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Did Jihad Come to Fergana Valley?

Did Jihad Come to Fergana Valley?
Saidov Ruslan 16.03.2007

One of these days "FORUM.msk" already informed about campaign of repressions initiated by the head of the Uzbek Service of national safety Rustam Inoyztov against military investigation of Uzbekistan which heads are being arrested and prosecuted on absurd charges in "espionage in favour of Russia".

On a background of this clan "bovver" activity of Uzbek jihadists secretly operated by special services of Pakistan, the USA and the Great Britain stirs up. So, on Thursday, on March, 8th some messages appeared that forces of international coalition in Afghanistan near the border with Pakistan ostensibly detained the leader of Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan (IMU) Takhir Juldashev.

Meanwhile, there is no full certainty that it was really Juldashev who was arrested. "According to our data, it was he or someone from his nearest supporters", - the Pakistan mass-media informs.

It is necessary to note that IMU was established in 1996. Then its structure consisted of active workers of several Islamic organizations of Uzbekistan which activity was forbidden by Islam Karimov. In particular, it is a question about organizations "Adolat Uyushmasi" from Namangan, "Islamic Party of Revival " which was established in 1990 in Astrahan while its Uzbek daughter company - in January, 1991, "Odamijlic Va Insonparvarlik" from Kokand, "Islamic Party of Turkistan" , "Fighters of Islam" from Namangan, etc.

The political leader of IMU became Tahir Juldashev, the head of a military wing - Djuma Namangani (Hodjiev). The main purpose of the movement was proclaimed creation of the Islamic state on the territory of Fergana valley and all Central Asia.

IMU is among the lists of the terrorist organizations of the State Department of the USA and Ministry of Justice of Russia. Despite of the fact it has been receiving and still receives on regular basis material aid from some special services, in particular, from CIA, MI-6 and Pakistan Inter Service Intelligence of ISI. There are in the structure of ISI two departments which are engaged with Islamic groupings of the Central Asia, first of all, with IMU. 

At a certain stage IMU resistant to pro-American by that time mode of Karimov was in contact with one of the Russian special services. So, in August, 1999 groups of IMU in number of nearby 1000 people under command of Djuma Namangani at technical assistance of the chapter of Tadjik Ministry of Emergency Measures Mirzo Zieev and the Russian militarians intruded from the north of Tajikistan into southern areas of Kirghizia. In October of the same year groups of the movement left the territory of this republic. But in summer of 2000 Djuma Namangani with the help of the Tadjiks and Russians again intruded the south of Kirghizia and Surhandariskaya region of Uzbekistan where it entered dragged-out battles with governmental forces of both states.

Further groups of IMU participated in civil war in the north of Afghanistan on the side of talibs. Besides Juldashev and Hodjiev (Namangani) established close communications with Islamites in the East Turkestan ((Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region of People's Republic of China), in particular with Jihadist groupings "Lobnorsky Tigers" and "Islamic Movement of East Turkestan".

After the American occupation of Afghanistan Djuma Namangani died and Tahir Juldashev left for formally Pakistan territory to the settlement Van in the Southern Vaziristan. In the autumn of 2005 British MI-6 with assistance of CIA began to collect groups of IMU strengthened by the Chechen and Arabian mojaheds arrived from Iraq, nearby Kunduz for further intrusion through Pamir to the Southern Kirghizia.

However the operation did not take place and soon Juldashev returned to Van. Juldashev's "cowardice" caused sharp criticism in his address of his two colleagues from IMU - Nadjmiddin Kamilidinovich Zhanov alias Jahjya and Mansur Sohail alias Abu-Husejf. They together with their followers gave the chuck to IMU, left for Miraly in Northern Vasiristan and created new Jidahist organization - "Group of Islamic Jihad".

In autumn of the last year "Group of Islamic Jihad" for the first time loudly declared itself hardly nearly fired on with rockets the palace of the president Pervez Musharraf in Islamabad as well as the building of Pakistan parliament and headquarters of ISI.

That circumstance that now, apparently, the Americans in Afghanistan have began actions against IMU and Tahir Juldashev and doing that clear away a field for more radical and aggressive Jahiya and Abu-Husejf shows that with the change of management in the Pentagon and director on National investigations of the USA in Washington has been taken the course on speeding up of events in the south of Kirghizia and Fergana valley of Uzbekistan.

In the meantime, in Kirghizia itself local clans have quarreled with each other completely and drive situation to general destabilization. In Uzbekistan one special service purposefully devours another under hysterical shouts about Russian spies. Thus opponents of the USA in region - Pekin and the Kremlin - being in catalepsy do not undertake any actions and only with accrueing horror observe constantly worsening situation.

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