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To Stop Zurabov's Dominion!

To Stop Zurabov's Dominion!
Nina Ostanina 30.12.2006

People got accustomed to hope for the best In New year. To congratulate each other and to wish that it will be better and more joyful than the leaving one. However, I do not think that coming year of Pig will bring to the majority of the population of the country prosperity and well-being. More likely it will be visa versa. Because there are no reasons to believe that on the night to the 1st of January bourgeois government of Fradkov will fall in love with 142 million citizens and will refuse antisocial policy which it has been following for the last years. Besides, from this New year tariff rates for the light, gas will be increased that will accordingly lead to the increase of prices for the kitchen-stuff, goods of prime necessity, housing and utilities department services, transport…

Summing up the results of the year, I think: what our fraction in the State Duma and I gave most of thel forces and time to? The answer is simple: to the struggle with "great antisocial initiatives" which the chapter of the Ministry of Public Health and Social Development M.Zurabov incessantly proposes. As well as with the consequences of his 122-nd law about confiscation ("monetarization") of privileges that robbed tens millions people.

I remember in the summer of 2004 at discussion of this cannibal bill at session of "round table" minister firmly promised to the deputies: I would put things in order in preferential maintenance of invalids with medicines. Otherwise I shall retire. The end of this story is well-known. On deliveries of preferential medicines all arrested top of Federal Fund of obligatory medical insurance controlled by the minister lined its pockets and stole, by estimation of the State Office of Public Prosecutor, tens billions of national roubles.

But this person has not kept his word. He didn’t retire. He remained on his post despite of requirements of millions people, oppositional and progovernmental deputies, politicians and mass-media.

Years will pass, this government will be changed by the second, the third, the fourth … But in national memory M.Zurabov will remain as "the main monetarization-maker" having robbed all population of Russia. People will connect with his name also cancelling of free-of-charge health services because, contrary to the Constitution of the Russian Federation, he rapidly spreads commercial health service.

On February, 22nd of the last year on behalf of our fraction I acted on "the governmental hour" devoted to the demographic catastrophe which has burst in the country with the beginning of "radical reforms". I said to face of Michael Jurevich: for those 20 minutes which you needed to draw a pleasant picture to the deputies, in the country died 85 people. All in all during the day will die about 6 thousand. That is pure statistics which in a mode of a real time is conducted by Internet-site "Demoskop.ru". Russia dies out with a speed of almost one million people in a year. That is the price of “demographic successes” of the head of the Ministry of Public Health and Social Development and the whole cabinet of ministers of Fradkov.  

In conclusion of my performance on "an hour" I said: "Sensible mind and sense prompt: the main national project should become the project of saving people".

It looks like we’ve been heard. In the Message to Federal Assembly on May, 10th he proclaimed: the main thing in activity of legislative and executive authorities, heads of all levels should become the saving of the nation. And, not hoping on "Edinaya Russia" acted with the concrete program of measures to support motherhood and childhood. Many then called his proposal to pay 250 thousand roubles for the birth of the second child a hit.

It seemed to me that it’s not possible to vulgarize or pervert this idea. But Michael Jurevich managed to make impossible. At preparation of the bill he fenced reception of "the parent capital" with such paling of conditions and stipulations that it makes it impossible to be received in immediate prospects. Really, whether it was impossible to count a birth of the second child not from the 1st of January, 2007 but from the moment of V.Putin's declaration of the demographic program, i.e. since May, 10th? If we speak about rescue of the nation from extinction, this step would look very humane and won’t let people speak about “greed” of the law-maker.

Secondly, the promise of not "alive money" but virtual sum, in my opinion, will not warm young families which from the moment of the birth of the second child have to bear a new burden of charges. Till now I do not understand why a family can direct these 250 thousand roubles on two foggy purposes: education of a son or daughter and improvement of living conditions? It’s possible to buy on them unless a bathroom.

But the main thing is - unjustified three-year term for reception of the right to use "parent capital". I think, it emasculates the idea of stimulation of birth rate. I offered the amendment according to which mothers acquired the right to direct a part of this sum on treatment of the child - in fact the first year to his life is the most difficult. But "edinorossy" ruined my offer amicably. They received the instruction from the government and once again greeted in military fashion.

By the way, we spoke about it in details on October, 4th with the Patriarch of Moscow and all Russia Alex II after presentation to me of the Order of Saint Equal to the Apostles princesses Olga by his Holiness. It appears that today Russian Orthodox Church does not have more trustworthy ally in struggle for morals and spirituality of children and youth than communists. Authorities have been become long time ago ally of the television bosses spreading from blue screens cruelty and violence, platitude and devilry.

In December I demanded several times to invite minister Zurabov to "the governmental hour" – we have too many questions to him. But deputies of "the party in power" obsequiously voted against. Well, whether it is possible to disturb political ally? Really, why Ministry of Public Health and Social Development reduced twice the list of preferential medicines? More than the third of my voters complain of it. Where did expensive but effective import medicines for oncological patients go to?

It’s clear that high-ranking visitor should answer also the questions on a theme about a degree of his "ignorance" about plunders in subordinates to him Obligatory Health Insurance Fund, the Pension fund, Fund of social insurance. The minister got afraid to meet face to face deputies from people. Meanwhile other questions to him appeared. How should be understood his initiative to send from hospitals "for house treatment" hundred thousand mentally sick people? If he really does not understand the consequences of such "economy of means"?

Recently I have bushed having heard the next amateurish application of minister-cybernetics that it’s possible to liquidate during 5-6 years children's homes and boarding schools in the country. It’s beyond me to understand remembering that in Russia there are approximately 750 thousand children-orphans and on the average only 10 thousand kids is being adopted in a year. At that present "reforms" only fill up the army of homeless children ….

It is pleasant that more and more sensible politicians listen to us. Thus the Public chamber addressed the government with the request to divide Ministry of Public Health and Social Development and to restore Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation as an independent ministry. In fact Mr. Zurabov is occupied only by dividing of budgetary money appointed on national project "Health". He hasn’t penetrated into the questions of work and social development of the country...

In a word, in new year the struggle of our fraction with the initiatives of the most antisocial minister of the postSoviet Russia will proceed. For now I would like to congratulate readers of "FORUM.msk", communists, all fair citizens of the country on coming New Year. To wish them health, personal happiness, prosperity, family well-being. And also optimism and determination. I am assured, rainy days will pass, light sun will again shine above our Native land and the prosperity and well-being will enter into each house.

Nina Ostanina – the First Secretary of Party Committee of Kemerov Region of the CPRF, Vice Chairman of the State Duma Committee on Affairs of Women, Family and Children
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