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In the Eyes of Former Brothers

In the Eyes of Former Brothers
Yury Mukhin 16.04.2014

"Referendum on a question of state system of Ukraine can take place at the same time with presidential elections, the speaker of the Verkhovna Rada, acting president of the country Alexander Turchynov. He told about it during meeting of coordination board of heads of fractions and parliament committees in Kiev on Monday, April, 14. Turchynov also expressed confidence that during referendum the majority of the Ukrainians will support "indivisible, independent, democratic and unitary Ukraine".

Turchynov told it when Kiev’s junta was once again convinced that it’s not so simple business to organize mass indicative murder of the Ukrainians with the purpose of their intimidation in the east of the country. I have a question – why you, clever men, didn’t organize referendum about reorganization of Ukraine into federation of autonomous regions at once when the Crimea declared it? After all maybe then the Ukrainians would support "indivisible, independent, democratic and unitary Ukraine"?

I suggest readers to look closer: if think of things that citizens of the southeast of Ukraine want and for what Kiev’s junta is going to send them to prisons and to kill, one has only to shrug shoulders. Maybe, we aren't right, maybe, it’s right?

To check, whether you think correctly or not, I would recommend to use analogies. Let’s use analogies to understand the Crimea and the southeast of Ukraine, to understand what unitarity of Ukraine is and what those who demand federalization want.

Everything happens in life, let’s imagine that you got to psychiatric hospital in the general room where your neighbours behave rather decently in presence of strict chief physician (who immediately suppressed all signs of aggression of patients with the help of drugs and straight jacket). Suddenly the chief physician of the hospital was replaced and your neighbours started bragging of their feats freeside. With surprise we get to know that they are not harmless Napoleons, but serial murderers, sadists and tyrants, more than that they are very proud of crimes in times when they haven’t carry straight jackets on.

I don't want to offend anyone. I will remind that after the Great Patriotic War inhabitants of Great and Little Russian spared no efforts to build up destroyed houses and plants of Ukraine to grow up bread, got education to build tractors, planes and rockets. While decent part of people in Galicia under command of Bandera and Shukhevich killed those peoples. During 10 years they killed 25 thousand soldiers, frontier guards and militiamen and 30 thousand unarmed citizens, including nearly 2 thousand doctors and teachers whom inhabitants of Great and Little Russia sent to Galicia to make the last more healthy and more educated. Now descendants of those inhabitants of Galicia walk and chant: "Bander, Shukhevich – heroes, they fought for our freedom!" If my analogy to violently mad people is incorrect?

Let’s imagine now that once new chief physician with a mean smile took straight jackets off from your neighbours and gave them open razors and cleavers. How will you feel? I think you would like to go even to maximum-security prison only to be far away from these neighbors.

If we can understand the Crimea? What did Kiev want placing in the Crimea posters like "The Crimea will be Ukrainian or deserted!"? So, it got what it wanted!

Requirements of the southeast of Ukraine to transform Ukraine to federal state are possible to describe additionally using the following figurative analogy. Onсe upon a time there’s an apartment house where normal people who went to work, brought up children lived. In one of the apartments a man expelled from collective farm for inability to master new equipment appeared with his family. That new neighbour having nothing to do in the city and applying to the fact that the house was of the unitary type started breaking into all apartments. He started demanding that all residents talked poor rural dialeсt, he started specifying what books should be read to children, how to bring up сhildren and extort money for his maintenance as he’s the only patriot and the most conscious resident in the house.

If one is still surprised that it bothered residents? That they told him where to go and demanded to enter principle "My apartment is my fortress"? As for protection of all house, as for its improvement and repair – there’re no questions. All residents agree to do it together. Though as for the rest, everyone lives in his apartment as he considers it necessary. If that “ukrainizator” wants to speak own dialeсt, there are no problems, let him speak. With his wife and his children. If he wants to jump? There are no problems, he сould jump though up to a ceiling. Though he would enter other apartments, when he will be invited.

Here it is, actually, all idea of federalization. What’s illogical in it?

Today "ukrainizators" consider inhabitants of the Crimea traitors and inhabitants of the southeast separatists. Well, misters "ukrainizators", look at yourselves in the glass. I understand that in your own eyes you look "hotties".

Try to look at yourself with eyes of those whom in the USSR you called brothers.

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