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Left and Patriotic Forces Unite to Help Citizens of the South and the East of Ukraine

Left and Patriotic Forces Unite to Help Citizens of the South and the East of Ukraine

Meeting of representatives of all leading left organizations of Russia which discussed situation in Ukraine took place on February, 25 late at night. Meeting took place behind closed doors. Solidarity with workers of Ukraine was expressed there.

A number of important decisions, including rendering of financial and other support to communistic and left-patriotic forces of Ukraine showing resistance to coming fascism was accepted at the meeting.

Staff on coordination of help to anti-fascist resistance in Ukraine was created. Statements and appeals to all communistic, left, democratic and anti-fascist forces of the world were accepted.

At the same time Committee on Support of the South and the East of Ukraine was created with participation of a number of organizations and known persons of the left and patriotic opposition. It included capital municipal deputies Elena Tkach and Vladimir Garnachuk, Anatoly Baranov and Darya Mitina, Alexander Gusak - one of the heads of the International Union of the Soviet Officers and Maxim Kalashnikov - the writer and the candidate in mayors of Novosibirsk.

Alexander Gusak declared that "the Soviet officers can't stand aside from opposition of frank fascism and peace, working citizens of the industrial South and the East in Ukraine". Gusak is the native of Donetsk, he served conscription service in Balaklava, therefore the events in the region are personal alarm and pain for him.

Maxim Kalashnikov, inhabitant of Odessa, in his statement speaks openly: "Bloody repartition of property and economic crash awaits Ukraine. Monsters won monsters. Yanukovych's winners would drag former USSR in association with the EU which (as it’s already been told many times) will demand heaviest expenses from Ukraine (exclusively at its expense!) and cannibal "economy" in the spirit of IMF. Don’t forget about violence of Banderovites over all Russian, their excesses in Donbass and Novorossiya are inevitable. Putin and Yanukovych in such situation exposed millions of members of the Great Russians and eastern Ukrainians under the knife of Banderovites".

Darya Mitina reports: "... meanwhile today I go to ask for help - one of the acquaintances of mine, communist from Lvov is now in the hospital with crashed skull, beaten-off kidneys, pulled out nails, punched right lung, broken three ribs and nasal partition. He was beaten for several hours in a row in one of the most beautiful city parks, then they informed his civil wife that they would do the same with her. It’s impossible to transport him now, as he is after operation and the hospital is protected by representatives of "new Vlada", patrols are on each floor, they bring all to this hospital – those who support Maidan, those who don’t support it, simple citizens who by chance found themselves involved in it. It’s not clear how to take him out of there and to transport. Here it’s Day of the Russian Language in Lvov. Someone has already actively started celebration".


From editorial board: Now our actions aren't coordinated a little, events develop quickly - for example, I and Darya Mitina found ourselves in two left structures on assistance to the East and the South of Ukraine at once, but there’s nothing terrible in it, it will be coordinated already today.

Today the deputy Elena Tkach submits application for mass picket in Moscow in support of Ukraine fighting against fascism, we have such law that it will be possible to hold the action only on Saturday. It is possible, of course, to go to the streets without sanction and to run into dispersal (Moscow OMON will vigorously beat fighters of "Berkut” who came to ask for help as well), but the task is different, place and time (follow announcements) where not indifferent people will be able to come and make the same - to become coordinated, put forward own offers - become clear on a course of negotiations with the city hall.

Question of personal participation, direction of volunteers whose number is quite big at present hangs thick in the air, it isn't known, whether such help is necessary to the recipient at the moment. After all volunteers should be “at the other shore” welcomed by someone, placed, they should get tasks, meanwhile there are a lot of problems in Sevastopol, Kerch and Odessa and we shouldn’t create more. Though readiness to go is important, it is necessary to know definitely what number of people is ready to participate.

The question of collecting donations and humanitarian assistance is particularly acute as well. Yesterday the mayor of Sevastopol elected by people already declared delays of salaries to state employees, there’s paralysis of public administration, plus obvious desire to strangle "rebellious" cities economically in Ukraine.

Relations with the authorities of the Russian Federation… Now they make vigorous and even bellicose statements, but as it used to happen not once, they could at any moment betray people – own and other. Both the Crimea and Sevastopol rely on Russia, having in mind first of all authorities in power, it means we shouldn’t allow the power to betray people.


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