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Putin’s Plan without Visa “Confidential"

Putin’s Plan without Visa “Confidential"
Vladimir Garmatyuk 01.12.2012

Meeting of the members of the Presidential Council on "Human Rights" in Russia held on in Moscow, in the Kremlin on November, 2012 the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin made public speech: “They say, we live badly … I ask a woman: What should we do? She answers – I do not know”!

Silence was the answer to Putin's speech in the Council. If nobody from the present know what to do? Happy with effect made the president victoriously, slightly confused, modestly adds: “Well, someone should assume responsibility”?

What is the responsibility which the president should assume people in the Council also don’t know. Silence is again the answer. Why did they gather?

Simple sane people (that walk along the street) usually do the following – they address for advice to those who knows and don't consult with those who doesn't know.

It never comes to them to ask people who don’t know and to consult with them.


«Big policy – is only common sense applied to big affairs”.

(Napoleon I, Bonaparte).

Citizens of Russia see that executive branch of the power with support of parties of officials carries out its activity in two directions.

The first – destruction of industrial capacity of the country.

The second – destruction of the population.

Figures of catastrophic consequences could serve as a proof.

In Russia in 2011 volumes:

- of oil extraction as in 1972;

- of paper as in 1969;

- of steel pipes as in 1965;

- of cement as in - 1962;

- of chemical threads and fibers as in 1959:

- of TV-sets as in 1958;

- of coal extraction as in - 1957;

- of bricks production as in 1953;

- of radio receiving equipments as in 1947;

- of the trucks as in 1937;

- of combine harvesters as in 1933;

- of chip-making machines and tractors as in 1931;

- of rail-road cars as in 1910;

- of shoes as in 1900;

- cattle stock numbers as in 1885;

- production of wool fabric as in 1880;

- numbers of sheep and goals on the level of 1775.

(Информация из Первомайской листовки, распространяемой далеко не самой революционной партией КПРФ).

(Information from May Day leaflet spread by not the most revolutionary Communist Party).

In such situation all responsibility is on the President, not on officials - as it should be (in fact nobody is responsible for anything) and people pay for all. People die out! Quantity of the population in regions of the European part of Russia as of 1990 and 01.01.2012. (Information from Wikipedia).

Аrkhangelsk region 1,575 mln – 1,213 mln (- 23%).

Bryansk region 1,470 mln – 1,264 mln (- 14%).

Vologda region 1,354 mln – 1,198 mln (- 12%).

Vladimir region 1,657 mln – 1,431 mln (- 14%).

Ivanovo region 1,295 mln – 1,054 mln (- 19%).

Kirov region 1,651 mln – 1,327 mln (- 20%).

Мurmansk region 1.191 mln – 0,787 mln (- 34%).

Novgorod region 0,753 mln – 0, 629 mln (- 16,5%).

Oryol region 0,890 mln – 0,781 mln (- 13%).

Pskov region 0,844 mln – 0, 666 mln (- 21%).

Ryazan region 1,350 mln – 1,148 mln (- 15%).

Republic of Karelia 0,791 mln – 0,639 mln (- 20%).

Republic of Komi 1,248 mln – 0,889 mln (- 29%).

Smolensk region 1,158 mln – 0,980 mln (- 15,5%).

Tula region 1,856 mln – 1,544 mln (- 17%).

Yaroslavl region 1,472 mln – 1,270 mln (- 14%).


What happens? Why people die out in Russia?

“When the property is located in one hands, people disperse”.


In November run of the television program “Maximum” on television channel NTV its leader Gleb Pyanykh gave "wild" figures of stratification of the population according to its income:

1 % of the population of Russia receives 73 % from all cumulative income, and

95 % of the population – 1,5 %. That is degree of madness and monopolism in Russia.

Concrete example. Annual budget of the Vologda region made bankrupt by the makes about 1 billion dollars (92 % are made by debts). Income of the oligarch of the Vologda region Alexey Mordashev who in the recent past got control of huge iron and steel factory "Severstal" for 2011 made 2 billion dollars. To what extent should the consciousness of people should be spoiled and what criminal “laws” should exist, that similar thing could become true and would be considered in Russia as justice? Can you answer?

In the middle of November, 2012 the Vologda television showed the report from the forest village settlement Komsomolsky of Babushkinsky district. After depot camp was ruined – there’s no work in the village. The bridge over the river is not passable. The region is bankrupt, there’s no money for the bridge in the budget. Inhabitants of the village say: “Bread is brought once a week, it often happens to be wet – as if we were cattle. There’s no one to clean the roads, there’s no equipment. Children go six kilometers to school on foot. We are afraid that they weren't gobbled up by wolves”.

When you, Vladimir Vladimirovich, will bathe in the mornings in the state pool, recollect, please, that people in Komsomolsky have no bridge, inhabitants dream to eat bread and are afraid that hungry flights of wolves can eat their children.

Head of the Vologda region Oleg Kuvshinnikov appearing on TV says that people started showing resistance. Thye burned a car of the director of timber enterprise and the deputy head of administration of the area in Kitsch- Gorodetsky (neighbouring to Babushkinsky) district.

From telenews. People in the Moscow region don’t pay for tickets in electric trains, in Moscow five Caucasians having entered a tram refused to pay for the ticket and beat passengers. You know for yourself what happens in the Caucasus. It’s not a question of nationality of citizens of Russia. Nationalism inflames where poverty grows. It’s consequence of robbery of people and lack of means for life.

As a result of resolutions of the government the state power monopolies destroy industry in the country and the population with a help of growing tariffs. Impecunious and actually deprived of civil rights people are finished off by stresses, heart attacks, insults, diseases and other consequences of immoral actions of the power.

Why the government in Russia annually increase tariffs for energy carriers? The power considers money its support. For in money it sees safety. Money power cult is kindled in consciousness of people. People pray on “a golden calf”. Evil in consciousness of people – kills people.

You, Vladimir Vladimirovich, ask “What should we do”? I will answer you.

- Immediately stop governmental growth of power tariffs.

- Change distribution of cash flows from monopolies in favor of the population.

“If figures don't change, people change”.

- Dismiss the State Duma of the Russian Federation, if deputies won’t leave (true to conscience, of their own will). They - not from people. They swore to serve parties, not people.

- Choose new Legislature of independent deputies from people on new, moral and personal criteria of election according to the Constitution of the Russian Federation.

- Executive power should take its place of executors.

Otherwise industry and population will continue to be destroyed in Russia further. Political opposition will be heated, counteraction to power will grow up to known for all of us result and irreversible consequences. Whether you want it!?

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