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Ukraine under Foreign Management

Ukraine under Foreign Management

In the evening on February, 20 deputies of the Verkhovna Rada adopted resolution on termination of anti-terrorist operation and return of military men, militia men and staff of intelligence services to barracks. The deputies also forbade to block transport communications and to limit movement on the territory of Ukraine. Besides, it is reported about ban on use of weapon. It’s not specified for whom and in what circumstances this ban is valid.

236 deputies of Rada voted pro resolution. A break was declared soon after adoption of the resolution.

Earlier management of the USA demanded from the Ukrainian president Victor Yanukovych to bring security forces out of the center of Kiev and to allow opposition protest action immediately. It’s stated in the statement of the press service of the White House that protesters also had to behave peacefully. "The United States will continue work with its European allies to call guilty of violence to answer and to help the Ukrainian people to return uniform and independent Ukraine on a way to better future," — is noted in the statement.

Washington also urged the Ukrainian army to refrain from intervention into the conflict which should be resolved with political methods.

Meanwhile, according to different data, there are already from 65 to 100 killed, the Ministry of Health calls figure in 75. In total 571 victims asked for medical care, 363 from them are hospitalized. If it’s possible to return to “peaceful protest” at such statistics? To recover the dead?

Already armed opposition took place today in Kiev. According to different data, more than 400 thousand “barrels” are now in the Ukrainian capital, most of them are hunting weapons, but they are quite suitable for murder. There’s a large number of the sawed off guns and ammunition in the western Ukraine and all these also moves to Kiev. Whether the president and the Supreme Commander have the right to bring armed forces out of the center of capital in such situation? Besides how the head of sovereign for the present state has to react to similar ultimatums?

As we see, the Supreme Commander climbed under a table and transferred all reins to parliament... The parliament, as we see …

They prepares cell for Yanukovych in Hague. As madam Ashton said, all responsibility always lies on authorities in power, even if the power is already absolutely invalid.

Well, enough about Yanukovych... What do they prepare for Ukraine?

By and large, statements of the western future owners of Ukraine had one purpose - "to jawbone...", that is to avoid direct violence, having convinced the raped that it "won’t be painful".

Mantras of leaders of the European Union that solution of political crisis in Ukraine is in free elections, thus they consider people to be absolute idiots. Unless last elections in Ukraine weren’t recognized quite free? In fact Europe itself recognized it. Today's mutiny on streets of Kiev happens from impossibility to win elections in the regular way, without blood-letting.

Security officers from the Western Ukraine "came over to the side of people". Is it necessary to understand that earlier they have been served on different from people side? Or people came over to other side and they followed later? We understand that "capture" of buildings and weapon in the west of Ukraine was not capture, but handoff. It is obvious - full decomposition and demoralization in power structures. Who, by the way, made it decay and demoralized? No, not inhabitants of the Western Ukraine, but system of power created by Yanukovych and his accomplices. Though it’s necessary to cancel charges of dictatorial ambitions from him due to his inability.

In any case dictatorship will become exit from this crisis. If Yanukovych miraculously remains, he would have to shoot and "get them in the toilet" to return himself at least visibility of power. While some "silent Russian" like Surkov telling fortunes about Ukrainian question now will become real dictator, though he obviously won’t cope with the task.

More probable scenario of "democracy export" from Europe is also dictatorship, but of "the Iraq type", free elections under tender sight of occupational armies: Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Kosovo.

Some hope that Ukraine will break up, but in the West they, seemingly, decided to take jackpot. In essence, Putin in foreign policy is the same Yanukovych. Threat of closing of visa and arrest of assets seems to him more serious, than threat of bombing of Moscow. They in the West understand perfectly well who supervises today the remains of the great country. All this "ratings of greatness" in the western glossy magazines are appointed for one thing - to calm "the leader of red-skinned" down, to allow him to become impregnated with juice of own greatness. So that to hang him up under public applause with bigger show. As Saddam, Gaddafi and many others.

Whether I feel pity for Putin? No more, than for Yanukovych. While I feel pity for the country...


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