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If All for One?

If All for One?
Nikolay Nikolaev 31.10.2012

I thought I would see numerous group of defenders of recently detained Leonid Razvozzhaev next to the building of FSB on Lubyanka today. It was thought that numerous addresses in social networks with appeal to come and support Leonid will find their end user. Reality appeared much prosier.

The matter is not only that no more than 10 people came to support the detainee and to define position about the events, they at least had a motive - sincere and honest concern for the destiny of their colleague, desire to make passing by majority of people understand their position, even pain no matter – whether for their children, relatives, simply citizens of the country who can be the next candidates to be sent to pre-trial detention center because of talking not in proper time, proper place and proper things.

Passing by inhabitants generally kept silent, sometimes they approached participants of picket with words: “You are too young to know what was in 37, all of you would already be shot”.

Other thing amazed, all people waited for the members of the Coordination Council, a new body of opposition which in principle should make masses of people participate in the action. For one and a half hours, from 18 to 19.30 I saw Kashin and Parkhomenko who honestly stood with posters in support of Leonid.

However, if Kashin communicated with activists, Parkhomenko seemed lonely looking back and trying to find familiar faces which were in general absent. Ashurkov who came later looked against participants of the picket somehow inappropriate in stylish, expensive cloths, he seemed superfluous, obviously not understanding what kind of action it is and how to behave, he kept calling the phone, probably asking his interlocutor what the reason of his presence there.

There were two systems present there, nearly two various worlds: people who constantly take part in pickets and nouveau riches from business elite who came to opposition obviously without understanding of their place and role.

There were no cameras, no one took interview, simple communication with colleagues on picket was also absent, there were simply no themes to discuss. Because we are different.

I will not repeat what our difference is. Probably, this plane will erased but it will happen not today and not tomorrow. I dare to assume that the depth of distinctions between yesterday's gold young men, employees of banks, glamour representatives of mass media and television who suddenly felt that thus they could increase their media recognition won't disappear, moreover, it will extend, forcing some to become even more radical and some cheerfully to participate in the management of CC discussing if Baskov is a new prisoner of conscience, or having good time in Twitter trying to retwit more times, than other.

Other thing surprises - a new body inherently asserting (or at least it should do it) that the President is illegitimate, in its first appeal connected to the situation with Lebedev’s and Razvozzhaev's detentions addresses him with the requirement to stop torture, thus probably the signers sincerely believe that the one whom they address carries out his power on lawful bases. What about infinite statements about gangster mode, cooperative “Ozero” and so on? What do the members of CC wait from such appeal, unless the dragon in a flash will cease to be that?

So many times one could hear from the highest tribunes the requirements to release political prisoners, the whole lot of resolutions was accepted, but nothing changed. Probably all political convicts have been already released, no Draconian laws have been applied to them.

It is necessary to remind how such lists were formed, there’s still no uniform understanding who can be considered political prisoner and who can’t. Why, for example, nationalists consider Hasis political prisoner, while liberals don’t consider, why names of some are very famous, while others are practically not audible? Hysteria around Pussy Riots is inflated, while those people who really suffered both tortures and inhuman conditions including in the national republics which only reminding is taboo stay in shadow?

There are more questions, than answers.

Inconsistency, substitution of work by simple meeting-holding – illnesses of today’s opposition.

It would be a big mistake of a new structure of CC to create in its structure narrow political cabinets but even today they appoint persons responsible for the sector without support of real, field activists who understand that work on change of political space is daily work, that communication with citizens it not conversations from tribune, that it’s impossible to change the power by the wave of a magic stick, that Putin won't escape anywhere because CC is unable to change ideology of fight against the power, to rally protest round itself.

Therefore other, alternative platforms where there would be place not only to glamour and media persons, but also to those numerous leaders of the second, third ranks who fulfills their civic duty, simply considering that it is impossible to live like that, to those who come today to support Leonid should be created.

Here you are only some whom I saw today and whom I know: Baranov, Galyamin, Lyaskin, Osenin, Korovin, Bilunot who has just left, Parkhomenko whom I’ve already mentioned, Kashin and Ashurkov. I won’t forget unknown to me woman whose son died a year ago and she considered it possible to go to meetings in remembrance of him.

One for all! But if all for one?

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