race" of marauders Belarus left "Belaruskali" in hands of the state and incomes from export of fertilizers (analog of petrodollars in the RF) continued to serve to the country. Minsk supported other industry, built housing and roads, supported village, carried out social programs using that supply.

There is one more moment - raw materials for receiving of magnesiumonis produced on the basis of these enterprises. Production of strategically important metal without which it is impossible to develop either metallurgy, or high technologies, or military industrial complex.

In the Russian Federation billion dollars from production of simple raw materials were given for pennies in charge of nouveau riches. They were given for Chubais's vouchers. Thanks God, there were no chubaises in Belarus…


Chubais's privatization led to that 62% of "Uralkali" appeared under control of the group headed by young and quick businessman Dmitry Rybolovlev. In 2001 he also had 27,5 percent of shares of "Sylvinit". He had it not openly - unless it's possible to be so imprudent - but through several structures. For example, D. Rybolovlev had 51 percent of JSC "Metafrax" which in its turn had in its assets 20 percent of shares of "Uralkali" and 8 percent of "Sylvinit". Other part of "potash" shares appeared in hands of other Rybolovlev's structures - bank "Credit FD", Voucher Investment Fund "Kamenny Poyas" and several more "small fishes". Part of shares of "Silvinit" later appeared in hands of "Gazprom".

As "Wikipedia" writes, in June, 2010 Rybolovlev sold control stock (53,2 %) of "Uralkali" to the companies Kaliha Finance Limited (Suleyman Kerimov, 25% of shares of the company), Aerellia Investments Limited (Alexander Nesis, 15%) and Becounioco Holdings Limited (Philaret Galchev, 13,2 %), at that the sum of the transaction was estimated in $5,32 billion. In April, 2011 remained 10% of "Uralkali" were redeemed from Rybolovlev by Alexander Nesis's structure. In September, 2010 he received actual control over the largest bank of Cyprus — Bank of Cyprus, having bought 9,7% of its shares. In 2011 he moved to Monaco where he bought control stock of football club "Monaco".

Rybolovlev is also known as the buyer of magnificent real estate.

Having gained huge income from kalium, the Russian oligarch Kerimov also started wasting enormous money on soccer.

Here you are difference of models. If in Belarus potash industry continued to serve to all people, in the Russian Federation huge income from it was appropriated by small clique of oligarchs and bureaucrats (thanks to Yeltsin and Chubais). Billion incomes from great Russian kalium either depart to the west, or enrich group of robbers. People have not a bean. In Belarus these billions go on development of the country, on support of science, on million square meters of new housing, on army and military industrial complex. Similar incomes in the Russian Federation strengthens soccer in the Principality of Monaco and allows "the Russian oligarch" Kerimov to buy negroes-kickers of balls for crazy sums. Feel difference.

Thus (I was in Perm and talked to the Soviet by that time directors of "Silvinit") extraction and production of potash fertilizers are very simple technologically. There was no sense to privatize this business and to give it to oligarchs. As well as to put production and sale of crude oil abroad to private hands.


When gone nut potash oligarchy of the Russian Federation decided to ruin Minsk and "Belaruskali", acting shamelessly, Lukashenko stroke it in the face. He is not Putin. He did everything correctly! He didn't allow a group of marauders get "Belaruskali", that its income went on Kerimov's freaks.

That is why in this case I am for Batka. Potash incomes in the Russian Federation doesn't support the national economy. I am not going to be at war for the right of oligarchy to plunder the Russians. Let Lukashenko beat them.


My good advice to Alexander Lukashenko: get prepare to secret game on the internal political field of the Russian Federation. Get prepare to crisis and destruction of the ruling group in the Russian Federation. How? I wrote a lot about it.

As activity on blasting of economy of Belarus – in potash case surely – was carried out from with the consent of the Kremlin. Even having fallen into crisis, the ruling system of the Russian Federation will continue making harm to Belarus. Therefore, Alexander Ivanovich, you should prepare for a role of the savior of the perishing Russian Federation and combiner of two territories divided in 1991 by "the lowest race" of grabbers and criminals. Z hour is getting closer. When everything ruins in the Russian Federation and distemper begins, the Belarusians would be met as saviors and liberators. The more so we and the Belaeussians are branches of the same Russian people.

From editorial board: The theme of Customs Union which actually gave for the Russian corporation possibility of unfriendly absorption in the territory of friendly states hasn't been developed here.

Belarus is a small economy (only 9 million population), in addition it's deprived of almost all types of minerals. Such economy can't develop independently, it is compelled to look for sales markets - either in the east, or in the West. Respectively it has to open own markets - not only market for goods, but also financial market and to bring fixed assets to the market. These are the rules of the game in any imperialistic association - either in the European Union, or in the Customs Union. By and large it doesn't matter who will plunder you - the Russian people or non-russian people. The Ukrainians like to be plundered by real Europeans, the Belarusians prefer the Russians.

The sense of every imperialistic association in that the strong plundered the weak. Lukashekno is good fellow as he tried to protect the national economy, but tomorrow he would deal not with Kerimov, but with Putin. They would break his resistance in any way.

If there's way out?

There's no way out in existing system of coordinates. There is only a choice of the suitable cannibal. As Maxim Kalashnikov wrote recently: "...only future revolution can change something." Though future revolution would hardly leave Lukashenko, but it will be already other story...


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