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Yanukovych and Deputies Eliminated Right of Citizens of Ukraine for Life at the Request of the West

Yanukovych and Deputies Eliminated Right of Citizens of Ukraine for Life at the Request of the West
Yury Mukhin 25.02.2014

Yanukovych as though gave up, fascists came to power in Kiev and in the Western Ukraine. I will repeat, if they neglected opinion of people, they are fascists. Prospects of Ukraine are ambiguous, however, now I talk not about prospects.

"Kiev became now similar to post-Chernobyl: deserted streets, almost total absence of cars, a lot of alcohol and only it in shops. The city looked so after explosion on the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Station when most of inhabitants left it, others hid in separate apartments, delivery of products to the city was sharply limited. Panic began now in the city – banks and ATM stations are closed, shelves and corners of the shops are cleaned out. Long queues appeared in places where food remained". Schools and kindergartens stopped work. "Way to post offices and banks passes through militia cordons. Though now this problem is solved, they are closed till termination of protests. My mother says that similar situation was in Kiev only during fascist occupation". It is from press sources.

Informally from Lviv: "… you don't understand! It’s not simply ass, it’s the fucking end! There’s no militia in general, it is impossible to call number 112. It’s always occupied. Ambulance doesn't come, guys are afraid to be killed, one crew was beaten and they went away. There are no authorities in general too, just guys in masks walk along the streets. It’s good, that our apartment is on the first floor, has iron door and dual aspect, if they will come to plunder, we will jump out of the windows. Do you in general understand what it is when there’s neither militia, nor physicians, nor firefighters? You can mock at Ukraine there, in Russia, it’s not funny to be here. I need to buy my mother who has diabetes insulin tomorrow. Fuck off … one will not buy it. All drugstores are closed…!!!"

All Ukraine is perplexed after Yanukovych's practically full refusal to fulfill the duties of the president of Ukraine and to protect own people from impudent in their impunity gangs. People are surprised that Yanukovych didn't give order to law enforcement agencies to suppress armed rebellion with use of arms, but on the contrary he sent fighters of these bodies for unpunished beating. For example, as the press reported on February, 19, only 18 people remained from 50 of Kiev "Berkut" who took part in operation against rebellions on Maidan. Why didn’t they protect themselves with firearms?

Why has militia to fight with anyone? I remember ancient movie "New Centurions" about the American police. There one old police officer taught the young: "Forget all karate and ju-jitsu. If they fight you with fists, use your baton. If they take a knife – shoot". How else should those whom society charged to protect themselves have to behave? Why should they behave differently? Unless it’s protection of law and order or sports competitions? Why was suppression of fascist putsch in Kiev turned into the street single combat championship in which one of the teams is forbidden to fight and rascals from EU and the USA appointed themselves judges?!

Though if all "the civilized world" forbade Yanukovych to answer adequately to the rebellions using all available types of weapon, it means it’s forbidden to do it in the whole world now? Well, Europe cancelled death penalty of criminals, it cancelled the right for execution in the part1 of the article 2 "Right for Life" of the European convention "About protection of human rights and fundamental freedoms":

"1. The right of each person for life is protected by the law. Nobody can be deliberately deprived of life otherwise than in pursuance of the death sentence pronounced by court for commission of crime for which the law prescribed such punishment".

Though Europe hasn’t gone crazy in questions, so far as it concerns protection of life of normal people, therefore part 2 of the article 2 of the Convention is valid:

"2. Deprivation of life isn't considered as violation of the present article, if it is a result of absolutely necessary use of force:

a) for protection of each person against illegal violence;

b) for implementation of lawful detention or prevention of escape of a person taken into custody on lawful bases;

c) for suppression, according to the law, of revolt or mutiny".

From the moment, when bludgeons and other cold weapon appeared in hands of protesters, the right of these protesters "to gather peacefully and without weapon" disappeared. When these bludgeons touched militiaman or other citizen, "illegal violence" appeared and militia already HAD to shoot and attackers lost their right for life.

As you can see, Yanukovych forbade to use weapon against rebellions, he deprived the Ukrainian militia opportunity to protect people of Ukraine from fascist putsch. Yanukovych did it in defiance of the European convention "About protection of human rights and fundamental freedoms".

Every fool in the above-written text will see approval of Putin's regime, he will see it even clearly on February, 21, when sentence on "Bolotnaya Case" had to be pronounced. Say, look, Putin is a cool defender of the state! However when these provisions appeared on popular and rather loyal Russian site, material hung less than an hour, then moderators removed it together with two pages of comments. Why?

Because we can see ugly face of the true organizer of fascist putsch in Ulraine – the true owner either of Yanukovych and Putin and our "free mass media"- from behind dry red tape of the legal text.

However we will talk about this true organizer in the next article. I won't distract attention of the reader from the given and hardly understandable legal situation - Yanukovych and deputies at the request of the West eliminated the right of citizens of Ukraine for life established by article 2 of the European convention "About protection of human rights and fundamental freedoms", they eliminated the right not to be killed during revolt and mutinies.

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