What Should Be Done with Nazi Ukraine?

What Should Be Done with Nazi Ukraine?
Mihael Delyagin 01.07.2014
: Argumenty Nedely

The turmoil of estimates of the Ukrainian catastrophe hides objective problems of Russia. They are simple, but are masterly ignored by our "offshore aristocracy". For the sake of their foreign assets it is ready to forget about interests of the Homeland as about dreadful dream and to prolong as long as it’s possible quarter of the century of the national treachery.

So that they don't make with Russia the same they did with the USSR, it is necessary to demand axiomatic from the state. It has to call things by their proper names: not "Maidan" and not "events" took plae in Kiev, but Nazi revolution organized by the USA with their partners from NATO. With direct participation of Ministers of Foreign Affairs of Germany, Great Britain and Poland.

Today the West supports in Ukraine not "democracy", but Nazism. The same way it supported Hitler at the time of the Munich Agreement to plunder at first Ukraine and then Russia.

The Russian power is obliged day and night with sophistication of producers of advertisement of beer explain people of the West what purposes of their power to support terror in Ukraine are. They are obvious: capture of assets of the Ukrainian state, destruction of the channel of deliveries of the Chinese goods to Europe inaccessible to the American aircraft carriersfu and "driving" of the global speculative capitals into the national debt of the USA by way of world randomization.

The state has for this purpose money, resources, channels of influence and experts. There is only no desire.

Therefore the Russian yanukovihes whose families and assets are hidden in NATO countries have to be taken away from the power. They should go either to prison, or to shameful resignation with wolf ticket.

"The fifth column" of liberals geared towards global business, instead of people, has to be burned out from the power, mass media and education. Though first of all from power structures, the government, Bank of Russia. As far as I can judge, we should start directly from the Prime Minister Medvedev and the chairman of Bank of Russia Nabiullina.

The supporter of Nazism convinced of need "to burn Colorados and pro-Russian ativists" can teach chemistry or choreography, but not social sciences.

Trusting, according to him, that Russia has to pay for financial stability of the USA, Dvorkovich can be the administrator of gay club, but not the Deputy Prime Minister.

Demanding "to be exempted from Siberia and the Far East" academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences Pivovarov can sit in a bakstreet or even in New York. But not in the chair of the director of key public and scientific institute.

The supporter of "Psaki's maxim" ("I know nothing, but Russia is guilty”) make publi speehes in the West, but not in the mass media being listened in Russia or belonging to the Russian capital.

According to the military doctrine of the USA, information war is only a prelude to "hot" war: those who suffer support of Nazism and insult today, tomorrow will suffer bombings. Inhabitants of Donbass swalloed nickname "Colorado", now they are being killed.

Novorossiya needs consultations how to nationalize assets of saboteurs (including oligarchs), how to create people's liberation army and army for liberation of Kiev. The Russian armies have nothing to do there, but they disturb volunteers, including those who have fighting and administrative experience.

Each cell of resistance on the earth seized by junta has to receive help as in last war with Nazism. Nazis and their helpers can't have "safety zones": the earth has to burn under their feet. De-nazification of Ukraine has to be official requirement of Russia and societies of the West, being terrified with ations of their governments.

Realization of these measures is simple and doesn't demand anything, except service to humanity and interests of people of Russia.

Refusal of them will more and more resemble the national treachery.



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