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Ukraine Will Sign Agreement with the EU before Elections and on Conditions of Europe

Ukraine Will Sign Agreement with the EU before Elections and on Conditions of Europe

Before the end of the week the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine will adopt resolution on renewal of negotiation process with the EU about agreement on association. The agreement will be signed till May, 25, the head of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine on the questions of the European integration Grigory Nemyrya declared.

"The Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine is today that authority which assumed all responsibility, therefore our task now is to develop accurate position in renewal of negotiation process with the EU”, - Nemyrya declared.

"We are sure that Ukraine will sign the agreement before presidential elections, if all technical conditions will be satisfied. We bring question of possibility of signing of the agreement on association by the deputy President Alexander Turchinov. Our preliminary analysis shows that Art. 112 of the Constitution grants such right and opportunity", - he told.

Taking in to account absence of quorum meeting today the head of the committee gave an assignment to dispatch draft variant of resolution of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine about return to negotiation process with the EU to all members of the committee. We can discuss this initiative to adopt this resolution until the end of the current week tomorrow during plenary session of the Verkhovna Rada ".


From editorial board: As we see, there will be no change of the text of the agreement in comparison with the variant which Yanukovych refused to sign. In fact it’s impossible to do to May, 25.

Let’s remind that according to the text of the Agreement on association with the EU, Ukraine appeared in such crushing terms that Yanukovych's administration having studied the document before signing was, probably, horrified. It refused to sign the document and that cost Yanukovych presidential chair, and Ukraine the remains of democracy, everything that remained after Yanukovych was ruined by Maidan.

It would seem where to hurry up? Presidential elections at which the question of signing of the agreement with the EU, obviously, will be one of the program tasks of a number of candidates and not signing - for other candidates. People will make choice and... Why does new power together with the European bureaucracy is in such hurry to sign this contract right now, no matter with whom, even using whatever is available?

Bad Yanukovych together with bad Azarov gave the sum which the Ukrainian economy would have to pay for the European integration, and unambiguously hinted that the EU has to compensate somehow that sum to Ukraine, at least at the beginning. Europe took offense. Then bad Putin promised Ukraine 15 billions so that it wouldn’t destroy its economy, but would integrate back into uniform already Post-Soviet economic space. He even managed to waste a couple of billions till the moment when the European focused Ukrainians by means of sticks and stones established new, already absolutely European power in Kiev.

The leader of "Svoboda” Oleg Tyagnibok declares that Ukraine doesn't bear any responsibility for agreements of the president Victor Yanukovych and the head of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin. According to him, "these agreements will be recognized useless after victory of the opposition and money received from the Russian power will be considered individual debt of Yanukovych and Azarov and will not be subjected to return at the expense of means of the Ukrainian budget and the Ukrainians".

Probably, Turchinov simply can not refuse to sign the agreement. Otherwise Europe will negotiate with people in masks and camouflage with whom our prime minister Mitya can't negotiate. While Europe can do it easily!

Actually, technology of negotiation process of the Europeans with Indians changed just a little.

For example, they agreed with Delaware Indians to buy the island Manhattan for several cartons of "fire-water", beads, gunpowder and other which totally cost 60 guldens (about 500 dollars in present money). The leader became stubborn at the last minute and neighbouring Iroquois attacked Delaware Indians immediately, seized the island and immediately sold it to the Europeans for the same cartons of whisky, beads and gunpowder. Many generations of Indians could only kick themselves as present assessment of the island Manhattan is 50 billion dollars. It is sold!

To take land away for nothing is not proper behavior for the Europeans, it will be illegal. It is necessary to buy it, though for a couple of old galoshes, but with the contract.

Thus Europe, reluctantly, agrees to allocate something to Ukraine.

However, though managing director of the IMF Christine Lagarde declared that "Ukraine is a member of the IMF. If Ukraine asks for economic or financial help, we are ready to render it", but the IMF "should have someone in Ukraine with whom it is possible to discuss these questions".

"Every discussion assumes presence of at least two interlocutors, but at present the IMF doesn't know anyone with whom it’s possible to talk in Ukraine", - she noted.

Ukraine appealed to the western countries to give it urgent financial help of 35 billion dollars. In reply the EU speaks only about opportunity to allocate about 20 billion euro, not urgently, but after formation of the government and with numerous number of "buts". Really, if it’s necessary to pay a lot, if there’s "fire-water", beads and gunpowder?

The president of Poland Bronislaw Komorowski already declared that "implementation of recommendations of the IMF is the first pillar of reforms: Ukraine already repeatedly used help of the IMF and would like to obtain the credit once again... The second pillar of necessary reforms is introduction of the Agreement on association of Ukraine with the EU in action, if it will be signed... The third pillar will be formed by the Ukrainians themselves, they need to build better state, economy, to improve functioning of socio-political system and mode".

So, part of its financial help Europe is going to pay with valuable advices.


Аnatoly Baranov, editor-in-chief of FORUM.msk

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