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What Could Communists Promise People Today?

What Could Communists Promise People Today?
Semen Sladkov 24.08.2010

Bolsheviks in 1917 promised peasants earth, that promise provided victory of Bolsheviks in Civil war. By that time peasant made 90% of population of Russia. Today similar slogan («earth - to peasants») is not effective as the share of peasants among population of the country is insignificant and many collective farms remain under different names and the share of farmers is small.

In conditions of continuing financial crisis words of Anan Greenspan sounded strangely. This ole 80-years old Jew heading Federal Reserve System of the USA for twenty years at five American presidents said that the best protection from financial crisis is "well adjusted plan social system!" (As we used to say at school: drop-dead!)

American and European banks continue speculative operations. Swiss Josef Akkerman - director of Deutche Bank in Frankfurt am Main - despite of prohibition of the Ministry of Finance of FRG to sell insecure derivatives easily transfer money streams to his native Switzerland and giggling over authorities of Germany.

Say, if State Bank would be restored in the USSR-2 and it would be headed by comrade Geraschenko, even runlets of money will not go abroad. It's necessary to restore customs borders so that cheap Chinese and Turkish cloths will not fill our market and native textile industry could be restored. ECONOMIC union of Russia and Ukraine (plus Belarus and Kazakhstan) is necessary as well as something like the Supreme Council of National Economy which would control enterprises. It's necessary to forget today's colonial policy according to which Ukraine export only steel bars and import everything including tomatoes.

Acting communist parties (on Ukraine - both - Simonenko, Vitrenko and many petty ones) are aimed on the struggle with today's capitalist (to be more precise bandit-capitalist) mode. They don't have powers to prepare socialism. As well as design office before construction of the building makes project of the building "design office" which would start working over the project of socialism is necessary. To create programmed plan economic system will be its main aim. Modern computer engineering will provide functioning of such system in real-time mode at modern volumes of production.  

It was I.V.Stalin told in 1953 to one of members of the Central Committee: «We need theory. We will die without theory!» Life proved his words. Communist could promise people decent life, general employment, free medicine and education. It's possible and already necessary to shoot down talks such as: «These communists will make shop counters empty!» 

From editorial board: Unfortunately, today we are talking about not about things which the communist could promise to people but if people would believe these promises. Certainly, we will die without theory but every most entertaining theory if it will not captured conscience of people remain simply a toy in the hands of intellectuals.

Now let's think if life of leaders of official communist parties - long and public - inspires confidence - let's take, for example, comrade Simonenko or comrade Zyuganoz or the whole number of comrades? Alas, it's necessary to recognize - their lives don't inspire...

As comrade Jesus Christ told, don't put new wine into old bottles - they will break. The same way new theories and promises given by old comrades don't impress and interest anybody.

New people are necessary - not those who like marked cards from the sleeve of a gambler appeared from personnel pack of the Kremlin and became known in a couple of months absolutely from zero. New real leaders with real, not thought-out biographies, with real deeds from which it would be seen that they are sincere are necessary.

There are such people and it's necessary to help them to show themselves, to enter political arena, to head really revolutionary organizations. To got people interested in new ideas and new ways. Then we will come to the victory of socialism and communism.

Using old way we will come to the deadlock. Actually we have already come to it...

Anatoly Baranov 


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