If I Did Right Thing When I Took Putin’s “Memory Stik”?

If I Did Right Thing When I Took Putin’s “Memory Stik”?
lexander Golovenko 28.12.2013

Wordsmith who eliminated meeting of the president V.Putin with domesti and foreign mass media on Deember, 19th from within hid from educated public one, in my opinion, very sensitive detail. Not most important, but disturbing me today more and more. The matter is that together with handling of a badge every accredited journalist was given out also dense paper package with inscription "2013 Press Conference of the Russian President Vladimir Putin". It ontained different written personal utenils. Notebook for records, etc. I also took it.

Only at home I saw a memory stik with the same identification words. In phone shops suh devie costs around 500-800 rubles and taking into account exclusivity of the customer about one thousand. You an alulate for yourself the total ost, if to consider that about thousand of us broke through to the onferene hall of the International shopping enter to the meeting with "politician No.1".

I was asked about buffet. Well, there was also buffet. More precisely, old table. However, contrary to expectations it was served not by pretty maidens with legs for days, but by elegant young men. That considerably reduced quality of appetite and quantity of food. Though, maybe, I am simple not modern.

But … Firstly, tea was made in the general tank, as in some catering department of times of Civil war near the station. I didn't drink suh tea for 100 years. Dear guests poured that mix from a faucet in the manner of draft beer. Exuse me, but after all it’s terrific.

Secondly, there was only baking and not all an eat it. I, for example, can’t do it. I am not an exeption. Somehow I found couple of small loafs with cheese, however, from among the elite sorts.

Though neither of us paid anything for it, it was angry. Where are fruits, salads, where is aubergine paste, black and red, where is, at last, salmon with trout which stopped being deficiency long ago? Where it is hotter?

After four-hour sitting we were given – just imagine - a mineral water in small bottles and only few plates of rolls. Many left without pains. I thought: it’s better to pay money, than to leave plae angry and hungry.

To deprive elderly editor of regional newspaper of crutches, to feed guests from all over the world with dry food and slop tea, to give the floor to "only own guys" - here you are the strokes to a portrait of armourbearers of the president Putin. Their attitude towards our brother.

I wanted to shout: It neessary to treat journalists "more better", misters organizers!", but to whom?

Proceeding from all this I think: whether I did correctly having so imprudently taken "souvenir from Putin"? All the same they will say that if I went to that "press onferene", it means I sold myself to antinational mode. They already said it. I published, for example, on December, 11 on one resource note: "I go to sit-round gathering with Putin …" and received a heap of abusive responses in reply.

These are the reasons whih induce me to think of return of memory ard with his name to dear Vladimir Vladimirovich. If I need it in general? I have enough of my own. It an’t be presented to a girlfriend, you won't come to a good institution with it, it an’t be shown in the offie.

In general, whether it will not prevent me from writing oppositional and flashing articles? After all I was given a gift and it obliges …

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