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There Will Be No Referendum, There Will Be “Discussion of Corresponding Changes”

There Will Be No Referendum, There Will Be “Discussion of Corresponding Changes”

The government of Ukraine made order to organize discussion of changes in the Constitution of the country related to power decentralization. Such decision was made at emergency meeting of the cabinet in the evening on Thursday, April, 17. The text of the order is published on a government site. According to the document, ministers, heads of executive authorities, regional and Kiev city administrations are entrusted to organize till October, 1, 2014 discussion of corresponding changes in the constitution.

Local governments, their associations, the public, scientific and business community will be involved into discussions. The ministry of regional development, construction and housing and communal services will coordinate this process.

On April, 13 acting president of Ukraine Alexander Turchynov issued the decree about measures for consolidation of citizens of Ukraine and termination of civil opposition in Donetsk and Lugansk regions. It’s characteristic that the decree is ridiculous, the document which should serve "to provide consolidation citizens of Ukraine of all nationalities" exists only in one language – the Ukrainian. At attempt to press button “Rus” on the site of the president of Ukraine you are thrown out on some other page. So, a leopard can’t changes its spots?

So, what do the new Ukrainian authorities offer? First of all "to forget" about referendum on federalization.

It is clear that Turchynov was in general persuaded with difficulty to agree to hold referendum together with elections on May, 25, but 1 month and 1 week remain and anybody even discusses questions of this referendum, not speaking about agitation for or against something. It is already clear that referendum is profanation and way to lure more voters to ballot boxes. After all it was initially offered, the southeast insisted on it that referendum would be organized in regions, now "the central Vlada" which people in the South and the East don't want to recognize as though get down to business. How is Turchynov going to hold referendum in Donetsk? On the tank?

The second question - who will provide order and to conduct calculation? "The right sector" dressed into the form of the National Guard?

The third question - the most important one. What is Turchynov going to ask? It’s a secret now. Though initiative with discussion of changes in the constitution stretched till October, 1 and charged to ministers, heads of executive authorities, regional and Kiev city administrations, that is exclusively to executive bodies, subordinate directly to Turchynov and Yatsenyuk clearly speaks that Turchynov and Co are not interested in the results of referendum. They intend to work according to own program after May, 25, having solemnly placed billionaire Poroshenko into presidential chair and all others with small exception left on their places.

I am personally interested, if this subject was discussed in Geneva? If Lavrov was not against such scenario? If he agreed to replace referendum with discussion of the question in executive authorities and to change federalization of Ukraine for power "decentralization" (that is to transfer a number of questions from the government to the governors appointed by this government)?

It is offered to the people in the southeast, assuming that cattle who will lump everything?

Well, just in case it’s offered to block for Ukraine all "undesirable" information channels, the Russian channels have been already blocked, now the turn reaches cleaning of own, western unreliable channels. Andrey Babitsky is discharged of work in the Prague edition of "Radio Freedom" for approval of brining of the Russian troops to the Crimea.

Post in Babitsky's personal blog on a site "Echo of the Caucasus" became the reason of this personnel decision. "Echo of the Caucasus" where Babitsky is editor-in-chief is a part of the American "Radio Freedom", both resources submit to BBG of the USA (Washington) — the governmental Federal Agency Broadcasting Governing Board in Washington.

It is necessary to understand - Babitsky works in Prague because after the Chechen wars it became positively not possible to work in Russia having such personal position, his name became nominal. Though I am convinced that Babitsky is subjectively honest. It is impossible to creep for years under bullets in the Caucasus only and exclusively to earn or to toady. I can be disagree with Babitsky (both in relation to the Caucasus and the Crimea), but it is his point of view, his reasonable position. At least, it is desirable to know it and there will be no such opportunity now.

It would seem, they have been trying to convince us that media space in the bourgeois world is arranged in such a way that shill mass media are engaged by different forces and the resultant of lies gives truth in the sum. Well, or if to express it a little more intelligent, knowing different positions, the reader (viewer) can make own, more or less objective point of view.

Though there is one immutable condition: sources of information have to be different, even multidirectional.

However, it’s already difficult to make own, independent point of view about events of World War II in Europe – one can get into prison for apologetic statements about Nazism. So, it seems that it’s "trifle", unless someone is interested in the events of 70-year prescription? Now position of mass media concerning the events in Ukraine is being equaled. Babitsky is uncontrollable, his biography and known merits seem to grant him the right to state his opinion sincerely... On the contrary, he has no such right. Though I will repeat that, for example, I don’t agree with Putin’s actions in the Crimea, I consider that it wasn't necessary to carry out Anschluss, he should stop on independence. Though now, when the people of the Crimea supported idea of entry into the Russian Federation, the issue is clear, even if people make mistake, Putin is right. It is basic principles of democracy.

Now let’s imagine that the question of the Crimean referendum was resolved by the new power in Kiev? Thanks God, then they were against. After all they could have been more cunning, they could recognize the right of the inhabitants of the Crimea to decide their destiny and to hold All-Ukrainian referendum about independence of the Crimea with earlier known result. Then they could have charged Yaytsenyuk to work out offers of the government on "decentralization" by October, 1. For example, to elect the mayor of Sevastopol, but also to agree on the head of the Regional Government Department appointed by Kiev. While in the Crimean autonomy, let’s say, to approve the head of the Regional Government Department at the session of local parliament or even to choose him at parliament session, but from the candidates offered by Kiev. That’s all, there will be no more Crimean autonomy...

Actually, slightly grown wiser Kiev power offers this scenario today to the southeast of Ukraine. In exchange for recognition of legitimacy of elections on May, 25, Poroshenko's elections, etc.

I have a question, if someone in the east and the south needs it?

Аnatoly Baranov, editor-in-chief of FORUM.msk

P.S. Don’t forget remarkable: "Promise them all, we will hang them later..."

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