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Minus Electrification of All Country…

Minus Electrification of All Country…
Аlexander Stepanov 28.12.2013

Street light in the settlement Krivtsy of the Pudozhsky area was switched off early this week. Administration buildings remained without electricity, street light was also switched off in other 10 villages which are part of the Krivetsky rural settlement. The reason – loan debt for the consumed electric power for October-November, 2013 in the sum of 272 thousand rubles.

Deputies of village council wrote appeal to Legislative Assembly of Karelia with the description of current situation:

"Due to the power cut of street lights population, especially parents, pupils and children from kindergartens experience difficulties in the morning and evening hours on the way to preschool and educational institutions, work of paramedics in houses is complicated in the evening and during night time work, prerequisites to commission of offenses in the settlement territory can arise, lack of light in settlements creates threat of emergency situations on highways and threatens to the safety of pedestrians. On the eve of New Year 2014 power cut of street light will lead to wrecking of all planned New Year's actions for children and adults.

All appeals to Administration of the Pudozhsky municipal area on current situation didn't bring any positive results. Administration of the area refers to lack of financial means".

It became known today that they plan power cut of street light in the Shalsky rural settlement. It means seven more settlements of the Pudozhsky area will remain without street light on the New Year eve. The area will become even more similar to the pre-revolutionary Pudozhsky district meeting New Year with dry sticks and oil lamps. If we return headward?

Office parties which the Karelian power engineering specialists like to arrange to themselves look very contrastively on this background. It is enough to recollect that last year one of the companies organized festive action on December, 22 in Petrozavodsk hotel "Onego-Palas" to which they invited a singer Samantha Fox. Nobody knows the cost of this feast.

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