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My Fighting-Hole (Editor-in-Chief of the Newspaper "To Barrier" Has the Floor)

My Fighting-Hole (Editor-in-Chief of the Newspaper "To Barrier" Has the Floor)



Dear comrades!

I haven's ever thought that I would head the newspaper in my age but business is business, therefore, starting to work of editor-in-chief of the newspaper "To Barrier" I would like to say some words.

It happened so that I helped Mukhin to organise newspaper "Duel", I hope it did it well, then I helped as much as I could to publish it and distribute. When I understood that newspaper "Duel" is that very newspaper which is being required in Russia and that Mukhin who should head it, I got occupied with other matters (organisation of competition "Rebellious Songs", carrying out of Stalin evenings, film evenings, release of video films). But, of course, not for a minute did I lose contacts with newspaper. When it became clear already to all that newspaper "Duel" is incorruptible and fearless (you and its readers-authors and J.I.Mukhin made it such) I awarded "Duel" one of two my medals "For courage" I was awarded during World War II.

Those fascists who trample down today the Russian earth and who killed my and your newspaper are worse than German fascists. Those were fair enemies, we won them in open fight, they are worthy respect for it. Present fascist creatures are louses on a body of our Native land pretending to be democrats and anti-fascists never acting openly, always through geeks and bastards in law enforcement bodies, through Office of Public Prosecutor and courts. Today it's their force and their power and newspaper "Duel" understood it perfectly well but did not incline the head, did not let the weapon of truthful word go and accepted death on feet.

Fascists forbade J.Mukhin to publish newspaper, they nearly brought him to death but he did not incline the head, having shown that not all journalists in Russia became greedy things ready to say to the Russians what fascists want for nasty dollars. Mukhin also showed that I was not mistaken, when I handed over medal to the newspaper. Mukhin is a fright to fascists without a post of editor-in-chief.

On September, 16th, in the day of passing the judgment of the Moscow City Court about remaining of a verdict to Mukhin without changes, i.e. in the day when the verdict came into force telephone message ordering withdrawal of Mukhin's books from shelves and their bringing to a warehouse was transferred to the bookstores of Moscow! But, whether common sense carried the day or the time of prohibition of books under telephone order did not come yet, that very day the order was cancelled. So Mukhin's books remain while in free sale and to force him to refuse to write new books and articles, or to write them in the manner necessary to fascists is impossible (in this issue of the newspaper, by the way, we publish his first "post-operation" article).

Verdict forbade Jury Ignatevich to be engaged in organizational-administrative activity in mass media within two years. Therefore he cannot remain editor-in-chief of the newspaper "To Barrier!" While newspaper should be published. That is why I decided to pick up the weapon beaten out from his hands. I will make everything that the newspaper remained as it used to be before - fair, conceptual and ... disputable. Only being like this it awakes thought, gets rid of indifference to what is happening, promotes search of ways of improvement of our life and has authority in the eyes of citizens of Russia still capable to get out the head out of ass, having courage to face the truth and act for the blessing of our Native land.

I promise you to do such newspaper. But my efforts, efforts of edition will not be enough for this purpose. From the very beginning the newspaper was done by its readers - the main authors of the newspaper. I do not only hope that this tradition remains invariable but also urge all to participate in it actively. It is not necessary to call in edition and ask: write about this or that, send the journalist to the meeting, on judicial session etc. You are our journalists. If you consider it interesting, go yourself, estimate and write! We will publish.

Let you are not be confused with those few professional journalists who are published in the newspaper - they have no advantages before other authors - engineers, teachers, workers, doctors ... They do not receive fees and all materials in the newspaper are selected first of all on quality of the content but not a style. Therefore, if you have seen an acute problem, have learnt about significant fact - take a pen, a pencil, a typewriter, computer - any device of a graphic data recording and write. If you estimate events not as they are estimated by others - write! Send written to the newspaper.


Soviet system made all of us literate, all of us are under big obligation before it, so pay off your debt participating in the newspaper "To Barrier!" Now the newspaper endures certain difficulties which, as always, it overcomes together with its readers. There will be new difficulties ahead. But I look at what's happening with malicious persistence - while we are alive, we will call things by their proper names and you will know the truth! Now it is my fighting hole and enemies of Russia will not wait for a shameful white rag!

N.P.Pchelkin, editor-in-chief, veteran of World War II

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