Federal Protetive Servie Will Join Internet-Chase of the Rebels

Federal Protetive Servie Will Join Internet-Chase of the Rebels

Starting from this year the Federal Protective Service will start carrying out daily monitoring of publications of all Russian bloggers with a view to their relation to the power, “Izvestia” writes.

Security officers will create special base of negatively minded citizens who place on the Internet resources publication of oppositional orientation.

Thus representatives of the Federal Protective Service intend to monitor not only known capital bloggers, uusers of Network from regions will also get under control, the source close to the federal protetive service told the newspaper.

"It is not a question of control or raking down. Simply when we will be able to carry out monitoring of bloggers and to create base, it becomes easier to trace and prevent many scandalous incidents. For example, two activists of the forbidden National Bolshevik Party threw tomatoes the king of the Netherlands in Moscow Conservatory’s Grand Hall, information about preparation of that action was in the Network before it happened. If it was followed up, it wouldn't have happened", - newspaper’s source explained.


From editorial board: It is very strange. In the Russian Federation there’s demoray (though formal), there’s onstitution (though fictitious). It means that purely theoretically citizens are equal regardless of their political views and governmental bodies serve all state, not only to the ruling party.

In fat now they reate lists of "unreliable" which FSO will “wath up” - "black lists" – that’s the preise name for it.

It is clear that it is not the question of terrorists, but namely of political opposition. It is also clear that it is not the question of help, but of prevention of its activity. Whether FPS which formally exists on money of all taxpayers has such powers? Or power structures of the Russian Federation beame party long ago as in Nazi Germany?

Rather recently anonymity in the network became very relative, there are nicknames, of course, but one doesn’t need even special ways to understand whom they belong in social networks. Moreover, a number of oppositional bloggers already master profession of the prisoner for too oppositional statements in the blogs.

Natural question - how life of the majority of the Russian bloggers (pro-opposition bloggers make majority in network) will be affected by this innovation of FPS? Whether these "black lists" appear important addition to office characteristics or summary at employment? Whether they will affect promotion or "creative achievements"? Well and the most important certainly - whether they will lead to appearance of a large number of new criminal cases?

Former representative of the State Duma Committee on information policy the deputy from "United Russia" Robert Shlegel noted that similar systems already function in Russia. "Their technical characteristics are known only in FPS which could have been ordered “a hit” on some uniform joint system without announcement of tender. In this case such openness does them credit. As for the danger for system, it exists in each state and the question exciting bloggers has to be not about its existence, but about its application — what thus the rules of invasion into private life will be," — Shlegel commented appeared information.

We perfectly well understand that there will be no rules at all, they never existed, why they should appear now?


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