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"Apple-Trees Children and Apple-Trees Adults" in the Best Soviet Families

"Apple-Trees Children and Apple-Trees Adults" in the Best Soviet Families
Alexander Trubitsin 17.08.2006

Withing the norms of the Russian language it is accepted for indication of one and the same phenomenon to name it differently - depending on which side you are, whom sympathize to.

For example, we name Stirlitz – a scout but Bond - a spy. Our pilots we call falcons and enemy’s – carrion crow. Groups that operate in rear of the opponent we name either guerrilla groups or gangs of saboteurs, depending on the fact if they are ours or other's. Ours - heroically hold defense, other’s - battle with the persistence of the doomed.

Really it’s accepted all over the world: when during the First World War the RhineCathedral was destroyed, the Frenchmen wrote about the Teutonic barbarians who destroyed a miracle of architecture, while Germans - about the French villains who placed artillery spotterson the towers of the cathedral. Even now when there is a war in Lebanon, some speak about the Israeli invaders killing women and children, some - about the rights of Israel to defense.

Recently I have catched a sight of a statement of Nikita Hruschevfrom his memoirs about war with Finland.

 «…our army experienced worthy rebuff from small Finland, its remarkable, heroic people defend with fortitude its country and caused us great damage».

It is clear from the beginning on whose side is a sympathy of the main cornmanand the builder of comical "communism". He is pleased with "our big loss”. In fact «remarkable, heroic German people» caused even greater damage. And «remarkable, heroic Hungarian people» beaten many our people. And «remarkable, heroic Romanian people» reached Stalingrad. And «remarkable, heroic Czech people» though not being engaged in war personally made all automatic weapon for Vermaht as well as guns and armored troop-carriers – one can also admire it, our loss from the Czech automatic devices and machine guns was considerable. In the contrary, certainly, our people was «not remarkable and unheroic», it only suffered losses.

And this nonentity was the leader of the state …

To manage a state – means to think in a state way.

Well, approximately like this: «Russian tsars were at war with Sweden for Finland which never was a state. Finnish Grand Duchy in structure of Russia had the big autonomy – its own currency, police, constitution. Russia needed that territory because the best base of Russian fleet on Baltic was situated in Helsingfors. Because Aland islands where the Russian fortress was - a unsinkable aircraft carrier for our control over Baltic. Let this «remarkable, heroic people» lives as it used to live till the 17-th year, in full autonomy - but in fact geopolitic interests of the country do not depend on the fact a monarchy reigns their or it’s a socialist republic. Helsingfors and Aland Islandsare equally necessary both to the Russian Empire and the USSR. That the Finnish separatists took an advantage of distemper in Russia and deprived us of favourable boundaries of defense of Russia – that’s bad. Itshouldbecorrectedsomehow».

One should not be pleased with "our big loss” but think how to restore lost positions.

Well, but if daddy thinks so, it is clear that he brought up kiddies in the same way of thinking.

When Hruschev seized upon authority, one of his first deeds was destruction of about hundreds pages from investigation caseof his son from Leonid's first marriage. There were things to hide - participation in a criminal gang "gilded youth", murder of the colleague in over the eight and the main thing - dark story during war. According to one version, Leonid gave himself up to fascists and cooperated with them, participated in propaganda of war against the USSR, then was judged and shot. Hruschevfailed to beg for him a pardon from Stalin - and began to hate Stalin. According to “newly-discovered circumstances” during the days of “democracy” Leonid was heroically lost, having covered the plane of Zamorin from a stutter of a machine gun. It’s funny that in 1943 Zamorin officially reported that Leonid Hrushchev's plane wasn’t attacked, it broke in a spin, disappeared from the sight and Leonid could land the plane or jump out with a parachute. Only during the period of "reorganization" Zamorin who lived up to it«recollected everything» and informed that Leonid made, ostensibly, a heroic deed and he – Zamorin - was afraid to tell about it. As a matter of fact - he committed a military crime by giving to the command false information. Humanly - simply played dirty tricks, slandered a hero who saved his life. What he was afraid of? Stalin? Why? The story about the heroic deed would be only welcomed, such stories were duplicated during war, served for strengthening of authority of the leadership. Then he could tell about it to Hruschev– there was enough time from 1953 up to 1964 to console Nikita Sergeevich with the fableabout the heroic deed of his son. Nikita Sergeevich would have new hundred pages to paste instead of stolen and destroyed - with the description of special heroism of his offspring. One should not be afraid but to drill a holein a jacket for an award and protrude a pocket for Hruschev’sblessings.

But nevertheless it seems to me the son followed in father’s footsteps, not far an apple from an apple-tree. With Germans cooperated, with «remarkable, heroic people» that did us big damage. 

