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I Urgently Have to Rescue RF - the Rest of My Great Fatherland

I Urgently Have to Rescue RF - the Rest of My Great Fatherland
Kalashnikov Maxim 16.09.2009


Mr. D.Medvedev!

The author of this letter devoted to you many unflattering lines and now does not walk back. However for the good of the cause it's better to rise above hostility. Clever people see for a long time that the Russian Federation slides to system catastrophe and only breaking through, innovative way of development is able to rescue it. Therefore I make you concrete proposals.



Firstly, it is necessary to carry out successful project in the shortest terms - creation of small "town of the future" (a clot of innovations) on one of empty sites of federal lands near Moscow. Let's recollect how red successfully used practice of creation of demonstrative agricultural communes in 1920s years - with electrification of manufacture, with mechanisation, with a set of attractive technical innovations.

By analogy we can create pilot bio-agroecopolis - with the newest Russian building technologies, with pre-fabricated houses-estates of a new type, with manufacture of new building materials (without cement use), with full recycling of garbage, with several types of superproductive agriculture, with decentralized power and new life-support systems, with small technopark, etc. Self-management (civil society) and communication system from A.Zheleznov (digital, multi-purpose, has no analogues in the West) also will be there. At that all this - on our, Russian technologies.

Example of such successful building will generate a wave of imitations across all Russian Federation, the project will start to get duplicated. It will become real acknowledgement of success of a new course and will inspire the nation.

Groups of professor Raif Vasilov (Society of the Russian Biotechnologists, system of the Russian Academy of Sciences), initiative group "Green world" (cosmonaut Igor Volk - architect Vitaly Grebnev) have projects of such bioagroecopolises with maximum number of innovations. The head of the Movement of Development Jury Krupnov ("New Gardarika", the program of country estate urbanization) is engaged in working out of the same theme. A little bit in more import variant similar program is being pushed by the capitalist and the head of the fund "Territory of the Future" Alexander Pogorelsky. I communicate with all these people. It is possible to begin working. The success of one pilot settlement of a new type will open the way to all innovations put into it!

The more so such innovations - are not paper but quite real ones.


Secondly, it is impossible to hope for introduction of innovations in a manual mode, only by the will of the head of the state of the Russian Federation.

It is necessary to begin formation of capable NIS - National Innovative System. Instead of present "state-venture" shame in the Russian Federation. With lean on real experts-innovators, not on thick-headed officials. I have candidatures of such people. If there is desire - I can give their names.

What it is necessary to do? To create at the president of the Russian Federation (not at the government!) some kind of SICNE - Supreme Innovative Council of National Economy. And also - analogue of DARPA - Department of Advanced Researches of the USA. But if American DARPA exists at the Pentagon (providing working out of breaking through DOUBLE purpose technologies for the sake of the general development of the USA and the subsequent commercialization of development-breaks), I suggest you to create Department of the Advanced Developments at the president of the Russian Federation. The more so they create in the USA DARPA-E at Obama: department on working out of new power technologies. Why the Russian Federation not to take advantage of the same experience?

It is possible to state principles of work of the Russian DARPA separately. Here you are the general plan.


I am not so naive as to ask for personal meeting, though it's not so bad idea. But if you'll be interested in this letter - I leave my co-ordinates in the end of the letter. If your people will decide to contact me.

So I'm at your service: I need to rescue the Russian Federation, the rest of my great Fatherland. I do not wish its full ruin, for the sake of it I am ready to co-operate even with Devil.

A cohort of innovators are behind Maxim Kalashnikov. He is an author and co-author of several works on possible innovative development of the Russian Federations written in 2000-2008. Among them - "Saddle a Lightning!", "Forward in the USSR-2", "Third Project", "The Star of Fascinating Risk", "Tsunami of 2010s", "Superman Speaks Russian", "War with Golemom", "Russian Doctrine", "Time to Spread Wings". I know a lot and many. My scope of knowledge is wider, than the one of your ministers.

Unfortunately, now many innovators are compelled to leave the Russian Federation not only to the West or to the Peoples Republic of China but even to Ukraine. For there the state is engaged in innovations slightly better, than the Russian Federation.

I send you the letter to the address specified in your article. Let's see how serious your intentions are.


September, 15th, 2009

8 903 743 90 12


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