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Ukraine in the "Russian Question" Followed Firmly the Baltic States

Ukraine in the "Russian Question" Followed Firmly the Baltic States

The president Victor Yushchenko hopes to bring norm about the administrative responsibility for public denying of fact of existing Golodomor during the years 1932-1933 inthe corresponding law introduced on the eve by the Supreme Rada. He told about it in the application for press on Wednesday in secretary of the president.

"I shall note that not all offers of the president have been considered (it’s about the law about Golodomor). In particular, the legal responsibility of people which deny this fact. I do not leave this idea and I shall do everything so that this norm finds its reflection in the law”, - Yushchenko said.

The president of the Ukraine also emphasized that recognition of Golodomor as genocide of the Ukrainian people testifies that "organized work on destruction of whole nation or its part" was recognized.

Actually, the whole conflict around Golodomor consists in recognizing or not recognizing it as genocide of Ukrainian people. Nobody denies the fact of mass famine in the USSR which captured in the beginning of 30th years the territory of the Central Russia, a part of the Ukraine and Kazakhstan. Only it’s a surprise that this fact is being treated as the act of conscience directed on the destruction of the Ukrainian ethnos.

We understand that words of the president Yushchenko who called the law the historical decision which "is not directed against anybody" is an obvious slyness. Certainly, it’s a historical decision as it’s officially admited that the Ukraine was not simply in structure of the USSR and in structure of the USSR someone meaningly exterminated Ukrainian people. It is clear that if some nation is being exterminated, it’s done to release vital space for another nation.

Thus, presence in the Ukraine of approximately 50 % of Russian population very soon can be treated as result of a genocide – as if we have exterminated the Ukrainians and have occupied generous lands of the east and the south of the Ukraine, Crimea. Yes - and also Crimea which suffered from famine in 20-th century twice and both times mostly Russians died of it.

Mismatches the historical truth? Now textbooks of history in the Ukraine is being rewritten in such a manner that very soon it will become impossible to an ordinary Ukrainian man to understand where the truth and where a lie is.

And persistence which Yushchenko involves to press through criminal prosecution of heterodoxes is - a superfluous acknowledgement of far-reaching plans of creators of "orange revolution". By the way, they refused in the Europe to recognize "the Ukrainian Holocaust" as an act of a genocide.

Yushchenko also named "the rests of totalitarian system" the fact that representatives of not all political forces in parliament supported the bill. Probably, after pushing through the criminal liability for denying of "the Ukrainian Holocaust" efforts on an interdiction of the Communist Party of Ukraine - as rest of "totalitarian system" which, certainly, bears the responsibility for Golodomor will follow.

The most ridiculous is that an attempt of the communists to prove the reverse will fall under the criminal liability for denying of “the Ukrainian Holocaust”.

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