"Balkanization" of the Russia – Ukrainian Relations

"Balkanization" of the Russia – Ukrainian Relations
Yury Mukhin 11.03.2014

I will start from naive and very "unpatriotic" question: what does Putin need the Crimea for? No, you shouldn't tell me about protection of the Russian population there, mere expression "Putin protects the Russians" has already eased to be funny long ago. Besides, if I were Putin, I would protect the Russian population in Ukraine according to the recipe given in the movie "Brilliantovaya Ruka": "If you would infringe on the rights of the Russians, we will leave you without gas!"

Having ome to the Crimea, Putin lost opportunity to switch off gas. The matter is that there’s catastrophic shortage of the electric power in the Crimea (it receives 80% from continental Ukraine), but the main thing is shortage of fresh water.

"The Crimea is in a zone with the minimum water supply. Stocks of water resources on the peninsula make 0,37 thousand cubic meter per apita, while average share of one inhabitant aross the country is about 1,08 thousand cubes. The need of the region in water can be satisfied only for 15-20 percent at the expense of local water sources. North Crimean Canal was built for stable provision of inhabitants of the Crimea with water, it has been working for about 50 years. Dneprovsky water is pumped for water supply of Simferopol, Sevastopol, Kerch, Feodosiya, Sudak, many rural settlements. Modern gross needs of the autonomy in water make about 2 billions cubic meters a year. They are provided with water intake from superficial water sources of local value (7 percent), from underground horizons (7 percent), the sea (less than 1 percent), North Crimean Canal (73 percent) and at the expense of systems of reverse water supply (12 percent)".

Three quarters of water arrive to the Crimea from Dnepr through the channel which begins above Kherson. What do we have now? Having ome to the Crimea, the Russia Army will learn the song of the Soviet aviation navigators: "He went to Odessa and ame to Kherson"?

Thus after joining of the Crimea, Banderovites can mock at the Russian population of Ukraine, but in response to: "We will leave you without gas!" they an answer: "We will leave you without eletriity and water!" Of course, to satisfy their needs inhabitants of the Crimea an use own water from rivers and wells, but if it’s possible to be a resort plae, if tourists and inhabitants need to wash themselves in the sea and to swith on the light for several hours a day, if it’s possible to be a resort plae, if gardens and vineyards dried out and it’s senseless to plant vegetables? I already don't speak about industry.

Well, if it’s a take for a world alpha male, for galley slave Russia?

Here it’s a question – what does the Kremlin need the Crimea for?

Let’s go further.

From the military point of view, operations of the Russian in the Crimea are copy of operation of the Soviet Army in Czechoslovakia in 1968.

I will remind that on August, 21 of that year armies of the Warsaw Pact suddenly ame to Czechoslovakia. The Soviet paratroopers seized in a few minutes airports and arrested sleepy government in Prague. Land forces of the USSR, GDR and Poland rushed into Czechoslovakia, blocked troops of Czechoslovak Army in dislocation places, deprived its military personnel of access to the weapon and sent them to houses to have short leave, having quickly blocked borders of Czechoslovakia with Germany and Austria. NATO and the USA were shocked and didn't have time even to peep when Czechoslovakia under leadership of L. Svoboda already followed correct way.

Though if to compare technical means of investigation and communication in 1968 and today… people already use not stone axe and the Kalashnikov gun. Besides, treachery then was punished by death penalty, and there were few traitors in the army. Besides, armies required almost no preparation. My elder brother served then in GDR in signal regiment and not in the very least guessed what usual summer "doctrines" would turn out to be. Even white paint to put identification strips of 20 cm on equipment he was ordered to buy from the Germans a couple of days before invasion.

For operation in the Crimea thorough preparation was required, it was neessary to select adequate soldiers, to instruct them, to change clothes into "self-defenses of the Crimea", to centralize them, having involved the Air Fore in the transfer of armies and seamen. All this at the fat that treachery became custom among officers of the Russian Army and equipment of investigation beame extremely different.

Unless the USA and NATO knew nothing about it?? I don't believe!

I didn't believe in it on March, 7 and already on 8th I read that military intelligence of the USA reported to Obama about the beginning of operation of armies of Russia 7 days prior to it. It means that the USA and NATO didn’t mention a word to Ukraine of which they, allegedly, cared?? They didn't make a move to prevent operation??

No, it doesn't happen so - operation Russia in the Crimea is not operation of only Russia, it is JOINT operation of Russia and NATO!

Especially I don't believe in Putin's independence after situation when cries about aggression of Russia ended with expulsion of 7 Russian officers from Canada (to strengthen the Russian armies in the Crimea probably) and the EU after long discussions of the question of sanctions to Russia went to unprecedented rigidity, it froze negotiations about weakening of visa regime. After the USA started making next "Magnitsky List". What’s going on then?

Here we have two variants. Putin is great diplomat, therefore using persuasion and blackmail he managed to get support of the USA and NATO, having provided success to his armies. It’s ok, but at the same time the USA and NATO don't recognize that Russia is right and really help fascist mode in Kiev. They frankly urge Kiev on Russia and actually the USA and NATO don't extinguish fire, but kindle it.

The second version of the answer. Putin as obedient puppet executed order of the USA and NATO on capture of the Crimea. He was ORDERED to do it by Ameria. Unfortunately, this variant suits all other fats whih we know about Putin and what we know about the USA.

Thus, purpose of the USA and NATO in the Crimeais simple – "balkanization" of relations between two tribes of one people – between the Great and Little Russians. Aim – to force them to shed blood of each other.

What do you think about such view of events?

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