Darwin Museum Is Afraid to Insist on Darwinism

Darwin Museum Is Afraid to Insist on Darwinism
Grehaninov Vladimir 20.01.2014

It turned out so that once I shot a set of popular scientific programs ("Homo sapiens", etc.) about genetics, Darwinism, origin of species, etc and therefore I considered the subject closed for me. Well, unless there will appear something brand new, like special gene of Orthodoxy, ruling party or something like that found out by domestic scientists.

However, unless we an talk about something new, if recently on TV they talk only that Darwinian natural selection is supposedly old stuff and bullshit, that schools of the whole world teach now only God's creation or creationism, that the Earth is flat, wind blows because trees shake, that bullets jump aside from angels and amputated fingers grow again thanks to a prayer of people... Generally, there are a lot of things whih our is wise men have never dreamed of, though unless we have wise men today.

However, the fat that TV is oupied by idiots is not news long ago, and I also told about it many times. It’s worse that obscurantism got into schools, and today's situation reminds Russia of the 70th of the nineteenth century when head official of press M. Longinov tried to forbid edition of Darwin’s work, at that A. K. Tolstoy satirized him in his famous quatrain whih is given on the Internet inn ut form, without rough words whih are not pleasant orthodox.

Let’s return to the author of a book "About Origin of Species". Recently I phoned some respetful geneticists - participants of my old programs, and we deided to joint efforts to make program Darvinism against Creationism. On Something similar occasionally can be met on TV, but it’s censored to a fault. To make it look good it would be great to make it in some museum, for example, in Darwin, there’s suh in Moscow.

More shortly, I called the museum, sent the demand and told what we were going to shoot and why, at the same time I invited workers of the museum to participate, it’s general business after all, education against nonsense and ignorance. Strangely enough I didn't meet special enthusiasm from their side. That is I was permitted to shoot in the museum (clearly, for money! ), but they refused to participate in such "dangerous" program with such look as if I suggested them to defend drugs or something absolutely indecent.

Wildness of the situation is that I used to shoot in many known world museums where they seem it even wildish to demand money for shooting of popular scientific program, moreover coinciding with the subjet of the museum. I don't speak that entrance to the majority of these famous museums is free, unlike Darwin and other our museums.

To be honest, it’s not money that jarred me, money is ok, it’s such time and customs. I was jarred as Darwin museum obviously was frightened to support Darwinism and science against obscurantism and saerdotalism. Such educators we have now! So in vain already mentioned poet once wrote that science had not shy temper. Science now is owardish. However it’s clear, all administration is with candles on holidays, so as one shouldn’t make mistake with scientific line. Comrade Darwin now is obvious not in trend, today or tomorrow he can even appear to be the English spy.

So, I make my program without your interiors, I will manage to do it somehow and you, guys, don't suffer, rename the museum into some charitable institution named after the monk Berthold Schwartz (I. Ilf, E. Petrov), hide our ancestors with tails out of harm way, hang more icons, tell young inquisitive minds about lives of the sacred and you will be in tall otton.

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