Next Phase of Ruin of the Russian Federation Stroke Simultaneously against Ufa and Kazan

Next Phase of Ruin of the Russian Federation Stroke Simultaneously against Ufa and Kazan
Sergey Gupalo 14.11.2013

A meeting or session of party eonomial ative hastily organized by the power in Ufa with participation of Putin and loyal Islamic clergy collected on the occasion not that meeting once again showed all depth of strategic helplessness of the present power.

A meeting of the head of the Russian Institute of Strategic Researches (RISR) Leonid Reshetnikov (only four years as left high post in Intelligene Servie of Russia) with representatives of local bai mode and its local Tatar national focused soiety took plae in Kazan at the same time with the event in Ufa.

Personnel decision related to the Tatar RISR branch as a result of whih replacement of pro-federal young politician Raisa Suleymanov on protégée of a local bai mode Firdus Devbash took plae became one more nail not only in a coffin of Putin’s poor federalism, but also objective accelerator of ruin of the Russian Federation.

It is natural that the meeting of the head of RISR Reshetnikov took place in walls of reformed former Kazan State University named after V.I.Ulyanov (Lenin) whih is alled nowadays derisively Kazan Federal University for the first time for all history of this institution headed not by authoritative scientist with a world name, but by the native of the newest Tatarstan economic and political elite which grew like a weed in the 90s, "new Russian" Gafurov.

It’s natural that only supporters of the regional ruling mode - from the officials to representatives of loyal representatives of the Tatar national movement - appeared invited guests of the action.

Disgraced in the opinion of the Tatarstan bais Rais Suleymanov providently didn't take part in the Kazan action, having reeived consolatory opportunity to participate in the meeting with the national leader in Ufa and probably to say the last few phrases, having apparently heard certain consolation in reply which VVP is master to make.

The head of the disgraed by bais soiety of the Russian ulture of Tatarstan Alexander Salagayev appeared uninvited guest of the Kazan action.

All attempts of Zagid Hafizov - one of the vitims of the system managed to be present on the meeting - to give to the action less state and staged in advance harater of game under the rules of the local ruling mode weren’t suessful, he had to leave premises of university empty-handed.

Actions-reactions on social explosion in Biryulevo ended, bureaucratic ticks are put. Its majesty imitation showed once again its absolute power.

Initially vicious pro-imperious message that not interclass relations, as Marxism damned by the mode teahes, but interfaith and interethnic relations is the base of strategy of the power was not softened, but got even more odious sounding in the spirit of one of metastasis of the ruling mode in Tatarstan.

Known words of the classic of Marxism that going to its political death mode falls into political cretinism are confirmed.

Ruin of the Russian Federation coming nearer at full speed can be the only result of such growing stronger political cretinism.

Elite of Tatarstan very skillfully uses the latest resonant events in Biryulevo to convert the event into new privileges. Putin’s Moscow goes in this regard on all concessions as it once did with Chechnya, having allowed local Kadyrov’s elite to establish absolutely neofeudal orders in exchange for illusive loyalty.

Probably Rais Suleymanov who after resonant ats of terrorism in July, 2012 in Kazan against top of Islamic hierarchy of Tatastan declared about existene of real threat of Islami terrorism in Tatarstan to displeasure of the Kazan Kremlin wasn't far from truth.

Islamic threat in Tatarstan seems to reede externally, no new resonane ats of terrorism happened there since July, 2012, but neofeudal orders for which Islamic terrorists have been fighting step by step are establishing in Tatarstan, let it even be with nomenclature orretions.

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