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Grechaninov Vladimir 08.05.2013

I was going to write about yesterday's meeting and suddenly understood that there is nothing to write, it was repetition of what already took place – it makes me sick. There were as usually guys from the Duma and some other power structures - former and present, from KGB - former and present, from the CPSU - former and present, from TV and so on, they traditionally suggested Putin to free prisoners of the meeting on Bolotnaya Square and then to leave his post. Or at first to leave and then to free those people, I don’t understood what should be the order. Then they sang a little, just in case reported to those gathered people who didn’t know that Christ, appears, had risen and then quite seriously suggested to nominate chekist Gudkov – senior in the main democrats and governors because after it Russia would obligatory become free.

Inopportunely I recollected that meeting with the slogan "Freedom to Prisoners of May, 6" though without any revivals already existed in last July, you can find in the reports. Though present speakers weren’t present either there, or on Bolotnaya Square. It means they see clearly now? Surely! It’s possible now to declare in all mass media that more people came now, than to the meeting of hated dissenters on May, action was a success, Coordination Council - the champion! Though if it’s so, today or tomorrow we should wait for renunciation of the president, but I have doubts.

No, I don't want to tell that leaders of present opposition are far from people. Nothing of the kind, they are not noblemen and all without exception are men of the people, only they somehow forgot to return to it. Otherwise they would know that citizens worry also about full collapse of science, production and all other things, barbarous condition of medicine, swindlers, thieves and corruption, domination of obscurantism and sacerdotalism, shameful courts and all law-enforcement system, full paralysis of the power, if it doesn't concern personal enrichment of the power, lackey press and a lot of other things. Deceived shareholders, terrible building-up of Moscow, medieval roads... If these subjects weren’t approved by the top? Or guys are simply are out of subject?

However, unless it’s the main thing? The main thing is that people gathered, fallen earlier capitalization of leaders privatizing protest sharply went up, people were thanked and sent home with the parting words don't forget to go to a concert of masters of the art word, tickets are on sale. They are right, unless it should be free?!

After the first meeting on Bolotnaya Square I honestly wrote what I think of leaders of our opposition. Now I re-read it and understood – everything is as I said: for one and a half years we have been running round, we lift knees higher and higher, are told that it’s the main victory of progressive forces. Probably, such situation suits someone. If to take into attention that the main defender of the member of Coordination Council comrade Ponomarev is comrade Surkov personally (!), it is possible to guess who are quite satisfied with such victory.

P.S. For touchy hamsters. I wrote all this about cloying leaders who need to be simply forgotten once and for all, not about citizens who go to these trite meetings because there are no other meetings, I go there myself as a fool. It’s written not about meeting on May, 5 which gives shy but hope, though no one knows what further will be.

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