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Programmed Retribution

Programmed Retribution
V. Nogin 10.02.2007

It is enough to open eyes to see how the huge country - our Russia - is promptly driving to the precipice. Extinction of indigenous population, reduction of defensibility, disorder of the infrastructure, industry, agriculture - what else is necessary to begin to see clearly? All it occurs not only under the pressure of external forces hostile to Russia, but, first of all, under direct management of the constitutional authorities, officials, owners and managers of the Russian corporations. What mechanism could be opposed to the destruction of Russia?

In fact what is needed is really a mechanism because neither separate persons, nor any of the known organizations have not shown even a small share of power necessary for opposition to the consolidated efforts of external and internal enemies! Actually, there is no even understanding that the internal enemy is more terrible.

We have got used that a surname of the enemy – is "Hitler", "Napoleon" or any other but necessarily non-Russian. If the surname of the enemy – is "Putin", "Ivanov", "Kudrin", it doesn’t come into our minds that it’s necessary to fight him in the same way as in 1812 or 1941. External enemy makes usage of it with the help of degenerates from the local population.

Except for such substitution one more way to lull vigilance of the population is used also. The matter is that they rob not only and not so much us who live nowadays in Russia but appreciably our descendants. When the growing generations of the Russians will understand that their parents have exchanged all riches of the country for the bright toys made in China under labels of transnational corporations! Already in the foreseeable future our children and grandsons will have to reflect not on a choice of electronic devices or the car, but about warmth in a house, working drain system, elementary food, any type of medicine. But they would think about it not before they would lose warmth, food and all the rest that is necessary for life, because we nailed them to the barndoor as well as all our property.

It was good in the 1910th years in Russia! The enemy was naked-eye: the owner of the land sucked blood from the peasant, the owner of a factory - from the worker and through taxes imperial court yard and officials put workers through the wringer. Therefore, when during world war Russian peasants and workers got rifles, the end was predetermined. Now - it is more complex.

Meanwhile you read here only fine words. But let's return to a question about required mechanism of counteraction to mortification of Russia and Russians. It is necessary to find an achilles' heel of a mode and to stick a blade into it (what a style, don’t you think?)! There is a weak spot in activity of the Russian authorities and owners of the large property, yes, there is! It’s an infringement of laws of Russia including the Constitution.

There is no possibility within the frames of one, somehow long clause, enlist all infringements of the law admitted for the last 15-20 years which led us to the present state in the country. I shall enlist only some of them. Voucher privatization was led with infringement of the law operated then. To be more exact – in the part dealing with vouchers. The year 1993. Mortgaging auctions. A number of infringements of the Constitution regarding a source of authority - people: cancelling of direct elections of governors, cancelling of the candidate "against all", decrease of a level of attendance to the elections.

Well and what of it, you will say! Yes, in case when the authority breaks laws, the population is powerless. The case is especially difficult when authorities run business to liquidation of the sovereign state, the case we are observing now. You think that New Year's history with Minsk is - a random error which so ridiculously, tragically will lead us to the break with almost unique friendly country, to loss of the major military objects, finally - to approach of armies of NATO to Russia? No, it is a mark of readiness of the government of Russia to give away everything what will be demanded!

You think that adventures with JUKOS, Sakhalin-2 is - a strengthening of sovereignty of Russia over its natural riches? No, it is the price of treachery of a ruling clique, it is the property which it tries to get for itself instead of all other riches of the country. These all show that they won’t stop before any infringement of the Russian laws. Now the successor in Davos expressed his full readiness to hand over everything that will be demanded. What is possible to do in conditions when criminals hope to escape from responsibility before people and state by way of destruction of this very state and gradually of its people?

How to stop activity of the Russian authorities on destruction of the country and to escape from responsibility as it was done by Gorbachev, for example? There is only one approach. I suggest to bring into the program the Communist Party of the Russian Federation an item which will make all its members to carry out justice in case of disappearance of the state of Russia. If this item will be accepted in determined order, then all members of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation will be simply obliged to find originators of disorder of the country and to punish them.

Certainly, those who handle the matter to full loss of the sovereignty of Russia, will take care of that circumstance that they’ve got millions judges and will behave more modestly. The punishment included into the program should impress. I think it is almost the only chance. There is no hope for reasonable behaviour of the Russians before accidents expected in the nearest years, the more - during accidents. And after (under NATO and Chinese occupation) - there will be only an idea to get a revenge and performances of communist Basanets will become more concrete.

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