And the second сынок- Sergey whom Nikita made a roketeer also kept to the beaten track - as soon as he got the possible went to one more "remarkable, heroic people” - to the Americans. Who also caused us big loss – by the imposed race of arms, deliveries of the weapon to our opponents, payoff of the "ruling elite” of Gorbachev’s manner. To tell you the truth, it’s possible to understand what rocketeer he became: in the USA this «doctor of physical and mathematical sciences» unexpectedly became … the professor of political science. It looks like, the political science is such a science that it’s not necessary to study anything, to uphold a thesis, one - two - and you are already the professor. If your daddy is a corresponding one and if you fling mud at your former native land. «Deep knowledge» of Hruschev-junior in rocket production appeared to be useless to the Americans.

Comparison with Stalin appears against the will.

The son of Stalin from the first marriage, Jacob, became the gunner. Was taken in prison from the first days of war. In captivity behaved adequately, refused to cooperate with fascists. When Germans suggested to exchange Jacob on Pauljus taken prisoner by Red Army, Stalin answered: «I don’t exchange field marshal on the soldier».

The answer is worthy of heroes of antiquity.

When relatives tried to persuade him to get out the son from captivity, he answered: «All of them there – my sons». That was the death of Jacob Dzhugashvili.

Vasily Stalin also was, as they say, not a gift. Though he was a fighting pilot, but his relation to the father I consider his behaviour as simply low – he got entagled in the company of «creative intelligency». Cunningly-wise "art workers" started to shoot a film about pilots - and could not do without the adviser. As the adviser they needed only Vasily Stalin. Step by step they involved Vasily into their life – booze-ups, an exchange of wives, seduction of juveniles. Vasily from the bottom of the heart despised that intellectual swines - it happened that for fun he painted their faithfully grinned muzzles with coal, but "creators" took everything, so that only with his help to be rubred in Stalin's nearest environment. Notoriously known producer Roman Carmen laid in bed to Vasily his own wife and then wrote a denunciation to Stalin saying that his son stoles women and held them in bondage.

Stalin was furious. Phoned the General Public Prosecutor and ordered: «Judge a rascal according to the law!»

Vasily Stalin was called for interrogation.

– Does the wife of Karmen live with you?

– Yes, she lives.

– Why does she live with you?

– I don’t know.

– Why don’t you let her go?

– Well, she can go, certainly!

When Stalin was shown the report of interrogation, he appended instructions: «1. Return this silly woman to Karmen. 2. The colonel V.Stalin to be subjected to 15 day of strict arrest».

Stalin in general treated his son severely. When Vasily in the letter asked the father to send him money to buy products in buffet and to sew the new form, Stalin wrote a  brief resolution on the letter: «1. As far as I know, the ration in the parts of Air Forces is quite sufficient. 2. The special form for the son of comrade Stalin in Red Army is not stipulated».

And when Vasily already being the commander of aviation regiment, started to behave unworthy, Stalin issued the order:

Order of the Commissar of Defense of the USSR

26th of May, 1943

To the commander of the Air Forces of Red Army Marshal of Aircraft comrade NOVIKOV


1) Take off Immediately from a post of the Commander of aviation regiment Colonel STALIN V.I. and not to give him any command posts till my special order.

2) To announce to the former Commander of the regiment Colonel Stalin that Colonel Stalin is being removed from a post of the Commander of the regiment because of drunkenness and revelry, that he spoils and corrupts regiment.

Inform about execution.

People’s Commissar of Defense


But where Roma Carmen worm himself into, it will necessarily result in the appearence of Lusya Kapler. And now a thick forty-year debauchee who, obviously not for nothing, in a circle of bohemia was called by female name Lusya, starts to tempt the sixteen-year little girl - daughter of Stalin.

I was always amazed with Stalin's softness in this story. I know about myself precisely: if my daughter got in such a story, I would with my own hand ...the bastard. And then – let any court judge me, to hell with it! But Stalin only sends corpulent "Lusya" for five years to Vorkuta … to the local theatre!

Needless to say how Stalin cared of geopolitic interests of Russia – he managed to put under control of Russia half-Europe, more than any other governor in history. But Iwant to add a pair of strokes.

When Stalin arrived to Berlin to the Potsdam conference, among those who met him was American diplomat Garriman. And he asked, whether it was pleasant for Stalin to appear the winner in Berlin.

 - Tsar Alexander reached Paris, - Stalin answered coolly.

And when at the conference Churchill declared that Lvov never was the Russian city and it should be given to Poles, Stalin objected: «But Warsaw - was».

At all respect which Stalin felt to German people, Hruschev’s phrase about «remarkable, heroic people» that «caused us great damage» was impossible in his lips.

Soviet people was heroic for Stalin and, first of all, Russian people – everybody remembers Stalin's toast for health of the Russian people. And it was not simply the toast – during Stalin’s time the Russian people was healthy both physically and morally, both intellectually and spiritually. Great achievements in space and fundamental sciences, increase of the population and construction of new cities, feats in battle and at work - here you are evidencies of health of the Russian people.

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