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Sergey Gupalo 21.11.2013

Attempts of making solution of fundamental system problems of capitalism without leaving its frameworks are doomed to failure.

Fundamental law of capitalism according to postulates of Marxism is the law of surplus value. This law speaks about the aim of capitalist production – getting of surplus value by way of exploitation of work of hired workers. All problems of capitalism - this relic socioeconomic structure - follow from this law, migration problem among them is one of far not the main.

So-called Russian nationalists try to present this problem as the main in the Russian Federation.

Respectively the German nationalists are engaged in this problem in Germany, French - in France and Polish - in Poland...

The reason of universal growth of nationalist moods lies on a surface:

In the conditions of aggravation of general crisis of capitalism nationalists of all colors are used by relevant groups of bourgeoisie to distract proletarians from class fight and not to allow proletarians of different nationalities to unite against general enemy - global capital and its salesmen of various nationalities on places.

The task of true internationalists, opponents of xenophobia is not a game by imposed to us rules of nationalism and chauvinism, who try all problems of capitalist society to narrow to the problem of labor migrants inflated by nationalists-xenophobes, the task is to expose this game.

Though the problem of labor migrants is far not among the main problems, its discussion all the same is necessary for clarifying of true situation of modern society, for exposure of bourgeois and nationalist mythology built round that problem.

Myth number 1.

Migrants deprive the Russian (German, French, Polish... ) workers of their workplaces. Here they blame either guest workers - the most extreme nationalist point of view - or both guest workers and their direct employers - the point of view of primitive semi-official organ which includes members of United Russia trying to confuse and to put everything upside down.

Labor migrants are, as a rule, involved on those sites of economy of the host country where their application gives effect not for economy as a whole - such algorithm in conditions of capitalism doesn't work. In conditions of capitalism even effect for concrete so-called employers - capitalists – is not the most important. It’s antiscientific to accuse concrete capitalists using the cheapest work of guest workers, making them responsible for appearance of the problem of migration. All system of capitalism is involved in the Russian Federation in exploitation of gratuitous work of guest workers - from the corrupted officials, recipients of kickbacks and bribes to direct capitalists exploiters and further banking system of the western countries where money earned by capitalists at the expense of application of slave labor of guest workers are stored.

Thus not only all state system existing in the Russian Federation, but also global capitalism as that is interested in cheap labor of guest workers.

It turns out that poor creatures VVP and DAM are innocent victims of circumstances, say our country is cold, production of minerals costs a lot, therefore it is necessary to use slave labor of guest workers, otherwise it’s impossible to survive in competitive fight against other countries!

As corruption problem in the Russian Federation is integral part of operating system of peripheral capitalism, insuperable without leaving frameworks of peripheral character of the Russian capitalism, the problem of labor migration within existing political model of Russian Federation is unsolvable.

Difference of Marxists from bourgeois liberals in their approach to this problem is that the last find possible overcoming of corruption within capitalist system, say, it’s enough either to replace the leader of a mode or at least one clan with the other which for some reason has to appear to be "more advanced" in solution of problems of the country. Absolute bourgeois antiscientific nonsense.

Examples of one of the most worldly-wise former republics of the USSR Ukraine is fine illustration of impossibility of solution of problems of the country within a set of options of capitalist model. Now, having depleted all internal Ukrainian models oppressed working people chose model "candy" meaning joining Europe.

In this case the Ukrainians are offered an illusion that their opportunities as guest workers will sharply extend. They don’t say that for the Ukrainian economy joining EEC can't give anything good, that it means stop of today’s production. There are illusions of mainly 30-years-old Ukrainians that with joining EEC they will get away from become hateful reality of ruin of Sovereign Mother Ukraine and will be able to work with benefit on the open spaces of Europe. Groundless illusion. The Ukrainians will at most occupy places of the Polish labor migrants who have left Poland, to earn something in Germany, Ireland and Scandinavia.

Position of the Ukrainian migrants in Poland differs from position of the Asian people in Moscow just a little, the same black schemes having nothing in common with declarations about honest western business.

With increase in the Ukrainian labor in Poland and the Czech Republic the remains of traditional if not friendship, than sympathy of these ethnically close people is disappearing. Fine illustration of Marxist postulate about attachment of consciousness of the society to its economic life.

The same way it is possible to overcome antipathy of inhabitants to the Asian migrants only with overcoming of existing state model with the main capitalist aim - PROFIT AT ANY COST.

The problem of labor migration will be solved only within the process of movement of society from capitalism to socialism.

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