Nobody Controls Kiev Any Longer

Nobody Controls Kiev Any Longer

According to the Ministry of Health of Ukraine, 25 seurity offiials and ivilians including the correspondent of the newspaper "Vesti" Vyacheslav Veremy died all in all as a result of disorders which began in the morning on February, 18 in Kiev. About 350 ivilians suffered in total, 240 from them were hospitalized.

At present nine militiamen died in disorders on the streets of Kiev. Besides 371 employees of law-enforcement bodies asked for medical care in departmental medical institutions. 349 from them are hospitalized. 74 militiamen have gunshot wounds got during onfrontation to radical oppositionists.

The president of Ukraine Victor Yanukovych addressed citizens with the statement published on a site of the president in the morning on February, 19.

"Oppositional leaders neglected the basic principle of democracy — the power isn’t acquired on the streets or squares, it’s acquired only on polling stations. I told them more than once — elections are soon. If people trust you, you will be in power. If they don't trust you, you won't be in power. The first and the seond should happen legally as the Constitution of Ukraine" orders”, — he declared.

"We already paid very high price for ambitions of those who are eager to be in power. That the price wasn't even higher, I ask — come round! It is necessary to sit down at negotiating table and to save Ukraine. Once again I call leaders of opposition who claim that they want peaceful solution, to keep separated from those radical forces which provoke bloodshed immediately, — Yanukovych emphasized. — They (leaders of opposition) crossed the border when people are alled to take weapon. It is rying violation of the law. Sofflaws have to appear before court which will determine measure of punishment for them".

The Ukrainian president noted that among his advisers there are those who supports the power scenario of solution. He urged oppositionists "to keep separate from radical forces", otherwise Yanukovych promised to have "different talk" with opposition.

On Tuesday UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon called authorities and opposition of Ukraine to restraint and renewal of "sincere dialogue", the official representative of the Secretary General Martin Nesirky reported on Tuesday at a briefing.

"Secretary General is extremely anxious with messages about renewal of violence and death of people arrived today," — Nesirky told. According to him, Ban Ki-moon appealed to all interested parties "to at coolly" and "to resume sincere dialogue between all parties to reach results as soon as possible".

- It seems to me that politicians both in and out Ukraine live somewhere in the past, - the editor-in-chief of FORUM.msk Anatoly Baranov considers. – Unless it’s possible to return to the negotiating table and to recover 25 victims from two parties? Or to pretend that "everything’s ok"? The president of Ukraine who doesn't control even the square under the windows of own office calls to negotiate small fries whom nobody doesn't listen on Maidan. Meanwhile paramilitary groups under no one knows whose guidance wander about Kiev, most likely they are unontrolable - 70 police officers got gunshot wounds and in the western Ukraine part of internal troops are aptured, as soon as it is possible to understand, without any resistance from the part of military men. It looks like Somalia. Klitschko already urged Europe to interfere, whom "the national leader" is going to pacify? The Kiev militia or own supporters by means of the European forces? I guess similar requests will follow from the other part as well that will mean inability to regain control over situation by own means. Actually we have to wait just a little, as soon as population of Kiev will be on the whole not against termination of disorders at any cost, a lot of those who wish this "price" to pay immediately will appear.

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