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Bodrum - Sochi: 1 - 0

Bodrum - Sochi: 1 - 0
Cherny Dmitry 20.07.2010
Turkey - a place of traditional rest of my fellow countrymen, that won't make much impression... However I have little advantage over those who are ready to say: "Turkey is not a foreign land". As I make these notes literally on the knees - in notebook, I have in view the second advantage - simplicity of perception of things which I notice and write down so easily.
For sure I will write, so to say, deeply and wider, however, there's something allowing to express a number of thoughts, even politically definite thoughts.
Though for those who spent not one tour or month of last years in Turkey - all these will not be a novelty. For me - it's so for now. More than that: I don't understand why nobody ever wrote about it before. So, the first thing.
Certainly, word expression "tour industry" sounds absurdly but in Antalya it gets concrete meaning, so to say. At first sight - quarters of new buildings but if you stock at them - you see hotels here and there. Russian, Ukrainian, all postSoviet money saved up for rest come here. It becomes possible to trade them here. Though the landscape - ordinary suburbs, a lot of sideway platitude, homeliness. On this background - here you are - hotel... And whole Russian tour-companies adjoined successes of Turkey on resort field.
Let's recollect here that Turkish goods pestered our markets and shops - here you are healthy expansion. While dear Russians thinking they are culturally superior are dragging behind East. This East seem to us close, neighbouring and as though understandable. Though it's cunning, delicate East. It has already got the better of Russians too late having recognized their being bourgeois consumer.
The second examination - Ataturk is in the Mausoleum, he doesn't bother anyone. Ataturk is Stalin on the scale and position in the national consciousness of the Turkish people. I am not joking. Strange way of thinking but I think if Stalin would be for us the same way national, main Soviet hero and authority whose image would be used with proud on pins, magnets and t-shirts everywhere - we would not be dear Russians and suckers.
As to the holdfast with which Turkish people treat tourists on places - that's the third thing. Roads here - not better than ours. Closer to this or that resort place - future highway arises from country road, with potholes and splits. It's not they want to drive along the smooth road but they also offer tourists this simple service.
While our suckers of the state scale (in comparison with Turkish peopleу of course - for us they are con men master Sochi as some kind of virgin soil, as if they were on wild west... They moved local people away, multiply ecologic crimes... Preparations for Olympic Games in Sochi have been proceeding already for five years - we get to know about the results exclusively following protest actions, hunger strikes and so on. That is: notorious nation (Putin name it Russian people) is ill and feeble. It not only has no energy to change the power which fails to do anything even in Sochi (I mean not to root up - but to do something rational, not against the will of inhabitants but for enrichment), it also has no energy to stop local disorder. As usually we are on the horns of a dilemma.
The forth thing. Here you are Bodrum, for example. Yes, it's elite resort place, yes, people come here from all over the world, yes, it's no match. But why? If we don't have own salty sea? If we don't have sand, lounges, bars, hotels? Well, we have, only we can't have them together. In fact image of the country is being composed from these very details. Here you can find the Americans, Dutchmen, guests from Africa, everyone is happy - орошо - и порядочная прибыль Турции в итоге... Though everything develops here thick and fast. That's why I recollect Sochi.
There idiotic management of RF creates comfort using construction gangs (anecdotic phenomenon for post epoch - capitalism is being imposed with usage of Komsomol methods) and bulldozers - so that guys from Petersburg have sources for enrichment to reap their rewards during and after Olympic Games. There are a lot of bays, owners, builders there. By the way, there are a lot of Russian ones here but we will talk about it later.
Here for twenty years they managed to build on empty coast of one of the bays high-grade resort with athletic fields, museums, antique memorable places, hotels, theatres. For twenty years! What did oligarchs and power officials make from the USSR for the same period? In general, even capitalist foreign stimuli awake in me Soviet, red hatred to those favourites who dug themselves in the Kremlin. I attack them even from resort. This shell is only the first one.
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