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Crooked Monument of "Friendship" of Peoples in Astana

Crooked Monument of "Friendship" of Peoples in Astana
Fuad Asimov 20.07.2007
The president of Kazakhstan N.Nazarbaev on June, 29th of the current year opened in Astana so-called monument of Peoples' Friendship. So that the given architecturally-ideological "opus" will be accepted by population of the country seriously the king of Spain Huan Karlos I who was these days in Kazakhstan with visit was also invited to be present at the action.

On the ceremony N.Nazarbaev informed, that "we shall open many new objects - new monuments, new squares, new parks and among them there is - today's remarkable monument which is called "the monument of Peoples' Friendship". Probably not trusting to the end to his own words, the chapter of all Kazakhs somehow not very confidently added: "We always with pride speak about stability, that 130 nations and peoples, representatives of numerous religions live in Kazakhstan in peace".

Having waited a little he tried to check up the effect made by his words on public and, closely peering into the bored crowd, decided to add hardness to the speech: "We open this monument of Peoples' Friendship as a token of respect of fidelity, stability, friendship, equality, brotherhood of our peoples".

Seeing, that his words do not find due support among visitors, he take a chance of the last desperate step and started "heavy artillery": "This event coincided with arrival of the friend of Kazakhstan and Kazakh people - his Majesty king of Spain Huan Karlos I and a queen Sophia".

At mentioning of titles "his Majesty and queen" the diplomatic corpus gave a start and already with easy heart decided to show court etiquette and amicably began to clap the hands. It at last allowed the main "nurotanovets" of Kazakhstan to sigh relieved and once again to be convinced, that "the good friend, especially in a royal cloak, is better than old two, even if they are beaten".

As you known, "the monument of Peoples' Friendship", there and then christened by people "the Curve monument of Peoples' Enmity", in the "natural" way was established on the square before the building with similar pretentious name "Palace of Peace and Consent". Obviously, having not found peace and consent in the own house and furthermore in own country, "dear" Noursultan Abishevich decided to engage himself with spells. With persistence of the old shaman he erects various architectural idols which should south his restless conscience which from time to time is undergoing tests by different national-ethnical disorders non-stop rolling over the country. 

According to a plan of the president, his monuments to the friendship and buried consent should convince the population of the country that "the coast is clear in Bagdad".

Alas, such tactics, may be, would work, if the things were not so badly in sphere of interethnic and interconfessional relations in Kazakhstan. But proceeding collisions on national ground, creation of nationalist parties and frankly hostile Kazakh-nationalist hysteria in mass communications, in particular in Internet, turned all those actions into real farce having sometimes the color of blood which was already pouring in far auls and on the streets of Kazakh towns.

The monument of Peoples' Friendship represents a complex where the top - figures of four girls (the Kazakh, Russian, German and Korean nationalities) holding the top part of Kazakh yourt - a symbol of home. In the basis of a monument - a skeleton of the Kazakh yourt consisting of 129 parts which symbolize 129 nations and nationalities which representatives live in Kazakhstan. Stylized ears are directed upwards from the basis of a monument.

If to follow N.Nazarbaev's logic (namely he was the main ideological inspirer and the customer of this monster), most likely, four girls reflect personal predilections and preferences of "Astana's showman". They do not correspond to a real national-ethnic landscape of the country.

According to the data on the beginning of 2007, in the Republic of Kazakhstan Kazakhs make 9,109,888 people occupying the first place. The Russians make 3,945,116 people and take the second place; the Germans - 222,284 (the 7th place), the Koreans - 102.55 people (the 8th place) among "129 nationalities and peoples". But as it is accustomed in the Kazakh political reality everything is being done here vise versa or being turned topsy-turvy.

With a monument "Enmity of Peoples" it is made in a literal sense of a word. The Ukrainians making 440,498 people and occupying the 3rd place on number of population of Kazakhstan and also the Uzbeks making 439,633 people and occupying the 4th place, on beconing of "magic wand" of our shaman found themselves on the bottom of a monument. Whether the Ukrainian and Uzbek girls are against the hair of the "old satire" or political color of the former allied brothers - it is possible only to guess.

Thus, if to look at a monument from the point of view of relative density of the nations in ethnic structure of the republic, it turns out that at least two ears, holding the top of the yourt, should be some times shorter than their today's length. Meanwhile the top of the your which actually hardly does not fall under the weight of ethnic collisions, is being kept in a monument only by the efforts of "enthusiast" Nazarbaev.

To speak today about friendship of peoples of Kazakhstan is - the same blasphemy, as well as similar propaganda clichés of doctor Gebbels. One can recollect that the mentioned always with big warmth spoke about "friendship of peoples and Jews in the third Reich". Thus, the new monument involuntary reflected true state of things in the sphere of international relations in Kazakhstan.

The whole layers of national "minority" appeared to be excluded from a political palette and the national-state construction in the country. And if to look at this monument through a prism the national pogroms which have no end, rolling over the country, it is necessary to recognize that the only capable customer of these indicative actions is the same "old shaman" who ordered also a monument.

His politics found its culmination in the new rules of parliamentary elections in Kazakhstan which were accepted. Old "Mazhilis" was dismissed and on the 18th of August of this year elections into the new one will take place, where the main pretenders to the deputy places will be representatives of "Assembly of Peoples of Kazakhstan".

To estimate cynicism of this mechanism, it is necessary to remind that "assembly" was created in 1995, but till this day was on periphery of a political and public life of the republic. Nevertheless, its permanent frontman was and remains to be - who do you think? - well, certainly, ubiquitous president N.Nazarbaev. Now the president will define by himself, how many people and what nationality should represent the ethnic group in the Upper Chamber of Kazakhstan.

Actually, we have interesting configuration of authority:

- N.Nazarbaev - the permanent president who can be elected as many times as he wishes;

- N.Nazarbaev - the leader of the party "Nur-Otan" which, predictably, will have not less than 80 % of places in the future parliament;

- N.Nazarbaev - chairman of "Assembly of Peoples of Kazakhstan", appointing his subordinates in members of the Upper chamber - the Senate;

- N.Nazarbaev and members of his family are - the richest citizens of the country possessing "control package" of the national riches and economy of the republic of Kazakhstan, commensurable with a level of the political control.

It is possible to continue. As former Russian Prime Minister V.Chernomyrdin spoke, "no matter what organization we create, we receive the CPSU". The same thing with Kazakhstan. No matter where to look to, everywhere there is NAN and his family while in capital they make new spells and new sacrifices to an idol of "enmity of peoples" happen on the central square.

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