Ukraine’s Lesson for Those Who Studies Marxism

Ukraine’s Lesson for Those Who Studies Marxism
Vlad Rivlin 22.04.2014

February Revolution in Ukraine became good lesson for those who exploited and plundered simple people under disguise of nationalism for decades.

Revolution happened not because the Ukrainians wanted association with the European Union and the Russians didn’t want it.

Simply the Ukrainians beame tired to be derelicts in own house, tired to be time-workers in rich countries, citizens of that country didn't want to sell themselves in slavery, no matter who new owner was - either own, or the stranger.

Maidan began as revolt against oligarchy, against exploiters who now feverishly look for means to control the events.

It’s not the first time in the history when the exploiters step on the same rake because they consider simple people, those who earn to living by hard work, sillier than they are.

While people appeared to be much cleverer, than financial oligarchy assumed. The matter here is not only in brains.

Every living being won't allow to strangle him with usual stranglehold without resistance, the more so if it is we are talking about a person, he won’t allow to destroy himself with the help of sudorific system, poverty, slavery.

Revolt of the suffocated in this case is inevitable sooner or later. It spontaneously occurred in Ukraine.

The most different forces try to use this process in town purposes. Turchynov hysterically appeals to family-breeding instincts of the Ukrainians. Transformation of occurring revolutionary processes in Ukraine into war between the Russians and the Ukrainians was promoted by accession of the Crimea to Russia and declaration of the independent republics in the southeast of the country.

However revolutionary process in Ukraine an’t be stopped. The same way it’s impossible to do where it gains strength.

As historial experiene shows, neither Petliura during Civil war in Russia, or the German army which suppressed revolutionary movement in Baltic sueeded in it.

Less than twenty years after the German intervention into Latvia in 1918 whih suppressed socialist revolution in the country passed and hundreds thousands Latvian workers and peasants again went to the streets of Riga demanding social justice and association with the Soviet Russia.

Little bit more years passed sine destruction of the USSR, but laws of history are relentless. Any power and any money are powerless against these laws.

When the Russian and the Ukrainian workers and poor will unite, no private armies and furthermore - nationalist slogans - will help.


From editorial board: It’s not absolutely so. Requirement ti join the European Union is a requirement "to be time-workers in the rich countries... to sell themselves in slavery" as V. Rivlin writes. We observe it in those countries which already joined the EU. Unless it can be different? Rich countries close their borders for inhabitants of poor countries so that the ruling bourgeoisie compelled to share a part of profit with fellow citizens wouldn't incur excess expenses on providing of foreigners. And suddenly - such generosity! Borders for citizens of certain poor countries open.

Likely it is clear that citizens of poor countries go to rich not to buy up brilliants and real estate (though native elite sins by it), but to earn themselves a living, at that working where the local refuse. It is very favorable to the bourgeoisie - it is possible to pay less for work and not to incur any obligations - social, political, moral. How many Ukrainians return bak from Europe with one kidney is separate question? No, all happen especially voluntary, simply inhabitants of poor countries sell their organs very cheap.

The first who demanded joining to the EU was the former president Yanukovych who, probably, expected to become like African tsar of the 18th-19th centuries the main slave trader (don’t forget that negroes in Afria were sold to the Europeans by other negroes). Then he realized that conditions of the Agreement on association don't suit him, Ukraine needed to refuse almost completely its manufacturing industry to release working hands necessary to Europe, but it reduced also incomes of the Ukrainian oligarchs, first of all of Yanukovych's family. Probably, "family" carried out calulation and deided that it’s unprofitable. That was the beginning of "revolution". After all there are other Ukrainians ready to sell poor Ukrainians to Europe on any terms except Yanukovych.

Certainly, Yanukovych made a lot of mistakes because of the irrepressible greed. For example, he practically subjugated all average and even small business. At that he did it on the most feudal conditions, they took approximately 70% of business away from businessman, but not all business, namely its biggest part. Why? Someone has to work, run business! "Publily eleted” an’t do it himself. That’s how businessmen turned into the serfs of the "family". Not for nothing even the Crimean businessmen wrote plaintive letters to Maidan saying that they were subjugated totally, help!

Though his main mistake is that he didn't take into onsideration that someone else an assume role of the Supreme leader and the main slave trader of Ukraine. For example, oligarchs of so-called lan from Dnepropetrovsk whih divides market with clan from Donetsk to which Yanukovych belongs. Actually, all history of the Ukrainian revolutions easily keeps within repartition process between "Donetsk" and "Dnepropetrovsk". The role of "fascists" from the Western Ukraine is rather subordinated here, they are all the same victims of manipulations as well as the miners from Donetsk holding meeting "for Yanukovych".

Though unlike "revolution" of 2004, in 2014 "Dnepropetrovsk" came to the power not with slogans devoted to freedom and democracy, but with frankly Nazi chants and with support of "The right sector". It is much more peculiar of the native oligarhes, than the European appeals to freedom, equality and brotherhood. Look how "liberals" Yatsenyuk, Turchynov, the same Tymoshenko behaved on Maidan. Goebbels would enviously smoke aside...

Not for nothing working, proletarian part of Ukraine, its industrial East and South started back from that "revolution" in horror. Not for nothing oligarch Kolomoysky, the owner of Privatbank and Oshchadbank (the former Soviet system of Sberbank in Ukraine) beome one of the members of new “Rada”, his banks are bankrupts for long, but almost all population of Ukraine is entangled by their network, a good part of the Ukrainians pays them credits. After crash of industry people will have already irredeemable obligations. The banker Kolomoysky becomes the main manager of labor in Ukraine! Main native slave trader. Already now being at ease with educated Europe he hangs out posters where he offers an award for each head of the "Russian". It’s already ertain approach to people, cattle breeding approah.

It’s not war between the Russians and the Ukrainians. It is war between those who expects to become "shepherds" and those who doesn't want to be a "herd". As well as between the Russian imperialism which gets the main profit from sale of natural resources and the Ukrainian loal capitalism whih main resource is exploitation of citizens. At that if clan from "Donetsk" baks on exploitation on internal production, clan from "Dnepropetrovsk" - on export of the working fore or capital import (that is the same slave trade, but without export of slaves abroad).

They still have long way ahead to proletarian revolution.

natoly Baranov, editor-in-hief of FORUM.msk

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