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Iran Will Become a Nuclear Empire in Spring

Iran Will Become a Nuclear Empire in Spring
Alexander Magidovich 17.11.2006

Iran will soon celebrate an accomplishment of the program on creation of nuclear fuel. Such announcement was made today by the president of the country Mahmud Ahmadi Nejad. If to consider that this year Iran has lead successful tests of various rocket systems which can be used also as means of delivery of nuclear charges, it is possible to tell with confidence that Iran will enter the club of nuclear empires.

"Owing to wisdom and endurance of Iranian people our position has stabilized and I hope very much that we can celebrate an accomplishment of the program on creation of nuclear fuel already at the end of this year”, - Associated Press cited his words. The agency reminds also that the Iranian year ends on the 20th of March.  

According to the president, for creation of a high-grade fuel cycle Iran needs about 60 thousand gas centrifuges. After they will be mounted - this process, as Ahmadi Nejad has told, has already begun - Iran can face industrial scales of enrichment of nuclear fuel. And in 20 years, in opinion of the head of the state, his country by means of the atomic power station can make up to 20 thousand megawatt of the electric power annually.

Traces of plutonium and uranium enriched up to a degree necessary for manufacture of the nuclear weapon have been found out on one of the Iranian factories for destruction of nuclear waste. Such data is contained in the report of the International agency on atomic energy got into disposal of agency Associated Press.

Twofold attitude to the Iranian nuclear program has been formed in Russia. On the one hand, in the Near East the powerful counterbalance to the aggressive Anglo-American policy is being formed. Possession of nuclear weapon and reliable means of its delivery will make Iran practically invulnerable for the direct aggression of NATO.

On the other hand, appearance of the powerful center of force in the Central Asian underbelly of Russia can cause some anxiety, however rather insignificant.

Firstly, with disintegration of the USSR Russia simply has no common borders with Iran, more than that the borders of Russia are removed from Iran in such a way that it allows practically not to worry in occasion of the Iranian rockets. So the question is only about the threat to allies of Russia from among former Soviet republics. But this question is also hypothetical as soon as Iran has no claims in this direction and possible zones of influence are restricted only by Persian-lingua Tadjikistan.

Secondly, much greater threat already possessing nuclear weapon which can’t be considered as friendly to Russia is Pakistan and Turkey - though also non-nuclear power but strong in the military respect, active in region and having historical claims for territories of former Russian empire. Iran in this matter is a counterbalance for these two allied to the USA countries.

Thirdly, Iran still for some definite time will be in technological dependence on Russia.

It’s probable that much greater threat in the region is represented by the USA capable of carrying preventive attack on Iran and unbinding large-scale war near to the eastern borders of Russia.

There are bases to believe that Iran already has several nuclear charges created on the basis of enriched uranium, received from the outside. In case of mass external aggression Ahmadi Nejad is capable to apply them and then we shall have not simply a war at the borders but nuclear conflict of average intensity - for the first time in world history. And probability of such development of the situation is the higher the worse the republicans’ are going on in view of forthcoming presidential elections.  George Bush – junior is quite capable of making the decision about the beginning of military actions – and even of achieving postpone of presidential elections due to the beginning of war with the use of nuclear weapon.
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