Кто владеет информацией,
владеет миром


Alexander Trubitsin 27.12.2006

"Once we had "Marxists" who approved that the railways which remained in our country after October revolution were bourgeois, that it didn’t behove us, Marxists, to use them, that it’s necessary to raze and construct new, "proletarian" roads. They received for such things nickname "troglodytes",- thus comrade Stalin wrote once.

Several decades passed - but the same troglodytes appeared again with their ideas. However, they developed them on 180 degrees. Now they repeat that communists have constructed "wrong factories and plants, that it is necessary to raze them and construct new, "capitalist" enterprises. Here recently teletroglodytes suggested to raze car factories - in fact they are wrong, "proletarian" and it is necessary to build factories correct, "capitalist". They can’t know the fact that Volzhski car factory has been built according to the Italian, purely capitalist projects, while Gorkovsky car factory according to even more capitalist – American.

And when troglodytes argued about the Chinese car industry - roughly growing and grasping more and more new markets, argued that success is incorporated not in a socialist labour discipline but in the capitalist approach - say, they punish for hack-work, infringements of technology and other faults in China"according to capitalist principles". Poor troglodytes don’t know that people perfectly remember their yesterday's mourning on being too rigidly punished for delay, flawmaking, breaking of discipline during Stalin’s times. So, according to their scheme, everything that is done by the communists – is bad, that is done by the capitalists – is good. If they retire Vlas – lazybones and slow-bellies from the Soviet enterprise – it’s bad. But if he would be retired from the capitalist or Chinese enterprise – it’s good.  

However, what could be demanded from teletroglodytes – such is the journalist’s trade, to work on TV means – to have once skirt kilted. Who pays – has to be served.

But it was amusing to listen to reasonings about manufacture of Putin’s marshal from philology Ivanov - fearless Minister of Defence.

Telling however perfectly the things are going on in military-industrial complex, he informed with pride that many millions were spent on the unique capitalist machine tools with numerical program control on which specialists with higher education worked and produced unique things.

And no simple ideas come into marshal’s head. For example, that if someone, God forbids, doesn’t like the Russian policy – in connection with Georgia, for example - they will sell nothing instead of the machine tool. Or – they won’t be possible to provide it with spare parts or tools. Then this machine tool will become a motionless mullions-cost monument to the technological policy of "democrats" – as soon as they’ve forgotten how to do something by themselves. Or, for example, that manufacturers will not sell the best machine tool they have – they also need to strengthen own military-industrial complex. Or even if they sell, then they have the tool of such a quality that is far better that what’s sold. Everything’s easy – but for a man with technical way of thinking. It means strains for a philologist.

Therefore comrade Stalin developed own machine-tool construction. Therefore the Soviet machine tools amazed Englishmen: the most complicated copy automatic device was placed in a room, sealed up a door - and next morning Englishmen with surprise saw the copy of their detail made by the machine tool without participation of a man. The machine tool controlled the process itself, changed instruments, chose a mode of cutting. There were such things.

The Soviet heavy and superheavy machine tools - to do details of the ships and submarines - were produced in Kolomna and were sold all over the world. One machine tool occupied two railway racks. They were sold just on such conditions – we had even better ones and designers already had on their whatman papers next models. At a factory "Tjazhmehpress" in Voronezhthey produced such press that were not able to do anywhere in the world and the Frenchmen bought those presses from us. There was in Voronezhsuch thermo-stuck workshop where the temperature was kept with accuracy up to a decile of a degree and where engineer-scrapers of the unique qualification made huge stacker components for aviation and space with such accuracy that no automat could produce.  And there were such masters also in Moscow, they engraved copper shaft for the textile industry - Englishmen invited them to adopt technology, but Englishmen failed to match our new Lefthander. There were also a lot of other things but not everything was told of, I listed only the things I personally collided.

But troglodytes decided that all Stalin's heritage "needs to be razed" and to construct "correct capitalist" technologies.

They have razed – one doesn’t need here special skills, factories have been stopped-torn down, masters whose number can be counted on fingers in the world have been reeducated into shoppy people - shuttles but to make something new - here it happened they don’t have nor enough mind, nor qualification.

That is why they buy foreign, not the best, moreover, they boast.

And never our technologies, especially, in military-industrial complex will catch up foreign - if they will be based on foreign machine tools and foreign equipment.

That was perfectly clear for comrade Stalin - but that is what present governors don’t want and are not able to understand. And however - is it necessary for them? The management comes upwards for a short while, elective term is less than the term of introduction of complex technology - there is nobody to ask and there is nobody to answer. And while it’s so - Russiawill degrade, lose further worked out by communists technologies – while troglodytes will "break" everything that can be taken by the arm …


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